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Therapy for Situational Depression

Updated: Aug 20

What Happens in Situational Depression

Taking care of ourselves is important for growth and progress in life. Most of us, these days are careful about what we eat. Awareness of physical fitness has also increased in the last decade, but mental wellbeing issues are not addressed as they should be. Among the various issues of day to day life like anxiety and stress, depression tops the list. Here, we will understand what happens in situational depression and how to overcome it without medicine. Yes, I know it is hard to believe but Riya, a 28 year old software engineer was able to overcome situational depression within a month without medicine. Read her story further to know all about overcoming situational depression by online depression therapy.

Well, situational depression does not last long, but leaves the person in an emotionally traumatic situation. It is mostly stress related and develops after you experience a series of traumatic experiences. Basically it is an adjustment disorder. Whenever a situation arises, for example problems at work or school, illness, death or serious illness of a loved one, moving to a new place or relationship issues, it becomes difficult to handle such situations with calmness. During covid, Riya’s best friend and colleague, Rakhi expired. Both were childhood friends and shared everything together, such as spending holidays and eating out.

These two were always seen together in the gym, garden and parties. For a few weeks after Rakhi’s demise Riya couldn’t concentrate on her work. During that time her elder brother moved to the U.S. He was Riya’s only family member after her parents passed away five years ago. These two events broke her emotionally. Riya was not able to put her life back on the tracks, was thinking of resigning from the job but did not have any plan for the future. She was suffering from situational depression and her symptoms were as follows:

  1. Constant feeling of sadness and hopelessness.

  2. Lack of the feeling of enjoyment.

  3. Frequent crying spells.

  4. Difficulties in sleeping.

  5. Disinterested in food and recreational activities.

  6. Trouble focusing and making decisions.

  7. Avoiding social interaction.

  8. Thoughts of suicide.

One day her neighbour Harish saw Riya from his window. He noticed that her head was on the table and she was crying profusely. Harish immediately went to her and saw her eyes red with tears. Riya had lost considerable weight and was feeling weak and tired. Harish helped Riya to become calm, gave her food and took her to his cousin who had overcome situational depression after losing his wife due to cancer and financial loss in business during covid.

Harish’s cousin Amish explained about online depression therapy to overcome situational depression without medicine to Riya. Still, Riya was reluctant but after listening to Amish’s story, she was convinced that he had gone through a worse period and had found solutions to overcome situational depression. Well, the rest is history.

Riya followed the online depression therapy regularly for three months and is back with her usual energy and enthusiasm. She could do all this due to the various activities and therapies suggested in the online therapy that helped her to regain her physical strength, mental alertness and emotional happiness. Riya remembers her friend everyday but does not feel sad anymore because the online depression therapy guided her to live the happy memories with Rakhi and move on with her own life.

How to overcome Situational Depression

You just read about Riya who was able to overcome situational depression, now I would like you to help yourself or your loved one by guiding them towards the online depression therapy. We help people around us in various ways. Sometimes we help monetarily, at other times, emotionally or physically. But the best help you can give to a person undergoing depression is to make him/her realise their own capacity for healing.

It is as if you are giving a new life to the person after he/she has undergone a traumatic event and is in a very poor state physically and mentally to go forward in life. Our team of experts from mental health and wellbeing field has researched and developed exactly the kind of self help therapies, ebooks, activities, etc., that help in getting solutions to issues related to our body, mind and heart. Visit the website and discover how you can achieve physical, mental and emotional well being by using therapies that do not involve medicine.

Our team has designed online depression therapy to overcome situational depression that makes you completely independent. This means that you do not have to go to the doctor or a counselor to recover from depression. As you already know that medicines have lots of negative side effects and a therapy session is expensive, I would suggest that you start your online depression therapy now. You can become your own healer and maintain your privacy as well. Let me tell you in detail about the online depression therapy to overcome situational depression.

What is Depression therapy and how does the therapy work?

Our aim is to let the person heal in a natural way. Our mind and body are equipped to handle issues that arise due to different circumstances in life. The fact is that we have forgotten our inner powers to heal ourselves. Due to decades of dependency on the doctor and medicines, we have lost faith in our natural capacities. Regarding depression I can say with guarantee that medicines do not help in permanent recovery. Yes, you may feel good for a time being, but as soon as the effects of the pills wear off, you again fall into sadness, hopelessness and negativity.

Therefore, this therapy takes care of your body by suggesting the correct way to exercise and stretch your muscles. The writing and reading therapies help you to focus on positive affirmations. It is important to follow the instructions given to practice this therapy to make it effective. Music therapy has helped thousands of people to become calm and relaxed. All those who have used music therapy report having good sleep. All the negative thoughts and negative emotions that were stored due to traumatic events in the subconscious mind were cleared. As a result their energy levels have come up, they can eat well and look forward to the next meal.

Another therapy which has turned the lives of people in situational depression to a 360 degree angle is the mirror therapy. It is really amazing to see how the practice of mirror therapy boosts self confidence in people undergoing depression. Well, now you know that the online depression therapy to overcome situational depression offers a natural solution by energizing your body, mind and heart. Hence, do not delay. If you still have some doubts or want to ask any question related to depression, join the depression forum. This is your place to put your queries and I will answer them in 48-72 hours. Help yourself by logging in and joining the online depression therapy to overcome depression.

I pray for your wellbeing.

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