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Depression symptoms

Updated: May 18

If you are looking for depression symptoms then wait a bit. Internet is over filled with information on depression symptoms. It can be exhausting going from one site to another and getting confused with various depression symptoms.

Are you looking for depression symptoms because you think you may have depression? Is it the only reason or are you looking for depression symptoms because some of your near and dear one might have depression?

Reason could be any but before getting into depression symptoms, let me tell you a story which will help you to understand depression symptoms easily.

What are the Symptoms of Mild Depression ?

Hope have heard Ramayana. Yes another epic mysticology before Mahabharat era. That era was all about darkness to light. In Sanskrit it is called "।। तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।। "

The demon known as Ravan tricked Mata Sita the most compassionate and kindhearted woman and wife of Shri Ram in the midst of a forest. Shri Ram was the eldest son of the king Dashratha. And in respect and honour to protect the dignity of his father, he accepted to live in the forest for 14 years. This is where the demon Ravan took opportunity and created a plan to kidnap Shri Ram's wife mata Sita.

When Ravan kidnapped Mata Sita and Shri Ram came to know about this misfortune, that very moment he was shaken up. He was down as if he is lifeless. Nothing interested him and nothing made sense. Anger blotted up and yet he was unable to do anything. This is exactly what we call as mild depression symptoms.

However, mild depression is curable, so be relaxed. And if you know Ramayana, then you are aware that within few days Shri Ram was out of it and he created the most magnificent plan to destroy Ravan and he won.

So my friends, mild depression can be cured and you will surely come out of it. If you are still not sure whether you have depression or not, I will ask you to download depression self assessment tool and find by yourself. This tool is developed under my guidance so there is nothing to feel scared about.

What are the Symptoms of Moderate Depression ?

This story comes from the Mahabharat era and you might know it too. But it's okay, sometimes we all need to listen to the same old story, may be in a newer way with a new meaning and in a new context.

Arjun was coming up as a favourite student of Guru Dronacharaya. Not because he was charming but because he was at high level of self-discipline, always ready to learn and putting all his learnings into daily practice. These are the 3 most powerful qualities any human can acquire and you will find them as the most favourite person for everyone.

So one fine day Guru Dronacharaya was on his walks contemplating on what new ways and approaches he had to design for making his training more profound. He went a little far in his contemplation mode and heard the sound of shooting arrows. He was curious to know who was this archer.

He went ahead and saw a bright boy practising archery on his own. He was highly disciplined and very sharp in his skills. Guru Dronacharaya was amazed to see this and he completely forgot about time. He thoroughly enjoyed the boy's practice. After an hour the boy was winding up his practice and was about to leave, Guru Dronacharaya appeared in front of him.

Upon seeing Guru, his eyes were flowing with tears of gratitude and he touched the feet of the Guru. Looking at this humbleness, Guru was impressed and surprised how come this boy knew him while he himself is unaware of the boy. He asked the boy, "Who are you and how do you know me?"

Boy replied, "I am Eklavya and I know you from the day you established Gurukul to train Pandavas and Kauravas. You might have forgotten but I still remember I came to you that day for admission in your Gurukul. But you said I am not eligible because this Gurukul is only for the future princes of the kingdom."

"Eklavya sure you have grown big, strong and have mastered the art of archery and hence I was unable to recognise you. So tell me who is your Guru?"

Eklavya said, "The day I met you since that day I have considered as my Guru. You are my only Guru. I have established your Idol and everyday have meditated to receive knowledge from you. All that you have observed has come through you only."

Guru Dronacharaya was impressed and also was concerned hence he asked for Gurudakshina. In ancient era the tradition of Guru-Shishya was really profound. The learning process was profound. Hence, it was not just mere exchange of money for some skills it was an exchange of purest love, respect, trust and gratitude.

Eklavya said, "You are my Guru and you have all the right to ask any Gurudakshina you want." Upon these words, Guru asked Eklavya to give his right thumb. Without thinking for even for a nano second, Eklavya cut his thumb and gifted it to Guru Dronacharya. From here, you will know what happens in moderate depression.

Most of you must know this story of Eklavya. After Guru left, Eklavya was in deep pain. Not just physical pain, but emotional pain too. All the hard work he had put in his learning process and mastery of archery was gone in just a fraction of seconds. Mind you that it is very difficult to tie a bow and shoot the arrow without a thumb.

Many months Eklavya was in emotional pain apart from physical pain. He found no meaning in his life. He was questioning his very existence. Everything that he had was dusted. Sad and lonely, sometimes weeping in the dark. Life was gloomy for him. And all this happens when you have moderate depression.

However, the good news is that moderate depression can be cured. Yes, do not be afraid at all. With patience and faith you can get back to a healthy life.

Insights to remember

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