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How to get rid of depression?

Updated: May 18

Post COVID19 this question has been frequently asked on google by thousands of people - how to get rid of depression. The most critical reasons why people are in depression are:

  • Loss of job

  • Loss of business

  • Loss of loved ones

With these reasons there is an increase in relationship issues too which has resulted into:

  • Breakups

  • Divorces

  • Generation gap

Depression has been observed in trending, post COVID19 on google search. People in depression are seeking answers desperately and hence the question how to get rid of depression is one of the prime searches in google.

There is a deep urge to get rid of depression on one side and on the other side solutions to overcome depression are limited. From Feb 2022 till Aug 2022 Team Yaha conducted an online quick depression test which was filled by 34155 people.

The results were shocking.

24237 people were in moderate depression.

2086 people were in mild depression.

We thought that if people are in moderate depression or even in mild depression they want to get rid of depression hence let us create a DIY solution. The idea of DIY came when we asked people if they want to overcome depression on their own or if they need counselling. Majority asked us for a DIY solution. Hence, we came up with 3 types of solutions:

  1. Online depression self paced course

  2. Online therapy for depression

  3. Downloadable depression kit

6 Steps to get rid of depression

If you are looking for answers on how to get rid of depression then follow these 6 steps and experience the result yourself.

Required Supplies

  • Antidepressants - If you want to take the path of medicine then we highly recommend you to immediately contact a psychologist or psychiatrist and get your prescription.

  • Therapies - If you want to walk on the path of natural remedies and therapies then you can try listening therapy, writing therapy, mirror therapy and affirmations.

Required Tools

  • Basic Stationary

  • Printed Diary

  • Printed Flashcards

  • Audio Recordings

Estimated Cost

Between Rs. 200/- to Rs. 30,000/-


30 days to 90 days (depending on how long you have been into depression)

1. Check - The first step is to check your depression status. Find out whether you really have depression or not. You can check this from various online tools available or you can go to a nearby psychologist or psychiatrist and confirm. Though there are various types of depression, the essential part is to find out whether you have depression or not. Once you get confirmation that you have depression, then you can check what type of depression you are going through. Some online depression tests will show you whether you have mild depression or moderate depression.

2. Conviction - The second step is to get your conviction stronger that depression is curable. If you are still not convinced that depression is curable, we suggest you read how to overcome depression ebook by Dr. Falguni Jani. She explains the entire science of depression treatment and gives step by step guidance to overcome depression. She has helped thousands of people to get rid of depression on their own. Hence, make your conviction powerful that you will come out of depression no matter what.

3. Instruct - The third step to get rid of depression is to instruct yourself about the what, why and how of depression treatment. Generally people fail to overcome depression on their own because they have half or no know-how about depression treatment. People do jump into taking antidepressants also but that again is a very temporary help. If you understand the fundamentals of depression treatment, then it will be very easy for you to come out of depression.

4. Approach - The fourth step is all about approach. Once you understand the science of depression treatment, you can easily select your approach to get rid of depression. There are various approaches to overcome depression such as counselling, online depression treatment, therapy for depression, online depression course etc. Find out what approach suits you most. If you are a good reader, then go ahead with reading ebooks or books on depression. Or you can find a downloadable depression treatment kit and read all instructions to overcome depression. If you are a good listener then you can choose audio books or depression audio kits. If you are a person who needs something more concrete, handy and tactile, then therapy for depression will help you a lot.

5. Items - The fifth step is to collect all the items which are required for your healing process. When you are ready to start your depression treatment, you must keep all the necessary items ready which are the basic requirements. The list of items may include pen, paper, colours or various props for exercises etc. If you are opting for a counselling approach then ask your counsellor about the list of items you will need to get rid of depression.

6. Therapy - The sixth step is we recommend you to begin your therapy now that you have completed all the above five steps. Only reading these steps won't help you to get rid of depression. You have to take action. If you are in mild depression then you will need a minimum 30 to 60 days and if you have moderate depression you will need a minimum 60 to 90 days therapy. Start your online therapy for depression from today before it's too late.

Apart from these 6 steps we also recommend you to watch this video on how to get rid of depression:

We would like to reconfirm at this juncture that depression is curable if you are willing to overcome it. Your willingness to get rid of depression plays a major role because only your conviction, willingness and sincerity will count as the magic ingredients to overcome depression with or without medicines or counselling.

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