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Postpartum Depression Treatment


Experience a 45 day self help journey designed to boost your mood and address postpartum depression. Join our subscription today and start feeling better!

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Transform your postpartum depression with our 45 day subscription plan. Enjoy healing music, affirmations, and personalized advice to support your mental health journey.

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ppd treatment reviews

Postpartum Depression Treatment Reviews

After delivery I felt totally disconnected with my baby. Thanks to this PPD treatment I was able to reconnect with my baby and now we both bond very well. The treatment is very easy and doable. In fact the healing music helped me and my baby during the night. 

Pratiksha, New Delhi

I was unhappy within a few weeks after I gave birth. I was going cranky with my child. When I did my PPD Diagnosis I understood that I am going through postpartum depression. I started this PPD treatment. Within a week I felt much better. I continue the treatment for 45 days as guided. I overcame my PPD smoothly.

Neerja, Goa

I am thankful to Dr. Jani for this powerful treatment. I was going through a rough time during and after delivery. There was no social support and this postpartum treatment came as a saviour for me and my child. My anxiety was gone and mood swings were controlled with this PPD treatment.

Shila, Pune

I was crying so much because i did not feel bonding with my baby and had thoughts of hurting myself and my child. It was devastating to go through this as a new mother with non-supportive family. This postpartum treatment has saved me and my child. Very grateful. 

Nazneen, Lucknow

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What is postpartum depression?

Watch this video clip where Dr. Falguni Jani is explaining what is postpartum depression

Let us understand that Postpartum depression (PPD) is linked to chemical, social, and psychological changes that happen after having a baby. There is a range of physical and emotional changes that many new mothers experience. Although PPD can be treated with medicines, treating it with counseling, music therapy and diet is a healthy option. It may seem to be slow, but it is the only healthy option as medicines have side-effects. The way you waited for 9 months to give birth to a child, the same way, give yourself 30-45 days to overcome this condition. You need to have patience to overcome it without medication for gaining a long term benefit. The chemical changes involve a rapid drop in hormones after delivery. But what is known is that the levels of female reproductive hormones- estrogen and progesterone, increase tenfold during pregnancy. Then, they drop sharply after delivery. By 3 days after a woman gives birth, the levels of these hormones drop back to what they were before pregnancy. In addition to these chemical changes, the social and psychological changes of having a baby create an increased risk of depression.

postpartum diagnosis

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

There is overwhelming information on the internet related to postpartum depression signs and symptoms.


To make it simple and easy to understand you can self test with this online postpartum depression diagnosis. 

This diagnosis tool is with reference of DSM4 & APA and approved by Dr, Falguni Jani, Integral Psychotherapist, 25+ years practice

Benefits of PPD Treatment

postpartum depression treatment benefits
postpartum depression treatment benefits
postpartum depression treatment benefits


  • Positive feelings towards self and baby

  • Feel good factor about life and living

  • Emotional stability

  • Physical vitality



  • Overthinking and anxiety levels

  • Feelings of loneliness

  • Mood swings attacks

  • Mental stress and exhaustion 



  • Disturbed sleeping patterns

  • Negative thinking patterns at subconscious level

  • Disconnected feelings with the baby

  • Agitation and crankiness

postpartum depression treatment
postpartum depression treatment features

PPD Treatment Features

Body treatment

  • Helps in removing inertia and lethargy

  • Removes fatigue, restlessness and stabilises appetite 


Mind treatment 

  • Eradicate negative thoughts, brings focus and decisiveness 

  • Shift from negative thinking to positive thinking


Emotion treatment

  • Brings ease in heart and improves sleep

  • Boosts feel good factor


Double Induction Effect

  • Influences subconscious mind to bond positively with the baby

  • Creates a positive feeling for the newborn


528 Hz Healing Frequency

  • Balance mood swings within 3 to 5 mins

  • Releases fear and brings the feelings of safety and security


Video Resources

  • Creative activities to divert mind during stress, anxiety and mood swing attacks.

  • Changing mindset to improve quality of life

Consequences of avoiding PPD treatment

What happens when postpartum depression goes untreated?

postpartum depression consequences
  • Health - Decrease physical vitality which will negatively impact your baby's health.

  • Relationships - Create negative distance with all relationships in the family.

  • Money - Increases medical expenses 

  • Work -  Drop productivity 

Before your ppd controls your life take charge and control ppd. Start your subscription today.

how to overcome postpartum depression

How to overcome postpartum depression?


  • Stationary

  • Devices 



  • Printable Diary

  • Audio Tracks

Estimated Cost

Rs. 2000 to 30,000



30 to 45 days

how to overcome ppd
how to overcome ppd
how to overcome ppd
how to overcome ppd
how to overcome ppd

Here are simple and easy steps to overcome post postpartum depression.

Step 1 - Diagnosis

Generally it is observed that postpartum depression begins from the delivery time, depending on delivery status. However, it is best to do a diagnosis of ppd. Nowadays, various tools are available online that help in the diagnosis of ppd. Another way is to consult a doctor and find out your ppd status.


Step 2 - Understand

Once you figure out your ppd status you have to raise your understanding. You have to accept the fact that postpartum depression is a temporary state of mind. You can overcome ppd naturally also.


Step 3 - Treatment

When you raise your understanding, your treatment to ppd becomes easy. You can go to a counsellor for your treatment. If you want to maintain your privacy, then you can go ahead with self help online ppd treatment also. Do not take any medication without consulting a doctor.


Step 4 - Diet

Even a proper diet can help a lot in curing ppd. Eat healthy food like fruits, juices, soups, home cooked food etc. Also, it is better to avoid junk food. There may be some temptation. However, with self discipline for a few days you can easily overcome postpartum depression.


Step 5 - Engagement

Along with above steps if this step is done with more determination, then it is easy to say goodbye to ppd. Engage yourself with your baby positively. Smile and laugh with your baby. Also you can spend some time in nature watching the sky, sunrise or sunset, trees, birds, flowers etc. 


Postpartum depression is curable. Hence, do not worry. Also do not think that you are alone. There are various online forums, groups and communities where you can join and get support. Celebrate your motherhood and bless your baby so that both of you can have a wonderful life ahead.

PPD Doctor

Dr. Falguni Jani

Integral Psychotherapist

Practicing for 25+ years

I am with you. You are not alone

Congratulations on becoming a mother. Do not worry you will be out of postpartum depression for sure. I am with you in this journey. Follow all the instructions given in the PPD treatment and you will soon yourself feel better.


As an integral psychotherapist practising for 25+ years, I assure you that postpartum depression can be cured. I have helped hundreds of woman  to come out of PPD without medication.​

Over 5000+ employees and thousands of customers have been benefited

how to fight depression
depression treatment
depression treatment
depression treatment
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