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Self help solutions for depression

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Depression treatment

How to start self treatment for depression?

Depression course

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Depression test

How to find what type of depression you have?

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Depression Treatment

New Hope & Healing with 45 Days Self Help Depression Treatment Plan

Guided integral psychotherapy approach

  • Remove 21 symptoms of depression 

  • Increase your recovery speed 10x faster

  • Release stress, anxiety & overthinking in 180 secs

  • Protect mind from 10000 negative thoughts attack

  • Feel happy in 45 days

Escape the darkness of depression with our innovative 45-day webapp, offering effective self-help methods for a brighter future. Begin your healing journey now!

No medicine - No side effects

Available in English, हिंदी & ગુજરાતી

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Feeling sad, hopeless & low confidence

Tried all methods of treating depression but failed?

Discover the causes of depression and learn how to manage it with our 45-day self-help depression treatment webapp subscription. Start your journey to a healthier, happier life today!
  • Antidepressants are giving side effects

  • Broken relationship

  • Trapped in mood swings & insecurities

  • Leading a lonely life


Feeling stuck in life and unable to see a way out?

End your struggle to overcome depression

Be happy, regain hope & boost confidence in 45 days with our treatment plan

Discover a life-changing 45-day self-help webapp designed to bring relief and transform your journey towards overcoming depression. Start today!

45 days plan power packed with integral psychotherapy approach

Remove your 99.99% chances of failure to cope with depression.

Depression can be tough to beat, but with this 45 day self-help webapp, you can take control of your mental health. Start your treatment journey today.

Regain confidence

Boost your self esteem with body and mind treatment

Take control of your depression with our 45-day self-help treatment webapp. Learn how to manage your depression symptoms and gain the tools you need to start feeling better today.

Live dream life

Increase will-power using emotion treatment

Ready to conquer depression? Our cutting-edge webapp provides evidence-based strategies for self-help, empowering you to break free from the grips of this debilitating mental illness.

Experience Happiness

Get back to your mental peace by listening guided meditation

Available in English, हिंदी & ગુજરાતી

Success stories of depression recovery

What it feels like to come out of depression

🎉 Transform your life in just 45 days! 🌟 Say goodbye to darkness and hello to happiness with our self-help depression treatment subscription plan. 💪 Let's conquer this journey together! ❤️ #DepressionTreatment #SelfHelpSuccessStory #PositiveVibesOnly
Escape the clutches of sadness and embark on a journey of healing with our innovative self-help depression treatment webapp. Embrace happiness anew!

Within 45 days my happiness increased from 0% to 100%.

Kranthi Vulpe, Hyderabad


Overcome depression with 45 self-help treatments. Learn the tools and techniques to help you better cope with your depression and improve your overall wellbeing.

4 Guided Easy Steps

Body, mind and emotion treatment integral psychotherapy approach

3 Self Work Diaries

Downloads that you will need during your self treatment

Healing Music

High quality tracks for morning & night to remove anxiety and stress instantly

DI Affirmations

High quality sound double induction affirmations tracks for mental health protection

17 FAQs Videos

Answered by Dr. Falguni Jani on major questions related with depression


Use any version of English, हिंदी and ગુજરાતી for easy understanding

60+ Video Resources

Activities to help in sadness removal & gain confidence during depression

Self Help Community

3 live private sharing circle via google meet (optional to join)


3 Bonuses

Treat depression in just 45 days with a revolutionary self-help webapp designed to help you identify, understand, and manage your depression symptoms.

21 Days Wellbeing Activities

Read eBook

  • Fun activities to nourish your wellbeing

  • Creative challenges to enrich your mind

  • Learning new ways to experience wellbeing


Worth - Rs. 900/-

Learn to manage your depression symptoms in 45 days with our self help webapp. Get the guidance you need to start feeling better and begin your journey to emotional wellness.

Depression Treatment Guide 

Watch Online Course

  • Find out what depression is

  • Discover methods to overcome depression

  • Learn the how to treat depression


Worth - Rs. 1800/-

Discover the power of a 45-day self-help program to reduce depression symptoms, with our innovative webapp. Start your journey to better mental health today!

Overcome Depression Without Medicine

Listen Audio Book

  • Understand depression symptoms

  • Learn the science of treating depression

  • Find out ways to break depression loop


Worth - Rs. 3900/-

Remove sadness & live a depression free life

Special discount price Rs. 1950/-*

What do you want to choose?

  1. Be depressed forever or

  2. Say goodbye to depression

Dr. Falguni Jani's 45-day self-help depression treatment is scientifically proven to help you feel better in a matter of weeks. Start your journey to recovery today!

Dr. Falguni Jani

Integral Psychotherapist

25+ years practice

Depression is curable my friend. It is your personal choice whether you want to be in depression or not.


The R&D and testing of this treatment plan is done under my guidance.


I suggest you take this depression quiz to reassure that you can do this 45 Days self help depression treatment plan.


We are with you in this 45 days journey. You are not alone.

Depression Quiz


Totally free


Data requirement

None - be anonymous 



60 to 90 seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of 45 days depression treatment plan?

  1. Self Help - Start self treatment for depression on your own with easy and simple guided steps

  2. Self Paced - You can do it anywhere, anytime and on any device 

  3. Handle negative thoughts and emotions - Double induction affirmations tracks helps in reduction of negative thoughts and emotions that attack during depression.

  4. Change your mood - You can easily change your mood with the evidence based healing frequency music

  5. Recover your self-confidence and self esteem - This will become much easier with our treatment guide

Who can use this treatment plan?

Those who are going through mild depression, moderate depression, major depressive disorder, severe depression, clinical depression and bipolar depression. Even if you are on medication and consultation this treatment plan works as a complementary to medication. 

What are the risks of this plan?

There are no risks at all.

What are the side effects of this treatment plan?

No side effects at all.

Who made this plan?

This plan is researched, developed and tested under the guidance of Dr. Falguni Jani by Team Yaha.

What is the guarantee?

Depression is a condition and not an illness. So rest assured that depression is curable. If you are willing to overcome depression and take the right steps to come out of depression, then it is 100% guaranteed that you will do it. 

When is the best time to start my plan?