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Overcome Depression due to by-pass surgery

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

These days by-pass surgery is not uncommon. What is uncommon is that people who undergo this surgery need help to overcome depression. Normally people take their sadness for granted and do nothing about it. Do not make that mistake. If you have undergone a by-pass surgery and are feeling sad, this is the place where you will get help. Help yourself to overcome depression without medicine.

Yes, we have the solution for depression without medicine. I understand that you are surprised to know about it, but believe me you will recover from depression sooner than you expect by following the guidelines to overcome depression without any external help. You need not take pills or spend time in counselling. Almost 15-20% of people who undergo by-pass surgery suffer from depression. If you are one of the persons are in depression, then help yourself to overcome depression.

It is a common experience to feel mentally and physically weak for a few weeks. Life seems to have changed and you are expected to follow a different routine. In the first week after surgery you do not know what to do and may feel tired after doing small tasks. Some feel that their mental abilities have become weaker. It is possible that if you do not take any action, the brain may not get active as before. Besides, you may also be undergoing mood swings, for example anxiety, irritation, anger, loneliness and helplessness. Due to depression, anxiety and stress your heart rate and blood pressure rise. As a result there is reduced blood flow to the heart, and your body produces a higher amount of cortisol, a stress hormone.

All these can change by helping to heal yourself. Thousands of people have overcome depression by using depression treatment self help digital kit. All your psychological issues will be over by following the guidelines given in the depression treatment self help digital kit. Remember a very important fact that your body and its functions are influenced by your mental and emotional state. Help your body to recover fast naturally by using the easy to follow solution for depression. You may be feeling skeptical right now because you think that you will not be able to use depression treatment self help digital kit. You may also be feeling skeptical because you think how will this depression treatment help me with my physical issues? I assure you that the depression treatment is designed for all age groups and they are easy to follow by people having any type of physical issues. The kit is highly user friendly.

Let me tell you about Mr. Pradeep, a 68 year old businessman who underwent by-pass surgery one year back. After coming from the hospital he started feeling bored without work. Mr. Pradeep has a flourishing business of garments and loves to work till late in the evening. His family was taking care of him after the surgery and advised complete rest. His sons were looking after the business, but Mr. Pradeep was feeling lonely, depressed and frustrated for not being able to attend office and do the work. His cousin of the same age had also undergone by-pass surgery and had used the depression treatment self help digital kit, advised Pradeep to download the depression treatment self help digital kit and help himself.

Believe me, the guidelines given in the depression treatment self help digital kit are so user friendly and helped Pradeep to recover fast. Everyone in the family was surprised at the rate of recovery. The main reason was that the activities and tools suggested in the depression treatment self help digital kit helped Pradeep to become calm and peaceful. As a result there was no sadness or irritation. He also overcame the mood swings and became emotionally stable.

After a few weeks, the doctor, who was surprised at the energy level of Pradeep, allowed him to resume work. Now his life is normal and recommends people to use the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicine to all who feel depression after by-pass surgery. Every morning during the walk in the garden, Pradeep meets senior citizens who have undergone surgery or are suffering from depression due to various reasons, and urges them to use the depression treatment self help digital kit which saves money and helps the body to recover naturally. You too can help yourself. The depression treatment self help digital kit can be downloaded on the mobile too. Help yourself NOW.

I pray for your well-being.

Free resources to overcome depression

Discover the key to overcoming depression with our powerful online course. This course is facilitated by Dr. Falguni Jani, India’s leading integral psychotherapist. She provides expert guidance and support throughout the course by offering various practical techniques, tools and strategies needed to overcome depression. Her life experience of 25+ years in helping 1000s of individuals to beat depression has been accumulated in this course. Enrol now by joining the course and take the first step towards regaining your happiness and life. 

2. Start Diagnosis - Online depression test

The online depression test has been used by 34000+ people globally. It is scientifically researched and provides you with as an assessment of whether you are in depression or not. The test is researched and developed under the guidance of Dr. Falguni Jani. It is created using reference from WHO ICD 10 Code for depression.

Join our Overcome Depression Forum which is dedicated to supporting and helping individuals who are on the journey of overcoming depression with self help tools & methods. You can connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand the challenges of dealing with depression and also have overcome depression using self help methods. It is a safe and non-judgemental space where you can freely share your experience, thoughts, questions and seek support. This forum is led by Dr. Falguni Jani. She will answer your questions within 72 hours. 

Discover effective strategies to overcome mild depression with our mild depression treatment guide ebook. This ebook provides practical tips and techniques to help you overcome mild depression with ease on your own. Written by Dr. Falguni Jani, you will get the best expert support in this step-by-step guide. With easy-to-follow methods, techniques and tools, you can choose your best treatment method from the variety of treatment options suggested by her for mild depression. 

Overcome moderate depression with ease from the effective treatment options suggested by Dr. Falguni Jani. With 25+ years of experience in treating depression patients, she has carefully given practical techniques which work for moderate depression. Choose whichever self-help treatment that suits you best and begin your journey to overcome moderate depression with ease. Download the moderate depression treatment ebook today and take the first step towards a happier depression-free life.

Going through suicidal thoughts happens to many during their battle with depression. Discover the ultimate guide to conquering suicidal thoughts during depression by with our ebook. Written by Dr. Falguni Jani, this book is packed with proven techniques and tools to help you overcome suicidal thoughts during depression. Lots of individuals have been benefited and have been able to overcome suicidal thoughts and gradually reduce their depression symptoms. Gain resilience, confidence, motivation and support through this ebook. 

7. Join Group - Wellbeing prayers

Join our Wellbeing Prayers group and experience the power of collective positive energy. This group is dedicated to promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through the practice of prayer. Praying has nothing to do with any religion. It is a safe and non-judgemental space which is not bound by religion or cult. It is open to all who believe in praying. By joining, you will have the opportunity to pray with like-minded individuals who share a common goal of finding inner peace and serenity. Together, we will create a supportive and uplifting community where you can seek solace, share your thoughts, and receive encouragement. Join us today and send wellbeing prayers to all.

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28 janv.
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Thanks for all the resources that you've shared here Dr.Falguni Jani


17 sept. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Affordable and highly effective treatment. it has helped me overcome depression


04 sept. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

बहुत सरल उपाय बताया। धन्यवाद!


18 août 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

By-pass surgery is a major event in anyone's life. It was in mine as well. That's when I decided to change things for myself and my family.

I did the 45days self help depression treatment repeatedly for 6months and now I am fit enough to walk 21kms and fit physically, mentally and emotionally. Highly recommended the treatment!


17 juil. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Depression, anxiety, and cardiac morbidity outcomes after coronary artery bypass surgery is a given. Anyone has gone through a bypass surgery would know it. The only way to fight the emotional issues and become mentally strong during this phase is to follow the moderate depression treatment on a daily basis

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