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Therapy for severe depression

Updated: Nov 14

What happens in Severe Depression

These days people feel challenged by many issues in life. Recently we all witnessed the pandemic which shook the lives of many people. We all know that hundreds of people lost their near and dear ones. Still many are suffering from the side effects of Covid. Here I am going to focus on the mental health aspect, especially depression that needs to be understood. Due to the pandemic people lost their jobs, businesses were closed, lives were lost. Family disputes increased due to living in the house 24x7 with each other. Many couples separated, some also ended their lives due to frustration and severe depression. Yes, severe depression is responsible for suicidal thoughts.

My neighbour, Alok, a 35 year old shopkeeper was suffering from severe depression and one day he tried to end his life by taking an overdose of sleeping pills, but was rescued in time. Every person who attempts to end life is not so lucky. That is why it is not only important but urgent to understand the signs and symptoms of severe depression because it can be overcome without medicine if they start the online depression therapy.

Alok was struggling financially because his small shop was not doing well. He had incurred a loan from the bank and has a large family to support. During covid, his shop had to be closed during lockdown. Alok used to sit idle for many hours, feeling sad, anxious and lonely. No one could understand what was going on in his mind. A few weeks before taking the pills, Alok was withdrawing into himself. He also had mood swings, his appetite was lost and was having trouble sleeping. One day when he did not wake up till afternoon, the family called the doctor and rushed him to the hospital.

Alok was diagnosed with severe depression and was prescribed medicines. The pills made him sleep all the time. When the lockdown was lifted, Alok was in no position to open his shop. After a few weeks of taking pills, he and his family realised that the treatment needed to be changed. They searched for the solution for severe depression and found the online therapy model to overcome severe depression. It was not easy for Alok to begin therapy because his body was tired and his mind had become dull, but he gathered motivation and started the therapy to overcome severe depression. After six months of regularly following all the steps of the online depression therapy model to overcome severe depression, Alok is back to his business. He feels energetic and has a positive outlook on everything.

Symptoms of severe depression

Here are the signs and symptoms of severe depression for you to understand, so that you can observe them in yourself or your near and dear ones and save their life. Make note of the following symptoms and help all those who are suffering to get solutions to overcome severe depression by online depression therapy.

  1. Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

  2. Overthinking about past failures accompanied by guilt/self blame.

  3. Trouble concentrating and remembering things.

  4. Irritability and mood swings.

  5. Severe anxiety and constant thoughts of something terrible happening.

  6. Complaints of physical problems like headaches and backaches.

  7. Lack of interest in hobbies and other pleasurable activities.

  8. Decreased sexual desire.

  9. Sleep disturbances and loss of appetite.

  10. Frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt(s) or suicide.

The above symptoms should not be ignored. Constant feelings of sadness and crying alters the chemical balance in the brain which is responsible for feeling good. Severe depression also impairs your physical health and affects bone strength in the long run. People suffering from severe depression also suffer from hormonal imbalances.

How to overcome severe depression

Now you know that severe depression affects the physical and mental health of the person. Therefore, learn that you can prevent the situation from becoming severe by an early intervention. You just need to help the person to get interested in depression therapy by being with him/her in the initial days of the therapy. The issues do not become severe in a few days. If you or your friend/relative has suffered loss of business, loss of job, divorce, diagnosed with chronic or serious illness, then observe their behaviour and help them in the initial stages of their sadness.

If the symptoms are ignored for a long time, then it takes a serious turn. You can also learn about how various situations in life bring depression and the way to overcome it. Visit our website and read the depression blogs. Many people have benefited by joining our depression forum and getting answers to all their questions about depression. I invite you to log in and benefit from the guidance given to overcome severe depression without medicine.

What is depression therapy and how does the therapy work?

By now you must have understood that severe depression not only causes tiredness and fatigue in the body but affects the thoughts and emotions of the person. In short, the treatment must involve the body, mind and heart in order to become alright again. I can guarantee that nowhere will you find solutions to overcome severe depression that takes care of all the three aspects of human life: physical, mental and emotional. The online depression therapy comes with activities and therapies that take care of your body.

The exercise suggested in the therapy energise different parts of the body. Just as your vehicle needs oiling, our body needs proper exercises. Even normal movements like walking, bending, sitting etc are affected in severe depression because the individual loses motivation to live and neglects his/her health. Further, severe depression affects the functions of the mind because the depressed person is always having negative thoughts, overthinks about an issue and remains sad all the time.

The reading and writing therapy brings the depressed person out of the loop of stress, anxiety, overthinking and negative thinking. Listening therapy recorded with 528 Hz healing frequency and double induction effect helps in relaxing and calming the mind and restoring emotional balance. This is a very powerful therapy that changes thoughts at the subconscious level. Hundreds of people who have used online depression therapy to come out of severe depression have used mirror therapy to boost their self-confidence and self-image. Therefore, now you know how online depression therapy works to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

We have taken care to protect your privacy. In this unique method of treatment, you become your own healer. The therapy is easy to use and follow. Clear and easy steps are shown to work upon yourself and get out of severe depression without medicine. Hope you help yourself and others by giving them a new life free from severe depression. Start using the online depression therapy now.

I pray for your wellbeing.

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