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Overcome mild depression due to Rejection

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

What happens in mild depression due to rejection?

The journey of life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Some are really exciting and bring joy while others give you a shock and make you stop and reflect. The feeling of Rejection is not a pleasant one. It hurts no matter what form of rejection it is; whether from an employer, a business associate, a partner or someone whom you love dearly. Rejection means you wanted something to go in a specific way, but it did not go as planned because of certain situations that were beyond your control. This does not mean that you cannot ever experience happiness. It is a healthy attitude to accept that rejection is a part of life and to acknowledge that what really matters is how to bounce back to life again.

Take your time to process the feeling, talk to someone whom you trust, do not wallow in sadness all the time. This may lead to self-pity. If you have experienced rejection recently and are feeling sad, this is the right place to help yourself. Read further to overcome mild depression due to rejection.

How to overcome mild depression due to rejection?

I can understand the emotional pain that you are undergoing; hence I have come up with an easy to follow solutions for mild depression. At this stage you may be feeling like isolating yourself, not wanting to put any more effort in your studies, business or intimate relations. This feeling of sadness will increase if you do not help yourself immediately to overcome depression.

Let me explain that human beings are used to living in a collective right from the beginning of civilisation. Since ancient times we have felt protected and secure physically and emotionally in a group or with someone whom we love and trust. The neurological mechanism that affects the way we process rejection comes from this ancient system of living. Therefore, I can understand that at present you are feeling lonely, being left out and want to cry all the time or just sit idle and nurture the pain.

Let me tell you that by delaying your recovery to normal life, you are subjecting yourself to a depression treatment by using costly medicines and expensive counselling sessions. You can recover completely if you engage yourself in meaningful and interesting activities. The persistent feeling of sadness, in fact, blocks your thinking process and makes you feel tired all day. So if you have mild depression then there are 3 types of solutions for you:

1. Subscription Plans

2. Online Courses and

3. Digital Kits.

Choose any one of the solutions and overcome your mild depression. I suggest you download the mild depression treatment kit that will provide the necessary activities to be done during the day. The mild depression treatment kit to overcome mild depression comes with a daily planner and therapies to help you to come out of depression.

Believe me that thousands of people have overcome depression without medicine and counselling by following easy steps provided in the mild depression treatment kit. You can check it out by visiting our website and reading testimonials of people who have been helped by our solution for depression without medicines.

If you do not help yourself now, you may unconsciously deal with your emotional pain in unhealthy ways. This may negatively impact your body and affect your relationships. Depression due to rejection also makes you feel worthless, your confidence goes down and you start doubting yourself and lose trust in people. Do you know that you can come out of depression in a much stronger way than before? Yes, I have the treatment that will make a fundamental change in your life. You will bounce back with greater energy, creativity and joy by following the mild depression treatment kit. It is easy to download it on the mobile. The best thing about this mild depression treatment kit is that it protects your privacy, you can do it at your own time and comfort. I am sure you would like to help yourself the way Anjali, a 23 year old student did.

One can mild overcome depression due to rejection:

Anjali was studying for IAS. She was in love with her teacher at the institute where she was taking tuitions. The teacher was taking special interest in her as Anjali was brilliant. This made her think that the liking is mutual. Just a month before the exams, Anjali expressed her feelings for the teacher, hoping to get a positive response. Well, she was wrong. The rejection broke her down because it was totally unexpected. For two weeks Anjali could not study or follow any routine. She just nursed her pain, cried and isolated herself and entered into mild depression. A friend forcefully took her to the doctor for antidepressant pills. At this moment Anjali became aware of the dark pit that she was entering into and determined to help herself. While searching on the net she found our online depression test and confirmed that she is in mild depression. She then found the mild depression treatment self help digital kit as her best solution. Anjali immediately downloaded it because she wanted to heal herself without medicine. This was the only unique way to overcome depression due to rejection.

After following the activities and applying the therapies suggested in the depression treatment kit regularly, Anjali is feeling enthusiastic, creative and hopeful. She recommends the kit to all who are undergoing depression due to rejection. It is one time purchase that will give you a lifetime of freedom from depression in a healthy way. Download the mild depression treatment self help digital kit today.

Depression Treatment Resources:

Depression Treatment Resources:

1) Start Diagnosis - Online depression test

The online depression test has been used by 34000+ people globally. It is scientifically researched and provides you with as an assessment of whether you are in depression or not. The test is researched and developed under the guidance of Dr. Falguni Jani. It is created using reference from WHO ICD 10 Code for depression.

Do your mild depression treatment online at your home by yourself. Get access to 2 music therapy tracks, 5 tracks of affirmations with music therapy, prescription for mild depression, ebook and planner for mild depression treatment along with downloadable tools such as affirmations diary, affirmations flashcards and treatment tracker.

If you want an audio-video guidance, then join the mild depression depression online self-paced course and get your prescription to come out of mild depression. Learn how to overcome mild depression with any of our two courses.

Do your mild depression treatment offline at your home by yourself. You can download the kits and will have lifetime access to user guide, prescription for mild depression in planner, ebook for mild depression treatment and tools such as depression self assessment tool, affirmations diary, affirmations flashcards and 5 tracks of affirmations with music therapy.

You can also download ebooks for mild depression treatment and the depression treatment kits and audio kits in hindi or english versions.

Discover the key to overcoming depression with our powerful online course. This course is facilitated by Dr. Falguni Jani, India’s leading integral psychotherapist. She provides expert guidance and support throughout the course by offering various practical techniques, tools and strategies needed to overcome depression. Her life experience of 25+ years in helping 1000s of individuals to beat depression has been accumulated in this course. Enrol now by joining the course and take the first step towards regaining your happiness and life. 

Join our Overcome Depression Forum which is dedicated to supporting and helping individuals who are on the journey of overcoming depression with self help tools & methods. You can connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand the challenges of dealing with depression and also have overcome depression using self help methods. It is a safe and non-judgemental space where you can freely share your experience, thoughts, questions and seek support. This forum is led by Dr. Falguni Jani. She will answer your questions within 72 hours. 

Discover effective strategies to overcome mild depression with our mild depression treatment guide ebook. This ebook provides practical tips and techniques to help you overcome mild depression with ease on your own. Written by Dr. Falguni Jani, you will get the best expert support in this step-by-step guide. With easy-to-follow methods, techniques and tools, you can choose your best treatment method from the variety of treatment options suggested by her for mild depression. 

Going through suicidal thoughts happens to many during their battle with depression. Discover the ultimate guide to conquering suicidal thoughts during depression by with our ebook. Written by Dr. Falguni Jani, this book is packed with proven techniques and tools to help you overcome suicidal thoughts during depression. Lots of individuals have been benefited and have been able to overcome suicidal thoughts and gradually reduce their depression symptoms. Gain resilience, confidence, motivation and support through this ebook. 

10) Join Group - Wellbeing prayers

Join our Wellbeing Prayers group and experience the power of collective positive energy. This group is dedicated to promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through the practice of prayer. Praying has nothing to do with any religion. It is a safe and non-judgemental space which is not bound by religion or cult. It is open to all who believe in praying. By joining, you will have the opportunity to pray with like-minded individuals who share a common goal of finding inner peace and serenity. Together, we will create a supportive and uplifting community where you can seek solace, share your thoughts, and receive encouragement. Join us today and send wellbeing prayers to all.

I pray for your well-being.

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29 jun

Nothing can come from nothing. There is always something causing us to feel the way we do. For me, it was being denied the chance to heal and explore life. I did the treatment as she prescribed and am feeling highly self confident.

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16 abr
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Exposure of information on the internet is overwhelming. I am glad that I came across your blog and your 45days self help depression treatment. Thank you for giving me the confidence that depression is just a condition and that it can be overcome. I have successfully overcome depression due to break up

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28 ene
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આ સારવાર મારા માટે ખુબજ ઉપયોગી છે. હું યાહા ટીમને અભિનંદન આપું છુ અને હૃદય થી ધન્યવાદ .

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26 dic 2023
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The most important thing about this journey you’re going through is building a better relationship with yourself. The 45days depression treatment plan helped me to do it and get rid of depression completely

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02 nov 2023
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આ 45 દિવસની સ્વ-સહાય ડિપ્રેશન સારવાર માટે ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર

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