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Overcome Depression due to Homesickness

Updated: Nov 14

When you are away from home for a longtime, it is natural to feel homesick. The new place may be comfortable but you may still miss your usual surroundings, both the outer and inner. The outer could be the skyline, trees, buildings etc. and the inner the familiar faces of your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. You may appreciate the peace of the new place, but may long for the familiar noise and chatter of the people with whom you used to mingle.

Nearly everyone misses home but some miss most and feel sad. It is estimated that 75% of people have missed their homes at least once in life. It is not an issue if you miss your home or remember it fondly occasionally. You need to help yourself immediately if the sadness persists for more than two weeks and leads you to depression. However, you are at the right place where the guidance to overcome depression due to homesickness is available.

Let us understand what exactly happens when you feel depression. You may resonate with the causes behind depression due to homesickness as you read further. Go through the very end of this blog to get the solution for depression due to homesickness.

Well, homesickness is a feeling of emotional distress that happens when you are away from home and have to live in an unfamiliar place. Some of the common causes of feeling emotionally unwell are:

  1. Change in life-style: This change is often not by choice, but through compulsion. The compulsion may come as a result of moving to a new country for studies, or migrating for a job. You may have to change your schedule for work, adjust with food and leisure time activities.

  2. Cultural difference: If you are in a foreign country, it may take time to understand and adjust to the new culture. Now, you are no longer in your comfort zone. You are not familiar with the ways of the new social structure. This situation causes anxiety because adjustment in a new place, initially takes a long time.

  3. Difficulty in adapting: There are people who are not open to welcome the change. They are rigid and would not make an effort to be flexible. Their belief system does not allow any influence from other cultures. For them the change of place becomes problematic. As a result, some people lose interest in life and become isolated. In the long run it leads to depression.

  4. Social Alienation: At first, you are socially isolated due to your preferences and rigidities, later on the feeling of not belonging leads to psychological alienation. Ultimately depression sets in due to homesickness.

If you are feeling depression due to homesickness and are able to identify the cause from the above list, do not delay the depression treatment. Any delay at your end may lead to physical problems like aches and pain in various parts of the body. You may develop sleeping disorders. You food intake and sex drive may be affected.

Do not worry. You can help yourself. We have come up with the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicines. There are easy to follow solutions to overcome depression given in the depression treatment self help digital kit.

While using the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression you may do the following that will guarantee your physical and mental health:

  1. Physically Active: Go out for a walk or join a gym. Meet new people in the gym or sports ground. Joining a team for sports activity will help in making new social connections. It is natural for human beings to give and take social support.

  2. Select your favourite spot outside home: This palace could be a garden with a bench under a shady tree, or a cafe, library or sports ground. Connecting with nature will boost your physical and mental health simultaneously.

  3. Connect with locals: It will be beneficial for you to meet the locals in order to understand the socio-cultural environment as well as getting useful information in case of emergency.

  4. Regular contact with family and friends: Remain in touch with all the people at home by sending pictures, writing or calling them. Share your experiences.

  5. Maintain a diary: Those who have started a daily journal have felt connected with their own thoughts and emotions. This exercise keeps you stable and firm within. You gain clarity about your inner processes and learn from your daily experiences. Always express gratitude for everything by writing, speaking (prayer).

I am sure the tips given here along with the solution for depression suggested here will help you to help yourself to overcome depression due to homesickness. Become strong, independent and happy by following the depression treatment given in the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicines. That protects your body from the side-effects of medicines and saves money.

I pray for your well-being.

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