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Overcome depression due to chronic illness

Updated: May 18

A chronic illness is one that lasts for a longer period and cannot be cured easily. Most of the times, the patient has to live with the problem for a lifetime. Examples of chronic diseases are; diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver disease, arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Many people who are going through chronic illness tend to go through depression as well as they have to live with the problem for a lifetime.

The good news is that the condition of the person having these diseases can be improved through a change in lifestyle and changing one’s perception of the condition. The lifestyle changes can include diet modification, exercises, outdoor and indoor activities including socialisation.

Depression brings in a very negative perception about life. The change in perception can be brought about by rethinking the whole purpose of life and looking at the half-full glass of life rather than focus on the empty area. It has been observed that such a change brings in a positive shift in the attitude towards oneself which enables the person to cope up with one’s limitation in a joyful and productive manner.

For people suffering from chronic illness, there is a solution for depression. This depression treatment has actually resulted in a shift in perception, attitude towards life and daily activities. Thousands of senior citizens and some young adults who were diagnosed with chronic illness took help from the easy to follow guidelines given in the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicine and are living a fulfilled life. They are managing their limitations with a smile and doing as much as they can without any complaint. The depression treatment given in the depression treatment self help digital kit has helped them and made them realise that the actual problem is in the mind.

If you are suffering from any chronic illness, and feel sad, this is the space for you. We have come up with solutions to overcome depression due to chronic illness. Continue to read the blog for information and a story that may inspire you.

First let us understand what you undergo in chronic disease. Depression is one of the most common consequences of long lasting illnesses. Since the illness prevents one from moving their limbs freely or going out for social activity, the person starts feeling himself/herself as a burden to the family and society. It takes a long time to adjust to a new restricted life-style. This causes anxiety, insecurity and stress. Do not worry if you are feeling sad and helpless. You can help yourself by following the guidelines given in our depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression due to chronic illness. Let us find out whether you are having depression or not.

Some of the common signs of having depression are.

  1. Feeling low emotionally

  2. Loss of interest in daily activities.

  3. Indulging in self-pity.

  4. Weight loss or gain.

  5. Poor concentration.

  6. Apathy (Lack of feeling or emotion)

  7. General indifference to people around.

  8. Focus on one’s pains and aches

  9. Tiredness all the time.

  10. Suicidal thoughts.

If you have more than 3 of the above symptoms, then do not delay the depression treatment without medicine. To get a detailed list of depression symptoms with your result of whether you have mild depression , moderate depression or no depression, you can go to our depression treatment website and check for free. I can guarantee that you will feel better with a renewed hope and enthusiasm to live life, just as Jitendra Prasad (J.P) did after sincerely and regularly following the guidelines given in the depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicine. It so happened that Jitendra, 67 years, suffering from arthritis, met Hasmuk Patel (H.P), 71 years, who had kidney problems in the park two years ago. H.P walked in the park for 30 minutes, while J.P would sit on the bench.

They exchanged smiles everyday, but one day H.P was curious to know why J.P does not walk at all. H.P initiated the talk and found out that J.P is in depression due to arthritis. H.P said that he too, had troubles with the energy levels due to kidney problems and was not doing any physical exercise, but one day his daughter came across the wonderful solution for depression.

She purchased the depression treatment self help digital kit online and shared it with H.P, who started following the guidelines to overcome depression without medicine. After following the activities, tools and therapies suggested in the kit, H.P started feeling better and better everyday. He was surprised to know that his body responded favourably to the positive affirmations with music therapy, writing therapy, mirror therapy, reading therapy and activities suggested in the depression treatment self help digital kit. H.P also discovered that 90% of his disability was in the mind. Due to depression, his body was becoming tired. Well, he shared his journey of overcoming depression without medicine to J.P, who too was ready to follow the solutions to overcome depression.

The rest is history. J.P started walking for 5 minutes initially. After 3 months he is able to walk for 30 minutes, and feels happy and strong.

You too can overcome the blocks in the mind, all the negative thoughts and emotions by using the therapies and activities given in the depression treatment self help digital kit.

I pray for your well being.

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