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3 risk free ways to overcome depression

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3 modes that will never allow you to overcome depression

Before I jump into this blog on 3 risk free ways to overcome depression I want to alert you. Yes my friend, if you have come to this blog looking for some solution that will help you to overcome depression then you are surely in the right place.

I will be sharing solutions for depression in this blog but before that you must know these 3 things. Because if you are holding these 3 things then you will never be able to come out of depression.

Mode #1 - Wishing mode

When your mind is set on wishing mode it starts a lot of manipulations on its own. All wishes are taken for granted. For example if you had a wish to become a successful person 5 years ago, then, you observe now, what has happened to your wish?

Is it fulfilled? If it's fulfilled, it means you are no longer in wishing mode. If it's not fulfilled then you are still in wishing mode. When you are in wishing mode you will never take any action to fulfil your wish.

So my friend, if you are depressed for more than a year it means you are in a wishing mode. This wishing mode will never allow you to come out of depression.

Mode #2 - Shortcut mode

Many patients came to me for counselling as they were in depression. Some of them asked me if there is any shortcut to overcome depression. Some of them also asked me to just prescribe them medicines and they never wanted any counsellings.

If you are a person who is looking out for shortcuts to cure depression via some medicines or drugs I will have to caution you. No shortcut can help you to overcome depression. First of all depression is not any type of physical disease like diabetes or cancer. It is a mental health condition.

Hence, even if you are taking antidepressants it won't help you to cure depression. I have met so many patients who are on antidepressants for more than 5 years. They must come out of depression ideally but they are not. So my friend no matter whosoever has filled your mind with such shortcut ideas, please delete it asap.

If you are on a shortcut mode to overcome depression then it will never help you at all.

Mode #3 - Resistance mode

There is a trend which I have observed when it comes to depression treatment. There are people who resist any kind of depression treatment. I completely understand that privacy matters.

However, privacy on what cost? If you will resist depression treatment it will not help you to fulfil anything in life. Most counsellors are trained to keep things confidential. Hence, if you are worried that your story of depression will be out in the public then rest assured that professional health experts will always ensure such confidentiality.

Resistance mode has zero benefits. It will only keep you away from your dream life or your goals that you want to achieve in life. So my friend, come out of this resistance mode or else it is one of the biggest stumbling blocks which will never help you to cure depression.



Learn about depression loop

Let us move forward in understanding depression in the most simple way. The Internet has bombarded information about depression. This has brought too much confusion. When a person is depressed he/she has no mind-space to segregate what is right or wrong. Hence, many of my patients were confused when they met me.

During my counselling session I had to help them understand that they have collected unnecessary information in their mind about depression from the internet. I also told them not to get trapped into the information world.

My friend, if you want to know what depression is, then I would say that it is a mental condition. This condition creates a loop which I call a depression loop.

Stress - A person enters into stress due to some life situation such as breakup, financial loss, accident, social cause, etc.

Anxiety - When this stress level is increased, one enters into anxiety. This anxiety brings unnecessary energy drainage to mind and body.

Overthinking - With anxiety triggered, the mind becomes restless. This restlessness activates overthinking.

Negative thoughts - Here you enter into the full loop of depression with 10000 negative thoughts.

Conquer depression's loop with positivity! Break the loop of depression caused by anxiety, stress, overthinking and a constant attack of 10000 negative thoughts. #OvercomeDepression #CureDepression

Now my friend, you know what this depression loop is. Surely depression is not a disease like diabetes or cancer. But I call it a condition which is triggered with the above 4 elements. It is difficult for most people to break this loop because of a lack of willingness.

When willpower takes a back seat then it becomes very difficult to break the depression loop. Therefore my friend, learn to increase your chances to come out of depression. Keep on reading.

What elements of the loop do you go through the most on a daily basis?

  • 0%Anxiety

  • 0%Stress

  • 0%Overthinking

  • 0%Negative Thoughts

You can vote for more than one answer.

Increase your chances to overcome depression

My friend, here are a few things you must consider if you want to increase your chances to overcome depression.

Firm decision

Prepare your mind to overcome depression. This will happen by making a firm decision. Tell yourself - I am going to come out of depression at any cost. I will stick to my decision.

Once you become firm about your decision to overcome depression, your mind gets prepared to receive all kinds of solutions for depression. When your receptivity increases for depression solutions, your chances to overcome depression increases.


With firmness in decision your willpower gets more energy. Then your willpower will automatically shift you into a willingness zone. Even if any hurdle may come during your depression treatment you will still stick to your decision to overcome depression.

Your willpower is your powerhouse which will give constant energy to you for continuing your journey to overcome depression. Your chances to cure depression becomes higher through your willpower.

Self help

If you will not adopt a self help method no one else can help you. This is the most profound way to increase your chances to overcome depression. Self help is a natural system which is there in every human being.

It gets activated from the womb. Child begins to develop every cell with a self help system. Even basic skills like crawling, walking, speaking etc. are developed by self help. To come out of depression this is the best way. Start helping yourself. Soon I will introduce you to the most powerful plan for self help to overcome depression.



What will happen to you if you do not come out of depression?

Most of the depression cases that I have handled till now, this question played a vital role in their treatment. When my patients heard this question most of them were blank. If you are also blank, do not worry.

This is a vital question for sure and you do not ask this question to yourself at all. Because you are too busy with your depressive state of mind. You do not have the mind-space to even think what will happen if you do not come out of depression.

Let me tell you my friend if you do not come out of depression then the following areas of your life will have high negative impact:

You can make your life or break your life; it is up to you. So my friend there is no point staying in your depressive state. You might have tried many ways to overcome depression and have failed. But my friend you don't give up.

I am going to share 3 ways which involve no risk at all to help you overcome depression. Be relaxed and read further.

3 risk free ways to overcome depression

When it comes to depression, yes, there may be many factors which might involve a lot of risk. For example, antidepressants are risky because it may help to an extent only and then side effects are heavy. Therefore, I always suggest to everyone that do not take antidepressants by yourself without consulting a health expert.

Such risk is not advisable at all. Yes in life we must take risks but we also have to see at what cost and whose cost. Let me share with you now 3 risk free ways to overcome depression.

Way #1 - Protect your mind

Mind protection is very important during the depression phase. You are attacked by 10000 negative thoughts. If you do not protect your mind then these negative thoughts will never allow you to come out of the depression loop.

To protect your mind the best way is to nourish new positive thoughts in your mind. Generally it takes 21 days to stabilise new thoughts in mind by repeating them on a day to day basis.

If you go through my 45 days self help depression treatment plan I have given 3 profound tools that will help you in mind protection. Use these tools for 45 days and experience a powerful positive shift by yourself.

Way #2 - Detox your body

I have suggested to all my depression patients that they must detoxify their body. Depression brings lethargy and tiredness to the body. Hence, you must create a specific routine at least for 15 minutes on a day to day basis.

To break the depression loop you have to work on your body also. Yes, depression is a mental health condition but it also has a major impact on your body. Therefore, only mind treatment will not work. Those who are unable to overcome depression are missing this element to understand.

In 45 days self help depression treatment plan, I have given 4 easy steps to follow. One of the steps is all about detoxification. You don’t have to think too much to create your routine. Access this plan, follow the steps given with all necessary instructions.

Way #3 - Balancing your emotions

The 3rd way is most important for you to work on. Your emotions go up and down as you are caught in the depression loop. Mood swings are bound to happen. Stress and anxiety will always be troubling you in the depression phase.

Even if you are taking antidepressants it won't help you to balance your emotions. In fact there are no pills for balancing emotions. Now across the globe music therapy is clinically proven and evidence based tool which comes as the most profound help during depression.

While developing this 45 days self help depression treatment plan, our team, which also consists of music therapy experts who have been treating patients for 35+ years, have developed specific therapeutic healing music for depression.

When you access this plan all these tools are available to you with full instructions. For making it easier this plan comes with 3 languages - English, Hindi and Gujarati.


Now you know 3 risk free ways to overcome depression. Along with that I have shared with you how you can increase your chances to come out of depression. Plus you must be careful what will happen to you if you do not start your depression treatment.

Now access your 45 days self help depression treatment plan which has all the necessary tools and resources for you to overcome depression at home. There is a special private self help community which meets every 15 days during your 45 days treatment journey.

Remember you are not alone in this journey. My team and self help community is with you. Start your journey to overcome depression now.

I pray for your wellbeing.

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