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Depression treatment

Updated: Aug 6

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Before we proceed further with depression treatment, you must understand what is depression. If you have not read the previous blog on what is depression, I suggest you must read it now. This will help you in learning the entire treatment process which I am going to share with you here.

Once you are clear about what is depression, read further. Depression treatment is actually not like an open heart surgery. I would call it as an open mind surgery. There are treatment fundamentals you must understand before you proceed for depression treatment.

Treatment fundamentals

Every treatment has its own fundamentals. In every medical education system whether it is allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda etc. they teach the medical students fundamentals of treatment. Now you see how important it is to learn the fundamentals of treatment?

Let me give you one more example. When you begin to learn to play piano, they teach you fundamentals of playing piano which includes how to sit, posture, hand positions etc. With that they introduce various exercises that will open up left hand and right hand fingers to play together with harmony. Fundamentals are the key in everything that you are going to learn. Whether you learn how to read, write, paint, dance, drive, cook etc. Every stream of learning has their fundamentals.

Likewise depression treatment fundamentals are also essential if you really want to overcome depression on your own. And if you are willing to overcome depression without medicine then you must learn the fundamentals of depression treatment. Without learning these fundamentals you will not be able to overcome depression on your own and that too without medicines.

What are the essential steps to overcome depression?

I have given elaborated understanding about depression treatment fundamentals in Overcome Depression Without Medicine ebook which comes with the depression treatment kit. If you are sincerely willing to overcome depression on your own, then there are 3 essential steps you must take:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of depression treatment

  2. Practice the fundamentals of depression treatment

  3. Continue the practice with persistence

Most of the people follow step 1 and 2 but they miss step 3 and hence they are back to square 1. You cannot overcome depression by merely following treatment for a few days. In a few days you might feel great and you feel that you are doing good. Why do you think doctor gives you a treatment dosage for 15 or 20 days or for a month to follow? Even after few days of treatment dosage you will feel good but you are not recommended to stop the treatment dosage.

Hence if you are here to learn the depression treatment then the first lesson for you is to follow all the 3 steps sincerely until you come out of depression.

Depression treatment fundamentals

As mentioned earlier, I have given in-depth depression treatment fundamentals for both mild depression and moderate depression in the ebook called Overcome Depression Without Medicine which comes with the depression treatment kit.

However, for your understanding I am laying down the fundamentals in a more simple language so that you may follow it and start your journey to overcome depression on your own.

  1. Depression is not a disease it is just a condition. Once you accept this fact then your mind will feel much relaxed. When your mind is relaxed, you will gain some subtle energies. When you have these subtle energies you will be motivated to begin your journey to overcome depression. Most of the people do not even start their journey to overcome depression because they are afraid that depression is a big dis-ease and one cannot overcome it at all. Now this is a myth or rather I will be little bold and tell you that this is a superstition you must throw away right now from your mind.

  2. Body-Mind are connected hence depression treatment must include physical activities and mind activities. What is the root cause of your depression? When 10000 negative thoughts attack you then it creates a depression loop of anxiety, stress and overthinking. This depression loop needs to be broken by breaking all the 4 elements of the loop that is anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts. Therefore, even if you feel good after a few days, you must continue your depression treatment because anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts have a tendency to be triggered by any life situations. If this depression loop is triggered again then all your hard work which you have done to overcome depression will be in vain.

  3. Follow the treatment sequence which is given for mild depression and moderate depression in the ebook Overcome Depression Without Medicine that comes with the depression treatment kit. Now this is one of the important fundamentals of depression treatment. When we are in the journey to overcome depression without medicine, we need to be absolutely clear that all the recommended activities are not merely activities. You have to take them as treatment. Just like you take medicine, these activities work as medicine only. Because we are only familiar with medicine system, it is difficult to accept activities as medicine or activities also work as a medicine and gives exactly same result that you get by eating medicine.

Once you understand these fundamentals of depression treatment you will need to implement it. With that you will also need various depression treatment tools which will help your recovery become easy and faster. Get all the necessary tools to overcome depression on your own by downloading the depression treatment kit.

Depression Treatment Resources

Self Help Webapp

Developed with Integral Psychotherapy approach this 45 days self help depression treatment webapp subscription plan comes with full instructions in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages. This webapp is user friendly and affordable online self treatment for depression.

Depression ebooks

There are range of ebooks available on our wellbeing store written by Dr. Falguni Jani on depression. If you love reading we recommend you to read these ebooks. Few books are completely free to download.

Depression therapy

If you are keen on therapy for depression we suggest you to use any of our subscription plans for depression therapy. From 1 week to 6 months plans are available for online depression therapy.

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