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Bring your baby into the world with 24x7 feel good experience

Discover a unique pregnancy webapp with personalized music and positive affirmations to promote wellbeing, plus two bonus features to support you during your pregnancy period.

Wellbeing Pregnancy Webapp

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Welcome to the Wellbeing Pregnancy Webapp! Our comprehensive and easy-to-use app provides expectant mothers with all the information, support, and resources they need during pregnancy.
A revolutionary webapp to support your wellbeing during pregnancy. Experience an abundance of resources, personalized advice and real-time tracking to help you feel your best throughout the entire journey.
Welcome to our pregnancy wellbeing webapp - a comprehensive resource to help you stay informed and healthy throughout your pregnancy journey. Get started today!
This revolutionary pregnancy webapp helps you track your wellbeing and manage symptoms throughout your pregnancy. Get the best care with this easy-to-use platform.

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Pregnant? Get the ultimate wellbeing pregnancy experience with our webapp! Listen to Raga-based music and positive affirmations for a deeper connection. Plus two bonuses for added relaxation.
Pregnancy can be a stressful time. Get insight and support for managing your symptoms with our wellbeing pregnancy webapp. Stay informed and connected with us!

Parenting - Prioritising Child’s Wellbeing


Read eBook

  • Learn principles of parenting

  • Discover the science and art of parenting

  • Apply new ways to experience positive parenting


Worth - Rs. 900

Baby Blues & PPD Prevention


Follow 3 steps

  • Recharge your brain with healing music 

  • Protect your mental health with affirmations 

  • Balance your emotions with sound sleep music 


Worth - Rs. 1950

An amazing webapp designed to help pregnant women stay on top of their wellbeing. Get personalized updates on pregnancy symptoms, nutrition tips and more!

Get 50% plus discount with

2 Bonuses worth Rs. 2950/- today

How it works


Access webapp from your email anytime, anywhere

Follow easy guide

Listen, watch and enjoy webapp daily at your pace

Feel Good

Experience 24x7 positive vibrations using webapp

Welcome to the Wellbeing Pregnancy Webapp! Enjoy Raga based music, positive affirmations, and two bonus features to help you stay relaxed and positive during your pregnancy period.

Wellbeing Pregnancy Webapp

Welcome to our Wellbeing Pregnancy Webapp! Enjoy relaxing Raga based music, inspiring positive affirmations and helpful guidance for baby delivery.
Experience a better pregnancy with our webapp! Enjoy the soothing, Raga-based music and positive affirmations for improved wellbeing. Plus, get two bonuses for free.
Discover a unique pregnancy webapp with personalized music and positive affirmations to promote wellbeing, plus two bonus features to support you during your pregnancy period.

3 powerful wellbeing tools

Wellbeing Music, Positive Affirmations, Creative Activities


4 Music Tracks

High quality 432 Hz healing music tracks for morning and night to handle anxiety and stress

7 Audio Tracks

High quality sound with double induction affirmations track to handle negative thoughts and overthinking

300+ Video Library

Activities that you can do to come out of depression



With our user-friendly guided steps you can easily navigate through our webapp


Easier to Access

Access the webapp from anywhere with your mobile phone


Extra Bonuses Inside

Once you subscribe to the webapp you will get access to 2 free bonuses

Get 50% plus discount with

2 Bonuses worth Rs. 2950/- today

Case Study

Elevate your pregnancy with our webapp! Enjoy Raga based music and positive affirmations to improve your wellbeing while you are expecting.

R&D - Music therapy and sound healing with affirmations tracks

Location - India, UK, USA

Pregnant Women - 252

Duration - Jan 2018 to Nov 2022

Age - 24 to 34

On medication- 12%

First time pregnant - 68%


  • 93% release in stress and anxiety in less than 180 seconds using music therapy & sound healing tracks during pregnancy

  • 96% boost self confidence and self esteem listening to double induction positive affirmations during pregnancy 

  • 100% increase in feel good factor throughout pregnancy 

  • 92% normal delivery

  • 98% prevention from baby blues and PPD 

  • 2% who entered into PPD, recovered within 45 days

  • 10% (from 12% on medication) reduction in the dosage of medicine

Get 50% plus discount with

2 Bonuses worth Rs. 2950/- today

Pregnancy tips for first time moms

#1 - Smile a lot

Scientifically a natural smile activates positive emotions. Brain releases chemicals like dopamine and serotonin when you have positive emotions. This increases the feel good factor that works as vital nourishment to you and your baby. Hence, it is best to smile a lot without any reason. Practice smiling every 1 hour throughout the day. 

#2 - Feel gratitude

Universe has gifted you a new life with the most powerful role as mother. Therefore, offer infinite gratitude to the entire universe or whosoever you believe in. When you feel gratitude from your heart it brings peace to mind naturally. Gratitude is an antidote for stress and anxiety. When you wake up in the morning feel gratitude for the new day and at night before sleeping feel gratitude for the gift of motherhood. 


#3 - Touch belly with compassion

Positive bonding happens with mother and child when a touch of compassion is felt. Touch your belly often with deep compassion. It works as a positive nourishment to the baby. Compassionate touch boosts confidence and elevates self esteem. It also increases the happiness quotient. 


#4 - Protect yourself from negative thoughts and emotions

It is highly important for you to take care of your thoughts and emotions during pregnancy. Whatever you will think and feel, your baby is affected by it. Therefore, protect yourself from all kinds of negative thoughts and emotions. Keep your mind tuned by listening wellbeing music for pregnant women and daily practising affirmations during pregnancy

#5 - Prioritise your wellbeing

Your first and foremost priority in life during pregnancy is your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your child. Hence, on a day to day basis ensure to take care of your body by healthy food and simple workouts. Balance your mental health and emotional health using wellbeing music, daily positive affirmations and fun pregnancy activities.

Discover the power of positive affirmations and raga-based music to support you through your pregnancy journey with our wellbeing pregnancy webapp. Get the best out of your delivery!

Get 50% plus discount with

2 Bonuses worth Rs. 2950/- today

Know why our webapp is best for you and your baby


Independent research and development on various physical health, mental health and emotional health aspects under the guidance of subject experts, health professionals and healers.


Prolonged tests conducted on individuals for a period of 12 weeks and maximum period of 52 weeks per individual after seeking each individual's consent.


35+ years of experienced team with profound subject knowledge is involved in creations.


Ancient and contemporary methods are used in creating music using various physical and digital instruments. 


Double induction effect is used for affirmations which is a profound method that impacts the subconscious mind. 


Sound engineering is done using scientifically studied and tested frequencies and sounds.

Get 50% plus discount with

2 Bonuses worth Rs. 2950/- today

Benefits of Double Induction Affirmations during Pregnancy

Double induction is an ancient process where healers use to make the patient lie down and one healer sits on the left side of the ear and another on the right side of the ear. Both healers then use to give positive commands which we call affirmations today to the patient in the ear with various tones with emotions. 


Conscious mind is very active and hence it does not allow many things to go to the subconscious mind. However, anything that is given with strong emotions and with constant repetition enters into the subconscious mind. Hence they discovered that when the conscious mind is active that time to taper down its control over the subconscious mind multiple layers of commands needs to be given at the same time to the patients. 


This process was then adopted in hypnotherapy also. When the same command or various commands are given together in different ears, the conscious mind is unable to process and hence the subconscious takes charge. 



  • Breaks the negative thinking patterns from the subconscious mind.

  • Creates a protection shield for the mind that prevents negative thought and emotional attack.

  • Works as a guiding agent when facing any life situations.

  • Develops positive psychophysical habits that are induced in muscle memory.

  • Plays the role of a powerful catalyst in the positive life transformation process.

Experience the joys of pregnancy with our wellbeing webapp. Unwind with relaxing Raga music and uplifting positive affirmations - perfect for 5 weeks pregnant!

Get 50% plus discount with

2 Bonuses worth Rs. 2950/- today

Wellbeing Pregnancy Webapp FAQs

Can I use this wellbeing pregnancy webapp if I am on medication?

Yes! In fact it will helps as a perfect supplement with medication.​


Should I stop using medicines if I am using this wellbeing pregnancy webapp?

We do not advise you to stop your medication at all. Kindly consult your doctor before you stop your medication. 

What are the risks of using this wellbeing pregnancy webapp?

There are no risks at all.


Are there any side effects of using this wellbeing pregnancy webapp?

No side effects at all.


What is the money-back guarantee?

As this webapp comes with a 50% plus discount offer, there are no refunds. Time, effort and resources allotted for the R&D and testing of the content and tools are priceless.

Get 50% plus discount with

2 Bonuses worth Rs. 2950/- today

Best Value

Wellbeing Pregnancy



MRP - Rs. 12000/-*

Valid for one year

4 Music tracks

7 Affirmations tracks

300+ Activities Videos

Bonus 1 - Parenting Ebook

Bonus 2 - Baby Blues & PPD Prevention

Wellbeing Pregnancy User Guide

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