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5 Symptoms and causes of depression and anxiety

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

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Depression and anxiety are becoming very common these days just as when seasons change we undergo issues of cold, cough and body ache. We fall ill physically when the body is not able to sustain the changes in weather or the lifestyle which includes food habits, sleeping patterns and work culture.

The changes in the circumstances of life also create issues of sadness, worry and anxiety. I understand that you were not prepared for sudden changes like loss of job, chronic illnesses, separation from loved one’s or failure in studies or business.

The gap between the expectations from life and the reality present before us is the main cause of depression and anxiety. It is like swimming in high tide. Some of us are not equipped to accept and assimilate the changes and feel helpless. This does not mean that we should lose faith in ourselves.

There are hidden powers in us that are waiting to be discovered. I am here to help you to discover your own powers of healing yourself, just as I have helped hundreds of people in my 25 plus years to find out their own capacities.

Many people avoid taking medicines to cure the body and make changes in their lifestyle patterns to get well in a healthy and natural way. Similarly today I would like to explain how you too can make changes in your life to overcome depression and anxiety.

Believe me friends, hundreds of people have recovered from all mental health issues without medicine. It is possible, and I will give you the details of how it can be done.

5 Symptoms and Causes of Depression

Let me tell you just a few points to understand what is going on in you during depression and why you are feeling sad.

Symptom 1 : Feeling sad and lonely all the time; occasional crying spells

Cause: This feeling may come due to certain unexpected circumstances in life for example failure in study or business, death of a near and dear one, chronic illness, separation from partner or spouse, and break-up in relationship.

When any of these situations happen your life comes to a standstill. This is not what you had expected in life. You had made plans for a successful and happy future, but these circumstances put a break on all the dreams and hopes.

Somewhere in your mind and heart you are not able to accept the changes. That is why you are feeling sad because it is very difficult for you at this stage to reconcile the gap between your expectations from life and the present reality.

Symptom 2: Tired, bored and dull during the day. Cannot concentrate on studies, work or any hobbies

Causes: The reason behind feeling fatigue during the day is because the sadness and crying spells are draining your energies. Our body gets energy not only from food but by being happy and active.

Your brain cannot produce the chemical serotonin and dopamine if you remain depressed most of the time. So, now you understand the relationship between mind, heart and body.

Each part of our being affects the other. If you are sad, then negative thoughts will come. As a result you will not do any work or study, just keep on thinking about what happened in your life and remain inactive.

Your brain requires chemicals to help you to concentrate that can only come by being happy. When you have negative emotions like sadness, feeling of loneliness, and being let down by others, unexpected traumatic events, then the brain will not produce happy chemicals.

Our feelings and thoughts are connected. When the normal functioning of the body, mind and heart is disturbed you get feel mentally dull and physically exhausted.

Symptom 3: Disturbed sleep pattern and loss of appetite or overeating

Cause: As mentioned above, our body, mind and heart are dependent on each other for better functioning. Normal sleep patterns are disturbed because the organs in the body are not active when you feel like crying and do not get up to fulfil the daily routine.

Sleep is affected when there is lack of peace. When you try to sleep the negative thoughts continue to attack. Even if you fall asleep, you may not wake up feeling refreshed because the subconscious mind has been active during sleep.

You do not go into deep sleep that brings complete energy to the body and mind in the morning. As a result of disturbed sleep, the food that you eat is not properly digested and assimilated in the body.

The reason is that the Gastric juices in the stomach do not flow normally to digest food when you do not get sufficient sleep or the sleep is disturbed. That is why during depression Some people cannot eat well, and others eat more, sometimes sweet and fried food, because there is a lack of satisfaction.

Symptom 4: Preoccupied with thoughts

For example:

  • Why is this happening to me?

  • Why do I have to suffer?

  • No one is concerned about me.

  • I am lonely and unpopular.

Cause: Overthinking. These thoughts keep on coming because your mind is not moving forward from the loop of past events. You are overthinking about why it happened and are constantly focused on your little self. Everyone in life undergoes unexpected and unfortunate changes.

Those who are not able to accept the changes, not able to make an effort to move forward are always in a sad mood. Constant focus on oneself, one’s own point of view and only looking at the negative side will deepen the sadness and invite side effects like fatigue and other illnesses in the long run.

Symptom 5: You may be feeling the following

  • I am not good

  • I have no talent or skill

  • I cannot succeed in life

  • I am hopeless

Cause: Lack of self confidence. When you have these thoughts, understand clearly that it is because you are having an attack of thousands of negative thoughts. Continued feelings of sadness bring in such thoughts because you are dwelling on your weakness.

No human being is hundred percent perfect, but the recent events which have resulted in sadness are responsible for such thoughts. You must understand that what happened was a part of your life, not the complete story of your life. Negative thinking will pull you down and you will lose all faith in yourself.

So now you understand the symptoms of depression and its causes too. It is time for you to now learn the symptoms of anxiety and its causes.

6 Symptoms and causes of anxiety

Let me tell you what is happening to you due to anxiety.

Symptom 1: Butterflies in the stomach. Having a sense of impending danger.

You are thinking:

  • What will happen in my life?

  • Will I get my degree or job?

  • What will happen if I fail?

Cause: This disturbance in the stomach happens because of fear. You are afraid of what might happen. It is an emotional disturbance but the effect is in the stomach. Our lower abdomen area is the seat of energy.

At This moment you are feeling weak and not up to the mark. The experience of butterflies in the stomach is due to fear of what might happen in future.

Symptom 2: Panic and Nervousness, dry/parched throat. Frequency of urination or bowel movement

Cause: When you are experiencing fear, your mind does not think straight. There are so many thoughts coming and creating chaos or traffic jams in your mind. As a consequence you feel dry throat and/or bowel movements and increased frequency of urination.

You must understand that emotions influence the mind and vice versa. Our stomach and intestines are connected by a network of neurons to the brain. When you feel afraid a signal is sent that causes all these disturbances.

Symptom 3: High Palpitation/ increased heart rate.

Cause: These symptoms are part of the generalised anxiety disorder. Anxiety effects in different parts of our body. It depends on the level of panic and fear that you feel. In severe cases, the above symptoms may give a false alarm of heart attack also. It is known as panic attack. When both emotions and thoughts clash with each other, you are at a loss. The brain does not get a clear signal, and the heart responds to the fear by high palpitations.

Symptom 4: Sweating and trembling.

Cause: You must be feeling uneasy due to sweating in your hands and the whole body trembling when you are anxious. Remember that anxiety happens because you are imagining negative situations that might happen.

Learn today that anxiety is nothing but imaginary fear that might happen. Just because you had a bad or unfortunate situation or circumstance in the recent past does not mean that such events will repeat.

You are highly anxious because you have no knowledge of the future and are feeling extremely weak in confronting whatever may unfold in the coming days. Your body is helpless, it is sweating and trembling due to the inability of the nervous system to remain calm and strong.

Symptom 5: Stress and restlessness.

Cause: When you are having responsibilities at the workplace or home, there are times when you cannot cope up with the workload. You have to fulfil the expectations of the company/boss to complete the target or you have your own goals in studies, career or business.

Stress and restlessness happen because you are taking in more work or targets than you can finish in the given time. Or due to emotional disturbances your mind is preoccupied with your family, friends, children, partner or spouse.

Anxiety about the well being of the family or self can also result in stress and restlessness. When the balance between what needs to be done and what I can do in the present situation is disturbed, you feel extreme stress which is an aspect of anxiety disorder.

Symptom 6: Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything except the present worry.

You may be thinking:

  • Will my partner/ spouse leave me?

  • I am good for nothing and no one is helping me.

  • Will I lose my job?

  • Will I become bankrupt?

Cause: Anxiety in the long run makes you doubt yourself at every step. Due to certain unfortunate incidents in life you have lost confidence in yourself. You have let the recent incidents define who you are. Learn today that you are not what you think about yourself. It is only due to anxiety that your self-esteem has taken a beating.

Everyone in life encounters failure, hence your case is not isolated. Therefore, understand that the above thoughts are attacking you because you have lost faith in your abilities. You have started doubting your knowledge, skills and experience. At present you have let yourself to believe that you are a failure and a weak person and that is why you are experiencing an attack of hundreds of negative thoughts.

Now you know both the symptoms of depression and the symptoms of anxiety. With that you are also clear about the causes of depression and causes of anxiety. So let us learn how to overcome depression and anxiety.

6 easy steps to recover from depression and anxiety

Believe me that depression is just a condition and not an illness. To help yourself to overcome depression and anxiety I would like you to follow the following easy steps to recover from depression and anxiety.

Let me tell you clearly that no one will give you the complete process of coming out of depression and anxiety. Here I am sharing my 25+ years of experience with hundreds of people who have recovered from anxiety and depression permanently.

You have to understand that complete freedom from anxiety and depression will only come if you work simultaneously at the physical, emotional and mental level. Hence these are the steps that help you to change your thoughts, emotions, physical habits and the whole personality.

Step 1. Change your belief pattern:

Begin by changing your belief that you cannot help yourself without medicine. Once you have a positive outlook, you will find ways to discover your own hidden potential.

Step 2: Reject doubts and negative thoughts, and dependency on others for your happiness.

Understand that you cannot see the sun when the sky is cloudy. As soon as you have the right knowledge and belief that there are ways to find my capacities to learn new things or discover the talent that was forgotten, you will feel strong again.

Step 3 : New ways of living life towards progress, growth, happiness and strength.

Many people have re-organised their lives after the unfortunate events in life. After covid many people change their careers, learn new courses etc.

You too can sit and reflect about what you can do to move forward. By remaining calm or talking to an expert you can get new ideas. From today, start a fresh outlook on life, open your mind to receive suggestions and opinions of people who have moved forward by their inner strength.

Step 4: Rejuvenate your body.

Depression brings in tiredness and fatigue. Therefore, the therapy suggests physical exercises to rejuvenate your body. You only need to activate the organs in your body to secrete the hormones that can give you happiness, strength and enthusiasm.

Hundreds of people have used depression therapy to become free from constant sadness, negative thoughts, dullness, fatigue by following the activities suggested in the depression therapy.

Your body will regain energy because the exercises will release chemicals that make your body strong and energetic. As a result you are filled with enthusiasm and welcome the day with joy.

Step 5: Activate your Mind.

The various exercises of the mind will help your mind to relax and function again. The treatment includes reading , writing and listening therapies that will help your mind to focus on the positive thoughts.

You will understand how to prioritise your duties and responsibilities. You will become free from overthinking and negative thinking. Unnecessary worries about the future will be gone and you will be forever free from anxiety.

The treatment removes old patterns of thinking from the subconscious mind. As a result your powers of concentration and creativity will blossom.

Step 6. Stabilise your emotions.

The music therapy with affirmations will remove the past emotional trauma from the subconscious mind.The therapy works to create emotional stability.

You will be able to overcome negative feelings and begin to experience joy. Depression therapy also helps in boosting your confidence by removing anxiety, fear and insecurity.

Besides, a very powerful therapy that helps in personality development is the mirror therapy. Thousands of people who have used it have regained their confidence and self-esteem.

Now you have learnt 5 symptoms and causes of depression and 6 symptoms and causes of anxiety. I have also given you 6 easy steps to recover from depression and anxiety.

I want you to follow these steps sincerely. For bringing this sincerity, you can follow my prescription of 45 days of self help depression treatment that you follow along with these steps.

It is essential that you complete this self help treatment for 45 days for 2 key reasons:

  1. Within 45 days you will develop your resistance power to protect yourself from depression and anxiety

  2. Your level of confidence will boost up within the next 45 days with this depression treatment that will help you in future situations with ease.

For mild, moderate, unipolar, severe, major, clinical and bipolar depression you can start 45 days self help depression treatment.

For postpartum depression you can start 45 days self help postpartum depression treatment.

I invite you to write a comment below about how you felt after reading this blog.

I pray for your wellbeing.


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Thank you for sharing this blog with us. The 45days self help treatment is affordable and high value for money. It has helped me overcome depression and anxiety


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The reason I was going through depression was due to excessive self doubt as I used to always compare myself with others and feel anxious. This self help treatment has helped me regain my confidence by trusting in myself once again


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Anything that keeps my mind from dwelling int he past or the anxieties of the future really helps. Thats where this 45days depression self help treatment helped me be in the present and get rid of depression


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