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Overcome depression without medicine

45 Days Cost effective Depression Treatment

Maintain your privacy

During depression it is difficult to express anything to anyone. The fear of judgment overwhelms. 


Now you can overcome depression by maintaining complete privacy. 


Start the self help depression treatment at home on your mobile or laptop. 

You cannot overcome depression by yourself

Now experts says that Depression is not a disease. It is a prolonged period of feeling sadness. It means you can overcome depression by yourself, changing your feeling. It is easy to change your feeling by creating, following and maintaining an activity based daily plan.

Depression treatment is not possible without medicine

Experts have found that medicine can work only up to a certain point. After that one has to work on lifestyle, attitude and habits. Therefore, if you want to overcome depression by yourself without medicine then LEARN the WHAT aspect, UNDERSTAND the WHY aspect and IMPLEMENT the HOW aspect of depression from the ebook How to overcome depression under the guidance of our expert Dr. Falguni Jani, integral psychotherapist practicing for 25 years.

The BIGGEST HURDLE to cure depression

The BIGGEST HURDLE to cure depression is constant attack of 10000 negative thoughts which induce anxiety, overthinking and stress. 


Only music therapy with affirmations can stop it at 10x speed. Medicines can't!

The Secret to Overcome Depression without any side effects

Use the magic healing power of Double Induction Method with 528 Hz frequency

All you have to do is use headphones and listen!

Why you must begin your journey to overcome depression from today?

To SAVE your Money
This will save more than lac rupees that you might have spent on medicines, hospitals, medical insurance, special diets and incurring loans for your recovery from depression. 

To NOURISH your near and dear ones
If you come out of depression you build more beautiful relationship with your family, friends and even strangers.

To REBUILD your image and reputation
If you come out of depression, you will not only be able to inspire yourself to achieve what you want, but you will also be able to do it for others. This will bring more respect for you from your family, friends and even strangers.

To FULFILL your Dreams and desires
You may have some dream or desire to fulfill and you can fulfill this dream or desire at 10x speed when you overcome depression.

Depression Questions

What is the fastest way to treat depression?

Before you find any fastest way to treat depression ensure that you have depression. When you get the confirmation with an online depression test or offline counsellor that you have depression then you can create a holistic plan to overcome depression using various tools such as music therapy, affirmations, healthy diet, exercises etc. 


What is the usual treatment for depression?

The usual treatment for depression is to consult a doctor and follow the prescription given by the doctor. However, many people prefer treatment without medicine hence they go to counsellors and start their counselling session. 


What is the first line treatment for depression?

The first line treatment for depression is talking to someone who can empathise with you. This can be done either with a near and dear one or you can go to google search and type “counsellors near me”. 


How do I stop being depressed?

You can stop being depressed by giving yourself some short term goal or purpose. You get depressed because of negative thinking and feelings. You can also use music therapy and affirmations on a daily basis which will help you to protect yourself from overthinking. 


Is it possible to completely cure depression?

Yes it is possible to completely cure depression with a condition applied that you must be willing to overcome depression. There is a difference between a willing attitude and wishing attitude. Most people do not come out of depression because they are merely wishing to overcome depression hence they are unable to take action towards curing depression. 


What is an effective way to treat depression?

The effective way to treat depression is through music therapy and affirmations. Antidepressants have their side effects hence you may feel good temporarily but if you want to cure depression effectively then natural ways are the best.


What is the number one reason for depression?

The number one reason for depression is Negative thoughts. It all starts with negative thoughts which brings with it anxiety, later increases to stress and results in overthinking. Due to the loop of anxiety, stress and overthinking, the negative thoughts increase manifold and cause depression. In short, depression is the attack of 10000 negative thoughts. 


What is the solution to the depression?

The solution to the depression is in your hand. If you are ready to come out of depression then you will come out of it. Using various methods to overcome depression such as creating and following your daily exercise plan, eat food that brings your energy, doing activities that refreshes you and following different ways that does not have any side effects on your body and mind. 


How can we prevent or treat depression?

There is a thin line between the method to prevent depression and treat depression. Prevention is very easy and takes very little time. All you have to ensure is that you do not entertain negative thoughts. You need to quickly bring yourself out of feeling anxious and stressed. You need to stop overthinking. The majority of your thoughts need to positive in nature. If we put a ratio to thoughts, then you can say that positive thoughts need to be at least more than 75% and the rest 25% is negative, then you are safe from depression. 


If you have already entered depression, it means that this ratio has become the opposite. Now negative thoughts dominate your mind. Therefore, there are certain affirmations and music therapy and physical exercises that will help you to reverse the same and dominate your mind with positive thoughts again. 


What is best used to treat depression?

Music therapy and affirmations are best used to treat depression. Antidepressants are used however they have their side effects hence it is not a permanent solution to overcome depression. Talking to someone who can understand and empathise with you is also good when you are in depression. 


What does mildly depressed mean?

The onset of depression means one is mildly depressed. In mild depression you will notice that you are getting more anxious, more stressed, you are overthinking over trivial matters and your mind has started dominating with negative thoughts. Around 60-70% of your thoughts become negative and around 30-40% of your thoughts remain positive. This disparity where negative thoughts start dominating ones mind brings the onset of depression. With time, one slowly enters into mild depression where this becomes an everyday routine. 


Is there different levels of depression?

When it comes to depression generally instead of levels the term is used as different types of depression such as mild depression, moderate depression, severe depression, clinical depression or major depression, bipolar depression, unipolar depression, postpartum depression etc. 


What is meant by moderate depression?

The first stage of depression is mild depression. When you do not take any action to cure yourself of mild depression, then the same mild depression over time increases in intensity and turns into moderate depression. What was manageable in mild depression becomes difficult to manage in moderate depression. For instance if you were feeling anxious stressed and were overthinking a bit in mild depression, your anxiety will increase, you stress will double and you will notice yourself overthinking on the smallest of topics. The quantity of negative thoughts increases more and they start rooting in your subconscious mind more firmly than before. It takes a longer time to overcome moderate depression as compared to mild depression. 

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