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Overcome depression with integral psychotherapy

Updated: May 18

How do i overcome depression on my own? This question must be your priority of life if you are going through depression. Well I am going to share what I have learned in the past 25 years of life. This may give you some new insights to overcome your depression.

I did share a story to make you understand what is depression. I hope you have read it and you know what is depression. If you have missed it then you must read it before you get into the 'how' part to overcome depression.

Sometimes we all go through such terrible experiences in life that we feel so heavy within. Heart is broken and life feels scattered. I have crossed more than 6 decades on this planet earth and I know exactly how it feels.

Depression word itself depresses. I know this very well. But let me remind you that depression is not a dis-ease, it is just a condition. It is like that state where milk is in the process to become curd. Now of course when you open the bowl before the milk is turned into curd there will be terrible a smell. Its messy and stinky!

This is how it feels when you are in depression. So nothing worry about. Worries never bring peace tomorrow but it surely ruins today's peace. So be relax and read further. Let me take you to the 'How' part to overcome depression with the path of integral psychotherapy.

Wait a minute. Do you know what is the meaning of integral psychotherapy? Well, let me share what I have understood so far and practised. When I first heard the integral psychotherapy term, there was something innate which asked me to dive deep into it.

Now-a-days there are few institutions across the globe who have started working on Integral psychotherapy. However, when I use the term Integral Psychotherapy it is based on Sri Aurobindo's Integral yoga Philosophy. try my best to make it easy to understand what is integral psychotherapy.

What is Integral psychotherapy?

Now-a-days there are few institutions across the globe who have started working on Integral psychotherapy. However, when I use the term Integral Psychotherapy, it is based on Sri Aurobindo's Integral yoga Philosophy.

It is a Consciousness based approach which means that we understand 'What is Consciousness'. In other words, the power, energy, and the presence that is the force behind our lives, just as the bulb of light is the outer part and the electric power is the one that lights the bulb.

We understand the Ego structure and the issues of human nature. It is a psycho spiritual method of understanding, analyzing and offering solutions to the pain and suffering. This means that we understand human psychology at a deeper level and go towards the soul or psychic being. According to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, it is the Psychic being, our Spiritual core that can bring us out of the misery by a gradual transformation of nature.

It includes a detailed analysis of the various levels of consciousness that operate in the human being, and the characteristic problems associated with the levels of the mind, vital, and physical consciousness.

Let me read your mind! You must be thinking, "so what's unique about this integral psychotherapy and how will it help me to overcome depression?" Well my friend, let me share some of the unique aspects of integral psychotherapy.

Unique aspects of integral psychotherapy

  1. Understanding and knowing oneself integrally (mind, body, life force/vital and soul) through self-observation, introspection, analysis and evaluation.

  2. To emphasize on the aspect of evolution as a person. To understand human birth as an opportunity for growth towards the divine.

  3. To understand and practice the method of going within to reach the soul. It is the master key to unlock/resolve issues of life.

  4. The transformation of the mental, vital and physical levels of consciousness

  5. Dealing with all the limitations and difficulties of human nature, and effective methods for their change

  6. To understand pain, suffering, difficulties of the mind, emotions or body as teachers or offering learning possibilities for inner growth.

  7. Inner growth includes increase in well-being- physical, mental, and emotional.

  8. Increase in powers of the mind like concentration, memory, and creativity.

  9. Increased emotional balance and stability. More and more peace, joy and harmony in life.

The next question that you have in your mind is, "I understand the unique aspects but still want to know what are the benefits of integral psychotherapy? Do you really want to know what are the benefits? Well, keep reading.

Benefits of Integral Psychotherapy (IP)

All those who undergo the IP process experience the following.

  1. Every experience in life helps in progress, both outer and inner.

  2. Experience greater peace of mind, emotional stability, and constant feeling of well-being through a permanent shift in consciousness.

  3. It is a transformational process, not a technique or practice of few months.

  4. Value life, honour the body, respect and love oneself, and goodwill towards all.

  5. Understand that life is meant for progress from light to light, joy to joy and strength to strength.

  6. Always live within, focus on the guidance from the soul.

  7. A permanent change from a situation/condition of helplessness/pain/suffering towards peace, joy, love and harmony.

How to overcome depression with integral psychotherapy?

Now you have the fundamental clarity about integral psychotherapy hence let me put it straight to you that with my team Yaha using my life experience of 25+ years treating thousands of patients to overcome depression we have developed depression treatment kit. This depression treatment kit includes not only the DIY process on how to overcome depression but also all the necessary tools that you will need during your depression treatment.

This depression treatment kit is designed with the integral psychotherapy approach and hence it also integrates music therapy and positive affirmations which helps to overcome depression at 10x speed.

Overcome depression with integral psychotherapy approach and recovery from depression faster. My prayers and support are always with you. You will overcome depression soon. Download depression treatment kit and begin your journey to overcome depression now with the most profound integral psychotherapy approach.

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