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Solution for depression due to Loneliness

Updated: Nov 14

Everyone feels lonely sometimes in life. There is nothing to worry about if you are able to get over the sadness due to loneliness within 3-4 days. If the feeling of sadness continues for at least 2 weeks, then depression sets in. Here we are going to understand what is the solution for depression due to loneliness and how to overcome depression due to loneliness by self help methods.

Let us understand exactly what makes us feel lonely. Basically it is an unpleasant feeling of being left out in the world. The mind starts thinking that I am without friends or loved ones. No one understands me, co-operates with me or is kind with me. I need support but I cannot get it, etc. These negative thoughts give rise to negative feelings because mind and heart are linked. You can help yourself to overcome depression due to loneliness.

Remember every living being requires nutrition to survive. For example, a plant needs fertile soil and sunlight to grow. Similarly human beings need social connections that are meaningful and have quality in terms of understanding and feeling each other's emotional states. Often family members and close friends understand each other not only by words, but body language. Just being with someone helps to feel secure and wanted.

Apart from the quality in social relationships, the solution for depression due to loneliness comes from understanding one’s personality, nature and habits. It has been observed that depression may have its origin in early childhood when the emotional needs from the family are not met. Besides, reserved, shy or introverted persons feel lonely because they are not open to people around them. They remain absorbed in their own thoughts, often overthinking about a trivial issue and nurture resentment towards people, whether at home or workplace.

Signs of depression due to loneliness:

It has been observed by experts that people who suffer from depression due to loneliness show the following characteristics.

  1. Slow thinkers.

  2. Poor nutritional choices.

  3. Lack self control or weaker self-control.

  4. Constant feeling of being neglected.

  5. General pessimism about everything.

  6. Are obese, suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes.

  7. Lazy in doing physical exercises.

  8. Lack enthusiasm and motivation for activity/work.

Some of the practical solutions for depression due to loneliness are:

  1. Accept your present state of mind and make a plan to come out of it gradually.

  2. Connect with yourself by activities to achieve peace, calm and joy. You can listen to music, meditate, watch the sky, walk in a garden etc.

  3. Become aware of overthinking about an issue.

  4. Find out hidden resentment and practice forgiveness.

  5. Express gratitude every day for the gifts of life.

  6. Meet people with similar interests in a gym, music or dance centre, or any place where you can pursue your hobby or develop a new one.

  7. Strengthen existing relationships by calling family members or friends.

  8. Learn to speak out your concerns without being self-conscious.

  9. Occupying yourself with social media alone will increase the feeling of loneliness.

  10. Do some volunteering work in orphanages, senior living centres, schools, hospitals etc.

  11. Learn something new everyday, solve challenging games and puzzles.

Do not worry. Depression treatment is possible. You have the power to help yourself to overcome depression by using our depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicine. This kit will give you the solution for one of the main symptoms of depression, which is loneliness. The therapies, tools and activities provided in this depression treatment self help digital kit will help you and give you the solution for depression due to loneliness.

It is of utmost importance to help yourself as your life is connected to your family's life, your friends, your work and everything else that is related to your life. When you help yourself, you help everyone around you. When you heal yourself, you become a spark which spreads this healing to everyone around you. Choose positive health and choose a better life for yourself and for others around you. This depression treatment self help digital kit will help you heal yourself and others around you.

Download this depression treatment self help digital kit and learn to do your own depression treatment. All the methods for self help are given in this kit. Access to our support system to aid in your journey to overcome depression on your own without medicine is provided in the kit. Your depression treatment is in your hands. Download the kit now.

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