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What is the best method to treat depression?

Updated: May 18

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Over the past 25 years I have been treating people with depression. I have met all kinds of people who have gone through different types of depression. Most of them have asked me what is the best method to treat depression. Hence, I thought why not share it with you in this blog article. I will give you 5 tips that are the indicators which will help you to understand the best method of treating depression.

Tip #1 - Diagnosis

Before you even begin to find out the best method to treat depression, you have to first confirm yourself whether you have depression or not. Once you confirm your depression status then the next step is to be more clear about what type of depression you have such as mild depression, moderate depression, severe/major/clinical depression, bipolar depression or unipolar depression. If you are a woman and have just delivered a baby, then see whether you have postpartum depression or baby blues. Diagnosis is important before you enter into any kind of depression treatment.

Tip #2 - Understand the cause

Once you have done your diagnosis, I want you to not panic with your result. Whatever depression you have, you can come out of it. Any treatment can work if we understand the cause of the problem. You are in depression, that is a fact. However, if you do some self reflection and find out the cause of your depression it will help you faster to overcome depression. Ask yourself - "Why am I depressed?". Write down at least 21 reasons on a piece of paper - I am depressed because... Go on writing all the reasons, no matter even if it feels silly. Understanding cause helps in further navigating the way to get rid of depression.

"Depression is not a disease it is just a condition that one can overcome." – Integral Psychotherapist, Dr. Falguni Jani

Tip #3 - Release your emotions

There are various emotions that rise up during depression. Most of them are negative in nature such as anger, fear, irritation, anxiety etc. When you release your emotions it brings relief in your entire body which also relaxes your mind. Most of the time these emotions are so much suppressed for a longer period and it results into depression. So releasing emotions is one of the most important part of depression treatment. It is one of the best methods to treat depression.

Tip #4 - Buddy

I completely understand that you want to keep all your privacy about depression. However, you can still find out one person who will understand you. If you do not find anyone, then feel free to join overcome depression forum and I will be your buddy. But before that, find out one buddy who can hand hold you in this situation. This is another method which has worked for thousands of people. You can experiment it. You do not have to be afraid about what others will think. There will be someone who will empathise with you.

Tip #5 - Decision

Many people have tried 1000 different methods to treat depression and have failed. I was wondering even after doing every kind of treatment why the person is not coming out of depression. During my counselling I discovered the core reason for failure is that most of the people who fail to overcome depression are those who have taken a strong decision to not come out of depression. There is zero willingness inside them to overcome depression. They just don't want to get rid of depression. They have their strong reasons and biases to be in depression. Make sure you are not one of them. Take the decision and declare your decision to yourself, "- I want to overcome depression, I will come out of depression no matter what."

The best method to treat depression

All the above times you can experiment and see which one works for you. Everything depends on your will-power to overcome depression. For many people, medicines work and for many, medicines do not work. You have to find out what works for you and come out of depression. Here is 45 days depression treatment made easy for you. You can try this method also as there is zero risk involved in terms of any side effects.

Some powerful Depression Resources

Let me share some of the powerful resources that will help you in your journey to treat depression.

Some Powerful Free and Paid Depression Resources

Feel free to share your experience and insight that you have taken from this blog article in comments below.

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