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Mild Depression Treatment 2.0 Audiobook and Affirmations in English
  • Mild Depression Treatment 2.0 Audiobook and Affirmations in English

    To boost your trust and faith, this Mild depression treatment Audiobook & Affirmations kit 2.0 is researched, developed and prescribed by Dr. Falguni Jani, counsellor and integral psychotherapist practicing for 25+ years.


    No medicine, no side effect. More than 1.5 lac people have overcome depression without medicine. Hence, you can also do it.


    What will you receive in the Mild Depression Treatment Audiobook & Affirmations Self Help Digital Kit 2.0?

    • Audio - Music Therapy with 17 Mild Depression Treatment Affirmations - Rs. 3500
    • Audio - Music Therapy with Overcome Anxiety Affirmations - Rs. 2500
    • Audio - Music Therapy with Release Stress Affirmations - Rs. 2500
    • Audio - Music Therapy with Stop Overthinking Affirmations - Rs. 2500
    • Audio - Music Therapy with Control Negative Thoughts Affirmations - Rs. 2500
    • Audio book - Mild Depression Treatment - Rs. 4500


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    Download Guidelines

    Once you download the Zip File, unzip it.

    • 6 MP3 Audio files


    After Purchase Guidelines

    • Your Zip file will be sent to your email ID.
    • In case you do not see any email, please check your spam box.



    1) What to do if the product is not received?

    • Please check your Spam Box. 
    • In case you have, please check if you have entered with a valid email id. 
    • In case by mistake you have entered the wrong email id please email us at with your full name, phone number and the email id you have entered while purchasing. Within 72 hours (Monday-Friday 10Am-6Pm IST) our team will assist you. 


    2) What to do if MP3 File is not opening on mobile?

    • Please update your mobile
    • Update your music player. In case you are still unable to open an MP3 file we suggest you download VLC Player which can open any type of Audio-Video File. 


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    We pray for your speedy recovery. Heal yourself and lead a healthy and happy life!

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      ₹9,000.00Sale Price
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