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How to overcome stress and depression?

Updated: May 19

6 steps to overcome stress and depression

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Introduction - How to overcome stress and depression

My friend, if you are here it means either you are going through stress and depression or any of your near and dear one is going through. Yes this blog on how to overcome stress and depression will surely help you or your loved ones.

I have given 6 steps to overcome stress and depression. Make sure you follow these steps and come out of depression. During my counselling I have shared these steps to all those people who asked me same question - how to overcome stress and depression.

Therefore, let us not straight away go to all these steps.

Step 1 - Evaluate

It may happen that you have high level of stress but you are not in depression. Whenever I have done assessment for my patients I have found that some patients though they say that they are in depression but they are not.

It is the level of their stress which is making them feel that they are in depression. Stress will make you feel very low at times. This is one of the reasons that a stressful person often enters into depression faster.

5 Scientific facts about stress

You have depression and you are feeling stressed, these are two different things. Therefore, before you learn how to overcome stress and depression, evaluate whether you have depression or not.



Step 2 - Hope

After you have evaluated your depression status and find that you are in depression, do not lose hope. Depression is a condition, not an illness. Depression is curable.

Usually when one feels stressed and is going through depression, it is easy to lose hope as one feels pressured. In such cases you need to find what helps you to revive your hope. Hope is essential as hope helps you to overcome depression. Hope leads you towards developing a positive mental health.

3 suggestions to revive your hope:

  • Practice Gratitude - List 10 things that you are grateful for today

  • Prayer - Pray for your current situation to be elevated into a better positive situation to be free of stress and depression.

  • Creativity - Engage in creativity to connect with your inner self and revive hope in life within you.


Online courses on depression

Self paced course - Depression treatment guide

Self paced course - Mild depression treatment

Self paced course - Moderate depression treatment


Step 3 - Plan

Stress is the fuel with which depression functions. Increased stress means that you are going deeper into depression. Stress can be handled and released if you know how to do so.

Plan your day with activities which will help you to release stress and over the course of time help you to come out of depression.

Now you may be thinking, how to release stress?

  • Smile - Smiling and laughing is a magical stress buster

  • Posture - When you are stressed, notice that your posture is slumped and you are hunched. Rectify this posture to release the stress that the body is holding.

  • Music Therapy - Listen to therapeutic music to release your stress.

These are the 3 basic ways to release stress during depression. If you plan your day and practice all 3, you will notice wonderful results within yourself. For instance, smile as soon as you wake up and go to sleep smiling.

Keep reminders throughout the day to rectify your posture. Listen to therapeutic music as per your daily plan. Your stress will be released. With daily practice, you will surely come out of depression by using these techniques.



Step 4 - System

Anything that works successfully, has a system behind it. Notice the regular life patterns. Nature has its own systems. The process of rain has a system because of which rain is possible. If there is a disturbance in that system, it disrupts the entire eco-system.

Similarly, when we do not have a positive system in our life for ourselves, our entire body and mind is in disturbance. Basically, stress and depression is this state of disturbance in the mind because there is no set positive system in the mind and in our life at whole. We allow any negative thoughts to enter, we allow overthinking to happen. We allow ourselves to get anxious and stressed.

If we have a system, then we will not enter into negative thoughts, overthinking, anxiety and stress. Certain positive systems have been developed for the mind. For instance, depression therapies are developed, there are various depression treatments without medicine.

There are psychologists who provide counselling. There are psychiatrists who prescribe medicines for depression. There are various self help methods to overcome depression as well.

These are systems which need to be followed to bring life back on track systematically and overcome depression.


Depression treatment for women


Step 5 - Component

Various components of therapies help in overcoming stress and depression. To answer your question on, how to overcome stress and depression let us understand components.

Components are your handy tools when you are in stress and depression. These components help you to come out of stress and in the longer run help you to overcome depression completely.

There are 5 main components to help you:

  1. Flashcards - As the word suggests, these cards act as a flash to your mind to help you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. When you are suddenly under a stress attack, immediately use a flashcard and repeat that sentence looking into your own eyes through a mirror or mobile camera.

  2. Music Therapy - During depression we understand it is difficult to do anything, hence, just plug earphones/headphones and listen to music therapy.

  3. Musical Affirmations - Sometimes during depression one is drained, so plus your earphones and listen to affirmations with music. This will sooth you and give you energy.

  4. Diary - Negative thinking is a vicious habit. Writing positive affirmations in a diary will help you replace the habit of negative thinking with the habit of positive thinking.

  5. Exercise - When the body is stagnant, the mind becomes stagnant. One of the causes of depression is a stagnant mind. Hence, do some exercises it will release stress from the body and mind. When your body becomes flexible, then mind becomes flexible and you will be out of the state of depression.



Step 6 - Practice

Lastly, if you do not practice anything, then it will not help you at all. You are asking me how to overcome stress and depression then remember my friend daily practice is the key.

Without practice you cannot overcome stress and depression. Regular 45 days of practice for 4 times a day is a must to overcome stress and depression. However if you are very busy and have been having depression for a very long time, then follow these suggestions:

  • If you are having stress and depression issues for more than 10 years, then practice four times a day for at least 1 year.

  • If the issue is between 5-9 years, then practice 3 times a day for at least 8 months.

  • If the issue is between 1-4 years, then practice 2 times a day for at least 6 months.

  • If the issue is less than 1 year, then practice 2 times a day for at least 3 months.


Ebook on depression treatment

eBook - Mild depression treatment in hindi

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eBook - Moderate depression treatment in English


I trust you and am confident that you will overcome stress and depression by following the 6 steps I have listed. All the information, knowledge and links that I have felt will help you to release stress and overcome depression has been shared in this article.

Everything shared here in this blog how to overcome stress and depression, will not give you any negative side effects or inflict harm on you. Hence, there is no harm in trying and experimenting what is shared.

I want you to follow the steps to overcome stress and depression and write your experience in the comments section below. You can also comment about how you are feeling after having read this blog.

I pray for your wellbeing.

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