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Therapy for depression in youth

Updated: Nov 15

What happens in depression in youth?

Young age is a very impressionable phase of life. There is idealism, enthusiasm and lots of energy and passion to fulfil all dreams. Many youth these days opt for unusual careers and become successful, too. For example some try at a young age of 18 years to form a music band or photography or tour guide etc, which is quite different and challenging from becoming a doctor, engineer or lawyer. Well, it may so happen that due to certain circumstances you are not able to do what you want, feel trapped in difficult situations and are unable to accept the reality of your life, then chances of getting depressed are high.

Here I would like to narrate the story of Sahil, a 20 year old photographer, film maker, poet and dreamer, who wanted to go round the world, explore places and just live out his idea of a life in the mountains. Sahil had completed his higher secondary and was not interested in getting a degree, but wanted to go to different places and pursue photography. He also contacted a TV channel producer who promised Sahil to publish his photographs and videos of exotic places. Sahil believed in this promise and started his work with great passion and sincerity.

Since Sahil had not done any previous work, the producer did not give him any financial support, just assured him of the reward later after reviewing his work. Although Sahil’s family was not financially very stable, his father managed to give some amount of money and the rest he got as a loan from a friend. After six months of hard work Sahil presented his documentary on wild life, but the manager refused to publish as promised.

Now Sahil was very upset, felt worried about the money he borrowed and also about his family situation. As days passed he remained aloof, cried a few times in a day and avoided people. Sahil was in depression and was suffering all the symptoms of depression, for example, not being able to sleep well, eat properly or feel interested in activities. Sahil was feeling hopeless and lonely. His dream was shattered and he had no clue how to lead his life. At this point Sahil thought that he would not be able to do anything meaningful in life because he was totally feeling lost, having lost confidence in himself.

These are the symptoms of depression in youth. The good news is that there is an online therapy to overcome depression in youth that provides solutions without medicine. Sahil’s sister learnt about it from a friend who attended a webinar organised by us at Yaha Life. She urged Sahil to follow it regularly like a medicine. After a few weeks, Sahil started feeling better and now he is free from sadness and pursuing his career in films and cinematography.

Watch the video to know more about depression due to career issues.

I am sure that you have questions as to what this online depression therapy is. Read further to know the details about this unique solution to overcome depression in youth.

How to Overcome Depression in Youth?

First, we need to understand that depression is not a disease. It is a condition which can be overcome by becoming aware of its functioning. Young people are often naive and jump into situations without acquiring deeper knowledge. Sometimes the choices misfire and the young person lands in a difficult situation. When a young adult finds the situation difficult and overwhelming, he or she succumbs to negative thinking. They are unable to accept the reality that is against their liking and preference. As a result they feel sad, suffer from mood swings and lose interest in activities.

When one does not sleep or eat well, avoids socialising and does not follow a routine, then the body becomes heavy and there is tiredness all the time. Depression affects the mind and heart equally. One feels dull and unhappy all the time. All the symptoms of depression are easy to overcome by following online depression therapy. All you need to do is to subscribe to the therapy and start doing it all by yourself. Yes, my friend, you become your own healer. This therapy makes you completely independent. It also protects your privacy and freedom. In other words, you need not inform anybody about your issues and you can follow the depression therapy at your own pace.

What is therapy for depression and how does the therapy work?

The online depression therapy works in a natural way to help you to overcome depression by guiding you step by step. Our creator has given us a wonderful body, a sharp mind and a loving heart, but during depression all the three are affected. Depression affects the normal chemical balance in our body. This happens because negative thoughts and negative emotions influence the functioning of our organs.

People go for medicines, but soon realise that pills are only effective for a temporary time period and there are side effects to endure. The online depression therapy designed by our team works to produce these chemicals in a natural way. Therefore, to help regain your physical energy, we have suggested appropriate exercises. Since, you need not take pills having harmful side effects, you are required to follow the instructions in the depression therapy just as a prescription.

I narrated the story of Sahil who sincerely and regularly followed the prescribed activities. That is why he was able to overcome depression completely by taking the three months subscription of online depression therapy. There are different activities and therapies for the mind and heart. For instance, the reading, writing and listening therapies work deeper at your subconscious level and removes all negative thoughts. Music therapy with special 528Hz frequency helps to feel relaxed. With good sleep, the body and mind both feel better.

Depression also brings in loss of confidence and self-esteem which is taken care of by Mirror therapy. Thousands of people have used the online depression therapy and practiced all the activities prescribed to overcome depression and lead a healthy life. Those who were heartbroken, are now completely healed. Others have started new careers after undergoing a change in their personality.

All those who followed the online depression feel that such a unique way of overcoming is found only at You can visit our website to read the testimonials. You are welcome to ask questions about depression at the depression forum. Our team at Yaha Life will help in answering your doubts. Do not let depression affect your life. Help yourself by subscribing to the online depression therapy now.

I pray for your well being.

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