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Music Therapy

Holistic approach for all diseases

music therapy google reviews
  • Feel good in less than 180 seconds

  • Zero side effects

  • Supplements with medication

  • Raga based therapy with 432 Hz frequency

music therapy

Join over hundreds of happy users!

Simple Plans

To join with 1 month, 3 months and 6 months options

Personalized Content

Covering 51 physical, mental and emotional diseases

Powerful Tools

Additional writing therapy and mirror therapy downloads

One Webapp, All Diseases

Evidence based and scientific

  • 23 physical diseases, 15 mental diseases and 13 emotional diseases

  • Positive affirmations diaries for 51 diseases

  • Affirmations Flashcards for 51 diseases

Discover the power of music to heal physical, mental, and emotional diseases. Learn more about the therapeutic benefits of music therapy for 23 physical, 15 mental, and 13 emotional diseases.

23 Physical Diseases

  • Arthritis, Asthma, Back pain, Blood pressure, Cancer

  • Cold & Cough, Deficiency disorder, Diabetes, Fever

  • Gas, Headache, Heart attack, Hereditary disease

  • Indigestion, Infectious disease, Kidney problems

  • Kidney stones, Migraine, Physical health issue

  • Piles, Sinus, Thyroid, Weakness

15 Mental Diseases

  • Alcohol addiction, Anxiety, Conflict issue, Criticism

  • Depression, Drugs addiction, Ego issue, Insomnia

  • Judgmental thinking, Low confidence, Mental health issue

  • Mood swings, Overthinking, Sex addiction, Smoking addiction

13 Emotional Diseases

  • Anger, Boredom, Emotional hurt, Emotional health issue

  • Fear, Frustration, Irritation, Relationship Issue

  • Setback, Shock, Stress, Tension, Trauma

I was really impressed with this music therapy plan! It has a strong evidence base and is backed up by science - it covers 23 physical diseases, 15 mental diseases and 13 emotional diseases.


It was really thorough and I felt like it was tailored to my individual needs. This therapy is calming me instantly. Very refreshing and peaceful experience. I'm so glad I chose this product - it's definitely the right choice for me!

Mr. Bakshi - Bangalore

This product is perfect for those looking to cover a wide range of physical, mental and emotional diseases. Music therapy is an evidence-based and scientific approach to improving health and wellbeing.


I'm so impressed by the amount of diseases this product covers - totally 51 diseases for physical, mental and emotional diseases! It's great to have such an in-depth resource available. Highly recommended.

Ms. Kusum - Mumbai

I recently subscribed to a music therapy subscription plan and I'm so grateful. It's researched, tested, scientific and covers various physical, mental and emotional issues.


It's an amazing resource with the latest research that helps me feel more in tune with my body and mind. The subscription plan is easy to use and makes it so convenient to access therapy from anywhere. Highly recommend it!


Prof. Rathod - Delhi

music therapy

Heal yourself with ease

This is an evidence-based, scientific form of therapy that has been proven to help people of all ages with faster recovery from physical, mental, and emotional health issues.


It is a powerful tool that can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. It has been used to improve overall wellbeing and even increase life expectancy.


This therapy can also be used to help with faster recovery from all diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. Studies have shown that music therapy can improve quality of life for patients and their family members.

How was music therapy created?

We created this therapy with a deep commitment to help those struggling with physical, mental and emotional diseases. We were concerned by our own heartbreaking experiences of seeing family members, friends and community members suffer from the various forms of illnesses that affect us all in one way or another.


Upon seeing the effects of therapy on those suffering from cognitive impairments, we found that research had already been conducted showing evidence-based science behind its use for many physical, mental, and emotional illnesses.


Additionally, most of these studies revealed positive results including positive impact on pain relief, symptom management, communication enhancement and improved quality of life.


This encouraged us to develop our music therapy solution so that anyone struggling with physical, mental or emotional disease can access the science-backed therapy they need – regardless of their location or access to resources and care.

Music Therapy FAQs

Who created this therapy?

Our team of experts with 25+ years of experience.

In what way this therapy is evidence based?

Our research and development team went to various hospitals in India. It was tested on various patients having physical diseases, mental health issues and emotional health problems.

How to use music therapy?

It is very simple. Plug in your earphones, relax and enjoy the therapy.

Is it ok if we do not use earphones for this therapy?

Yes it is ok if you have good speakers. However, using earphones will be more beneficiary.

Can I use this therapy if I am on medication?

Yes! In fact it will help you faster in your recovery process. Music Therapy supplements all medication. 

Should I stop using medicines if I am on therapy?

We do not advice you to stop your medication at all. Kindly consult your doctor before you stop your medication. 

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