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Overcome Depression due to Single Parenting

Updated: May 18

The phenomenon of single parenting is increasing day by day. Numerous challenges have to be faced by single parents because they are alone due to death, divorce, early teenage pregnancy or separation from their partner or spouse. The child or children raised by a single parent have several needs, both psychological and material which have to be met. Such situations give rise to overwhelming feelings of sadness and eventually lead to depression.

Read further to understand the solution for depression due to single parenting and how to overcome it without medicine. Single parenting in a majority of the cases is not a choice. It is a responsibility that has to be met due to unwelcome circumstances. Therefore single parents get exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally to meet the needs and demands of the children. Over a period of time their energy, confidence and happiness go down and they suffer from depression. Do not worry if you are a single parent and reading this blog. We have come up with an easy to follow depression treatment for you.

Some of the common problems faced by single parents are loneliness, financial distress, work pressure at office and home, lack of manpower to handle daily chores and anxiety and stress in case of medical emergencies of the children. Many times the single parent forgets about his/her physical and emotional needs. In fact, the well-being of a single parent is at stake.

The solutions given in our depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression due to single parenting will provide guidelines to help you in this journey. You can also remain in touch by posting your questions on the depression forum to me. I assure you that your questions will be answered in 72 hours. I am with you in your journey of depression treatment.

You can help yourself and overcome depression by downloading the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression.

Meanwhile, do not feel guilty about the present situation. Increase your confidence, work on your self-esteem and build courage and strength by following the therapies suggested in the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression due to single parenting. You will then have the clarity and confidence to share your difficulties and dilemmas to your children about adjusting the budget, being accommodative by postponing their requirements or any issue that is challenging.

I had a chance to meet Aruna, a 35 year old officer working in the Bank who lost her husband 5 years ago due to accidental death. Aruna was devastated. Although her financial situation was not bad, there were several other issues like feelings of loneliness, getting alienated from the society, low esteem etc. She did not want to pass on her responsibility of raising 2 children to any relative. She missed going out with her husband to parties or holidays. As a result she was in depression. She used to sit and cry a lot. She was not able to move forward and plan ahead in her life. She saw a dead-end in her life and was in depression. A friend suggested she visit a doctor who prescribed medicines. As a result, Aruna was calm but sleepy throughout the day. She also got up late and missed her daily duties. Her situation became worse after taking medicines. Ultimately, her brother found out about the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicines and suggested that she uses it.

The solution for depression given in the depression treatment self help digital kit saved Aruna. It worked miraculously to help her to come out of depression sooner than expected. Today, after 6 months, Aruna has fully recovered. She is strong mentally and emotionally. Is going for work and managing children and the house efficiently.

Hope this story inspires you to help yourself to overcome depression. The depression treatment given in the depression treatment self help digital kit is easy to follow. Do not delay your journey towards progress. Help yourself NOW.

I pray for your well-being.

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