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Treatment Guide Moderate Depression | Ebook
  • Treatment Guide Moderate Depression | Ebook

    Treatment Guild Moderate Depression Ebook is an easy to read guide by Dr. Falguni Jani. This guide is for those who want to start moderate depression treatment.


    How to do moderate depression treatment? This question is vital when you are going through moderate depression. This guide comes with 5 simple steps to begin your moderate depression treatment.



    • Introduction

    • Understanding Moderate Depression

    • Moderate Depression Treatment Steps

    • Step 1 - Select Plan

    • Step 2 - Learn

    • Step 3 - Download

    • Step 4 - Start Treatment

    • Step 5 - Join Forum

    • About Dr. Falguni Jani

    • Acknowledgement

    • About Yaha Life

    • Disclaimer


    What is moderate depression?

    When a person is stuck in the depression loop of anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts for more than 6 months then the person has entered into moderate depression. From mental health perspective when a person has more than 7 symptoms shared in ICD 10 code of depression, then it from mental health criteriathe person is in moderate depression.


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