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Depression Treatment Tools

Updated: May 18

When you are on a journey to overcome depression without medicine by yourself, understanding treatment fundamentals and applying it helps in faster recovery. With that you will need tools that are essential for the treatment.

You must be aware that when anyone undergoes an operation or some treatment process of a particular disease, the doctor prescribes 5-6 types of medicines. With that, the doctor shares when and how many times a day you have to take the medicines. Along with that the doctor gives specific instruction for how long you have to take these medicines. This is the standard treatment system.

Do you know why a doctor give 5-6 types of medicines? Because each medicine has a different purpose. Whenever there is an attack of any disease, the damage at physical level is not only on one part of the body but it affects various other systems in the body. Hence to bring alignment to all these systems, a doctor prescribes various medicines. For example, medicine that controls blood pressure, cleans arteries, pain blocker etc.

When you take these medicines, they medicines work as tools at the physical level. The chemicals inside this medicine becomes the tool that flows through your blood and tries to fight with the dis-ease.

Now you know why tools are very important during your journey to overcome depression on your own. 98 out of 100 people who try to overcome depression on their own fail because they do not know that tools are essential in the depression treatment.

Even if you observe every car or vehicles comes with basic tools. To overcome depression you will need tools on day to day basis. Because you may control certain things at physical level but when it comes to mind it gets little complex. To handle things at the mental level you will need tools.

Even at the physical level there are hundreds of tools available to take care of various parts of your body. If you want to work on your biceps, there are special types of dumbbells and same applies for various other parts. All tools are designed to work on specific things and hence you will need tools if you want to overcome depression on your own such as guide, planner, audio tools, affirmation diary and affirmation flashcards.

What are essential tools to overcome depression?

Essential tools to overcome depression

1. Guide

This is the first essential tool that you will need during your depression treatment. This guide helps in giving specific instruction, fundamental knowledge and a support system during your journey to overcome depression. This guide can be an ebook or an online course or a book. It is indeed a bold and courageous step when you have taken the decision to overcome depression by yourself. The guide that helps you to reach to your destination with more efficiency.

Therefore you must read Overcome Depression Without Medicine ebook. This works as your guide to a powerful road map that will be with you all the time during your journey to overcome depression. Every essential step which is needed to overcome depression is given in this ebook. Not only that, but it also serves as your knowledge bank. Mind is so naughty that it brings new doubts all the time and hence we constantly need a companion who gives us confirmation that we are on the right track. This is where the ebook comes handy as your real companion in your journey to overcome depression.

2. Planner

The second essential tool is planner. Most people who begin depression treatment on their own, tend to do it for 4-5 days and then drop it. This is because they have not learnt that there is an organised system and process required for depression treatment. Information on the internet about depression treatment is overwhelming. However, as an integral psychotherapist practicing for 25+ years and having helped thousands of people to overcome depression on their own, I always guide my patients to create a planner during their depression treatment.

Whether it is mild depression or moderate depression, the planner contains the entire depression treatment prescription. This helps you to continue your depression treatment with proper guidelines. With that you also have to track your depression treatment process on daily basis. It is like when you are undergoing any treatment there is someone with you, a nurse or at home your near and dear one who will come to you time to time on a daily basis to give you your medicines. Planner is just like that. It is your nurse who is with you telling you when and how to take your depression treatment.

To overcome depression, you will have to plan your treatment process and implement it. The planner that comes with depression treatment kit gives you the exact design and process to implement the depression treatment on your own. If you have tried many methods and have failed to overcome depression, this could be one of the reasons that you might have missed the planner. So to make your journey successful, follow the depression treatment process given in the planner.

3. Audio tools

The third essential tool includes various audios that you will need. Now let me explain you why you need audio tools. You might not be aware but read this carefully. Depression is not a disease its a condition. It is a loop of anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts.

So when you go through the attack of anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts it is a mental attack, attack on your mind. Your mind is the gateway that will take this attack to your body. So first the attack comes at the mind level and then it goes to the body level. The limitation of medicines is that it only works at the physical level and that too for a very short time period with other side effects for sure.

We do not yet know how to create a protection shield against attacks that happens at the mind level. The progression on neuroscience and other brain researches also now confirms that music with particular frequency not only impacts body but has greater impact on mind too. Hence music therapy comes handy as a tool. However, the another research also says that when certain words/sentences are repeated with positive emotions, it has a profound impact on the mind.

You will need specific music therapy as part of depression treatment. Hence, audio tools becomes essential for you. Along with music therapy you will need specific affirmations that helps to overcome anxiety, release stress, stop overthinking and control negative thoughts. These affirmations need to be recorded with specific music. Listening to these musical affirmations is part of depression treatment.

For making this part easier for you music therapy experts from Team Yaha have created Affirmations with music therapy. These affirmations come as audio tools in depression treatment kit. There are 5 audio tools that come with depression treatment kit:

  1. Overcome Anxiety Affirmations with Music Therapy - MP3 Audio Tool

  2. Release Stress Affirmations with Music Therapy - MP3 Audio Tool

  3. Stop Overthinking Affirmations with Music Therapy - MP3 Audio Tool

  4. Control Negative Thoughts Affirmations with Music Therapy - MP3 Audio Tool

  5. 17 Depression Affirmations with Music Therapy - MP3 Audio Tool

When you will begin your depression treatment, make sure to either create your own audio tools or get the depression treatment kit which will give you all the necessary audio tools.

4. Affirmation Diary

Your fourth essential tool for depression treatment is affirmation diary. This is your writing therapy that will help you to overcome depression. As mentioned earlier also that depression is mostly at mental level and hence you will need various tools to tackle your mind. Writing therapy is another process in your depression treatment.

Remember, depression is more about mind that is thoughts and emotions. No one has trained us how to handle negative thoughts and emotions. No medicines help in transforming negative thoughts and emotions. Therefore, to handle mind you will need variety of tools and therapies. With my 25+ years of experience I have come up with these multiple therapies and tools that will help you to overcome depression on your own and that too without medicines.

With listening to affirmations, you will need to write affirmations slowly, with neat handwriting. For this you will need affirmation dairy which will be your writing therapy tool. You can create your own affirmation diary or when you download depression treatment kit you receive affirmations diary which you can print and use.

5. Affirmation Flashcards

Here is your fifth essential tool: affirmation flashcards. Anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts will not wait for some specific time in a day and then attack. It is not located outside, rather it is inside the mind. Its like a computer virus which is inside your software and hence, you have to use anti-virus software to remove it from your computer. It is not about the hardware it is more about software. Even if you will open entire computer you will not be able to see this virus.

It is the same with anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts. They come from within. Though outer life situations help them trigger but essentially they are within you. Therefore you will need flashcards as handy tool. Remember that positive affirmations have therapeutic impact at mind level which then also impact your body. Therefore create positive affirmations flashcards and keep it handy with you. Whenever you have the attack of anxiety, stress, overthinking or negative thought, pull out these affirmation flashcards and start reading aloud.

When you will download depression treatment kit you will get detailed process on how to use these flashcards. Saying that, let me now tell you that another usage of flashcards will be with mirror therapy. Yes, this is another therapy which is part of depression treatment. Mirror therapy helps in re-boosting your self esteem and self confidence. During depression both self esteem and self confidence goes down. And there are no pills that will bring it up. Therefore, mirror therapy is incorporated in depression treatment. When you stand in front of the mirror, you will need your flashcards and while looking into your eyes you have to speak these positive affirmations aloud.

There is a whole depression treatment sequence which you will need to follow to overcome depression. So make sure you read and re-read this article on depression treatment tools to ensure every essential tool to incorporate in your journey to overcome depression on your own.

Download depression treatment kit which comes with all the above tools I mentioned and begin your journey to overcome depression on your own. My prayers and support are always with you in this journey to overcome depression on your own.

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