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Therapy for depression and grief

Updated: May 19

What happens in depression and grief

We all feel unpleasant and sad at some point in life. Some of us overcome sadness in a few hours, while others continue to feel sad for weeks and months. Due to the continuous feeling of sadness depression sets in. It may happen that while you are suffering from depression, you or someone dear to you is diagnosed with serious illness or passes away. During such times you feel a terrible emotional trauma due to grief. Therefore, the combination of depression and grief brings life to a standstill.

Even if you are outwardly or mechanically doing your work, emotionally you are broken or devastated. Do not worry. Understand that depression is just a condition and not an illness that always needs medication to overcome. Just read further how hundreds of people have overcome depression and grief without medicine. Padma, a 40 year old homemaker lost her husband in covid. She was a Commerce graduate but had never worked in an office. The sudden loss of her husband left her with responsibilities of their only daughter. Besides, the expenses for treatment of her husband at the hospital exhausted all her savings.

As a result of this unexpected event, Padma was shaken emotionally and physically. She stared blankly at the ceiling most of the time, unable to think or plan for the future. The responsibility seemed extremely overwhelming. Let me give you another example. Saket, a 35 year old marketing person was diagnosed with a tumour in the brain last year. He, too was undergoing severe depression due to the inability to go to work. Saket, was supporting his parents financially and was taking care of his family too. Fortunately, his wife Meera was working as a teacher. Still, the cost of operating the tumour and medications for one year, exhausted the couple’s money.

These two cases clearly show that depression with grief due to any reason makes a person helpless, weak and indecisive. It brings down physical energies, dulls the mind and fills the heart with sadness all the time. As if one is sitting in a dark room without oxygen. People undergoing depression and grief often have suicidal thoughts which is dangerous. All those who have undergone depression and grief have reported having attacks of negative thoughts and crying spells all the time along with disinterestedness in work and meeting people.

Well, the good news is that both Padma and Saket attended our webinar on how to overcome depression without medicine. The webinar opened their eyes about a very effective therapy that helps in overcoming depression and grief in a natural way. During webinar people do ask me what is the best way to deal with grief? Well I suggest you read further and find out that answer on your own.

What is the best way to deal with grief?

If you are still searching the best way to deal with grief then I must tell you that grief is a highly temporary state, however it gets prolonged because we give more attention to it. Though grief is temporary but it appears to be permanent the reason is that we hold it strongly with our emotions. So the best way to deal with grief is to cut these emotions. Let me share some profound ways so that you can overcome grief faster.

Here are 5 ways to deal with grief:

  1. Breathe - Mostly when you are in grief you will observe that you are having short breath. Just come back to your breath and start consciously taking long and deep breaths. This helps the brain to get stabilised and mind gets ready to enter into relaxation zone. Take at least 10-15 deep breaths.

  2. Stretch - After you have taken 10-15 its time that you move your body. Stand up or sit down or even if you are lying down whatever you are comfortable with just take your arms up and stretch it, take it to the left and right and stretch your arms. Stretch your legs and different parts of the body. Do this for 2-3 mins. Be easy on your body and stretch with ease. No hurry and no worry. Just stretch.

  3. Repeat - I want you to repeat these words as you are reading. Peace - peace - peace. Now take a deep breath and repeat again peace - peace - peace. Good! Keep repeating the word peace in your mind. Whenever any thought or emotion comes, just say peace - peace - peace.

  4. Listen - With these words now listen to these affirmations. It is in hindi and it will take only 2 mins. Just close your eyes. Relax yourself and listen. Feel your breath and listen to these affirmations.

5. Connect - Now time has come that you connect with entire nature, with trees, sky, birds, planet earth, moon, sun, stars and universe. Sometimes we forget that we are part of nature and surrounded by nature. There is great energy of around us but we do not feel it because we are disconnected due to our busy mind which is constantly either in past episodes or future wishing mode.

So use the above 5 ways to deal with your grief. Now I want to tell you something more that will help you to overcome grief even in a better way. So keep reading.

Can you fully recover from grief?

The reader may be aware that depression takes place when one is not able to accept the reality of life. We know that illness and death may happen to us or our near and dear ones, but the knowledge does not help when it happens in our lives. We are not able to deal with it. We become helpless, lose confidence in ourselves and at times just stop helping ourselves to overcome it.

To recover fully from grief is possible or not? Well it depends on you whether you want to come out of grief or not. You can fully recover from grief for sure but this will require your own willingness. So ask yourself not just once or twice but many times, "I am willing to come out of grief?" Ask this question to yourself till the answer YES do not come from within.

In the mean time you can just start the online depression therapy designed by us at Yaha Life is the powerful way to come out of depression without medicine.

Our aim is to make you independent and free, not suggest medicine or counselling which you may have to take for a very long time or permanently. You also know that consultation fees and the cost of medicines and counselling will also make a big hole in your pocket. We care for you in all aspects, hence have devised online depression therapy that you subscribe to at once and help yourself to overcome depression and grief.

The process to follow the therapy is easy. You can connect with your mobile and follow the guidance wherever you are at your own pace. All you have to do is prepare yourself, rather motivate yourself to overcome depression and grief without medicine. Your participation in the process of healing yourself is essential for the online depression therapy to be effective.

At this moment, I understand that you may have doubts about the therapy or have lost confidence in your own powers to heal yourself, but believe me hundreds of people undergoing similar issues as yourself have helped themselves successfully and are back to their normal lives. And yes, Padma has started working online as an accountant from home after successfully completing the treatment and Saket also resumed his job after recovering from surgery and overcoming depression and grief.

What is depression therapy and how does the therapy work?

At the outset, let me inform you that the online depression therapy is based on scientific facts about the functioning of our body, mind and heart. After years of research and practice in the field of psychology and mind-body medicine, a group of experts have designed the online depression therapy. It combines the best of our ancient knowledge of healing by mantras or affirmations as we call it now with music and modern scientific methods.

We at Yaha Life understand that during depression and grief, your body feels tired all the time. Your mind is bogged down by overthinking and negative thinking. Emotionally you become vulnerable and do not find anything pleasurable. You lose interest in activities and hobbies that previously kept you engaged. So, the online depression therapy suggests easy steps to regain your physical strength, your mind strong and sharp and your heart joyful again.

I guarantee that you will not find a therapy method without medicine that is helping ALL THREE; body, mind and heart at the same time. There are reading, writing and listening therapies available that help in rooting out negative thoughts and negative emotions from the subconscious mind. When you feel sad and cry after the death of a loved one or any severe illness etc., the subconscious mind stores this information and influences your mind and heart.

The therapies suggested remove these negative influences deeply and permanently. Besides, there are no adverse side effects in the body. Instead of artificial chemicals through pills that may give you a temporary relief and that too with side effects of weight gain, dullness etc. the online depression therapy works in creating natural chemical changes in your body.

When you sincerely and regularly follow music therapy, writing and reading therapies, along with physical exercises, your whole life will change. You will feel fresh after a good sleep, have energy and enthusiasm to go to work and follow hobbies. Your mental powers of memory and concentration will come back and there will be peace and joy in your heart at all times. If you do not want to take medicines for ever, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to online depression therapy today. Ask me any questions on the depression forum. I will be with you in this journey of recovery from depression and grief.

I pray for your wellbeing.

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