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Mild depression treatment

Updated: Nov 14

Mild depression treatment real life story

Let me recall, it must be around Nov 2021 evening. I was preparing for Online depression treatment campinar. Engrossed in creating the flow for participants, my mobile notification bell hinted me that there is an email.

I thought let me first finish the campinar flow and then i will look into it. Almost after 2 hours I opened this email. I was bit surprised and bit shocked because this email was from one of my patients friend. She was going through something and she poured her heart out in that email.

I was surprised because my patient was still under recovering process from moderate depression. However, she gave reference to her friend was a shock for me. Because generally when a person is going through depression it is unlikely to give helping hand for another.

Anyway, let me put my surprise and shock aside for now. I will share about her friend who wrote me this email. I could sense she was genuine in her expressions and sharing. Everything was coming straight from her heart. For confidentiality purpose, I wont be sharing her name but I took her consent to share her story with you.

Now let us understand how she came out of mild depression with my guidance. She entered into mild depression with a tragic episode in her life. One near and dear loved one passed away due to covid. She had no was completely lost and shattered. In mid thirties when you find that suddenly your near and dear one is gone forever, it is indeed a shock.

In Ramayan when Shri Ram killed Ravana, his brother Vibhishan entered into a shock and told Shri Ram that he did not want any kingdom. He was going on blaming himself and also wanted to quit his life. Shri Ram told him that this is natural and it is a temporary state of mind. Mind will enter into mild depression when one is going through such kind of episodes in life. However, mild depression is really a temporary state of mind.

So it is ok to enter into mild depression but you must take care of yourself and beware not to allow this mild depression to turn into moderate depression at all. 80% people enter into moderate depression because they treat mild depression as moderate depression itself. Instead of taking immediate and firm actions, they just avoid it and after few months that mild depression converts into moderate depression.

Therefore, here I am going to share mild depression treatment so you can protect yourself from entering into moderate depression.

How to overcome mild depression?

Mild depression treatment steps

Guide - Make sure you take a guide that will support you during your treatment of mild depression. This guide can be an ebook, book or someone who knows how to treat mild depression. You can also use Overcome Depression Without Medicine ebook as your guide where all the detail steps are given to overcome mild depression.

Learn - You have to get into a learning zone before you begin your mild depression treatment. Learn all the necessary fundamentals of treatment.

Tools - It is very important for you to note that during mild depression treatment you will need essential tools to overcome depression. If you have not read depression treatment tools you must read it first. Then be ready with all the necessary tools for mild depression treatment.

Plan - Once you are ready with all the tools, you will need to create your mild depression treatment plan. You can use depression treatment planner that comes with depression treatment kit.

Treatment - Generally it take 30-45 days to overcome mild depression if you do your treatment sincerely. Treatment process should be done 4 times a day. You can learn in-depth about mild depression treatment in depression treatment planner that comes with depression treatment kit.

I assure you that mild depression can be cured. So throw away all your worries. You will be out of mild depression for sure. Just follow the guidance I have shared. Also you can use depression treatment kit to overcome mild depression. This kit is developed under my guidance and all the essential guidelines and tools are created to overcome mild depression.

Still if you have further questions you can always join overcome depression forum where I give all the answers to your questions.

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