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Moderate Depression Treatment

Updated: May 18

I am sure you all know about Emperor Ashoka. Or as he is now popularly called - Ashoka the Great. Now you must be thinking, "Why is Dr. Jani writing about Emperor Ashoka in a moderate depression treatment blog"? Well, what Ashoka went through was nothing short of moderate depression. Let me tell you how.

A little background on Emperor Ashoka. He was the great grandson of Chandragupta Maurya who established the Mauryan empire and ruled from about 272 BC till his last breath. The kingdom before his rule was not very vast. However, after his ascension to the throne, he fought wars and expanded his kingdom.

During his conquering phase, he decided to conquer the unconquerable Kalinga or present day Orissa. This was the last kingdom he conquered. He fought so many wars and never faced an internal crisis. However when he fought the Kalinga war with his Army, he was devastated and saddened seeing so many people killed just because he wanted to have Kalinga under his reign. He was filled with remorse seeing the dead bodies of more than 1 lakh people killed as a result of the war.

He was so struck by this incident that he lost interest in war and vowed to never fight war again. Seeing lakhs of deaths, killing, seeing bloodshed and being filled by utmost remorse and devastation is when he entered into moderate depression. At that point he lost his meaning and purpose in life. He did not want to continue ruling like a normal king. He wanted to give up everything he had, including himself.

However, he found a way out of this heaviness of moderate depression. After the war he was engulfed in negative thoughts and emotions about grief, remorse, sadness, devastation and lack of meaning and purpose in life. He felt responsible for all the destruction and deaths. He entered into the loop of depression.

One day he decided to change these thoughts and emotions and felt that he needed a purpose in life. He decided that he wanted to be the one who spreads peace to humanity and not bring destruction to their lives. Therefore he turned towards Buddhism and started spreading the religion. Now be attentive, all he did was change his thoughts and emotions.

This was Emperor Ashoka's way of coming out of his moderate depression. This is one of the most profound ways to come out of depression by changing one's negative thoughts and emotions into positive thoughts and emotions. He could come out of depression because depression is just a condition, not an illness. Anyone can come out of a condition.

It is okay to enter into moderate depression because of your life experiences. However, if you do not come out of it, you will progress into severe depression where you may have no choice but to take medicines. The good news is, moderate depression can be cured.

How to overcome moderate depression?

Follow these steps to overcome moderate depression and bring the same change in you:

Moderate depression treatment steps

Guide - Make sure you take a guide that will support you during your moderate depression treatment. This guide can be an ebook, book or someone who knows how to treat moderate depression. You can also use Overcome Depression Without Medicine ebook as your guide where all the detail steps are given to overcome moderate depression.

Learn - You have to get into a learning zone before you begin your moderate depression treatment. Learn all the necessary fundamentals of treatment.

Tools - It is very important for you to note that during moderate depression treatment you will need essential tools to overcome depression. If you have not read depression treatment tools you must read it first. Then be ready with all the necessary tools for moderate depression treatment.

Plan - Once you are ready with all the tools, you will need to create your moderate depression treatment plan. You can use the depression treatment planner that comes with the depression treatment self help digital kit.

Treatment - Generally it take 60-90 days to overcome moderate depression if you do your treatment sincerely. Treatment process should be done 4 times a day. You can learn in-depth about moderate depression treatment in depression treatment planner that comes with depression treatment self help digital kit.

I assure you once again that moderate depression can be cured. So be relaxed. You will be out of moderate depression for sure. Just follow the guidance I have shared above. You can use the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome moderate depression without medicine in a safe, risk free manner. This depression treatment self help digital kit is developed under my guidance and all the essential guidelines and tools are created to overcome moderate depression.

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