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Calm Down Music Therapy

Calm Down Music Therapy

Calm down music therapy helps you to calm down faster. Music therapy is a healing agent. It is important to calm down as we go through a lot of rough time during our day. During such a rough patch due to autopilot system of reaction, we repeat the same action again and again. Hence, we end up with anger, irritation, freak out and waste a lot of our energies. 


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In such a scenario we can train our brain to calm down. To do this follow these steps:

  • Whenever you feel uncomfortable during the day, play calm down music therapy.

  • Make sure you follow the guidelines given below.

  • Go back to your work or daily routine with a smile after listening to this music therapy. 


Be calm in any annoying situation and you will see unexpected positive results. 




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File Type

Audio MP3



15.26 Mins


File Size

17.6 MB


Therapeutic Music Usage Guidelines

  • Use Headphones while listening

  • Keep the volume 2-3 points lower 

  • Select a relaxing place and sit/lie down

  • Feel your breath and close your eyes


Safety Guidelines Music Therapy

Music therapy is not for entertainment or fun. Hence, use it for the purpose of self-healing, self-inspiration and self-knowledge. Music therapy is based on sound, frequency and special musical instruments. This music therapy can be used as Meditation Music or Relaxation Music.

  • Never listen to this music therapy in high volume

  • Never listen to this music therapy while travelling or driving 

  • Headphones are required for this music therapy as it is designed with double induction effect with left and right ear tones.



1) What to do if the product is not received?

  • Please check your Spam Box. 

  • In case you have, please check if you have entered with a valid email id. 

  • In case by mistake you have entered the wrong email id please email us at with your full name, phone number and the email id you have entered while purchasing. Within 72 hours (Monday-Friday 10Am-6Pm IST) our team will assist you.


2) What to do if MP3 File is not opening on mobile?

  • Please update your mobile

  • Update your music player. In case you are still unable to open an MP3 file we suggest you download VLC Player which can open any type of Audio-Video File.


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