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Overcome Depression due to Study Pressure

Updated: May 18

Every student feels the pressure of studies at some point of time. Over a time period this pressure leads to depression. Right now you are helping yourself by reading this blog on how to overcome depression due to study pressure.

Once you understand that this feeling of pressure is temporary, you can help yourself by clearing certain thought patterns that are blocking you from concentrating on the subject. It is not at all difficult to overcome depression due to study pressure when you start believing in yourself again.

Let me tell you the story of Rahul and Anjali who were toppers in the board exam of 10th standard. Both were full of dreams to become doctors. With great enthusiasm and joy they took up science subjects and started studying sincerely everyday. As days went by, the syllabus became tough and Rahul started having stress, while Anjali entered depression due to her inability to cope up with the study material. Eventually both Rahul and Anjali could not complete the topics and were in depression due to study pressure. They suffered in silence for weeks and did not share this condition with anyone. Ultimately they had a nervous breakdown and had to take medicines after consulting the doctor.

You need not worry about Depression any more because we have come up with solutions to overcome depression without medicines. Taking medicines did not solve the problem of Rahul and Anjali. They had to take sessions with a psychotherapist in order to understand their problem and get solutions to move forward. The therapist counselled them for 6 months and suggested ways to cope up with their problem. Eventually Rahul dropped the science subjects as he realized he was good with computers, while Anjali changed her method of study.

Again, you need not go through this journey and spend months and thousands of rupees in medicines and therapy. You will save yourself from the side effects of medicines also. We have come up with a wonderful solution to help you to overcome depression due to study pressure. All the stress and depression will go away when you help yourself by the guidance given in our depression treatment self help digital kit to overcome depression without medicines.

The only solution for depression is changing your negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns. Many students develop negative thought patterns in relation to studies and inability to cope with study pressure. In our depression treatment self help digital kit we have various therapies and tools that will help you to overcome depression due to study pressure. The therapies used are music therapy with affirmations, writing therapy, reading therapy, mirror therapy, a planner, a self assessment tool, an ebook which explains the depression treatment and gives you an understanding of all the tools and therapies which will help you to overcome depression.

Here are few tips to deal with study pressure:

  1. Take short topics at a time. Give yourself a break of 5 minutes after 90 minutes of study.

  2. Don’t think of study as a burdensome work. Read and write down the points with interest.

  3. Make flashcards

  4. Fix time for study and make goals.

  5. Read out loud or record a topic in your voice and play it while you take a walk.

  6. Use music and headphones to cut down noise.

  7. Do breathing exercise before beginning to study for 5-10 minutes to improve concentration.

  8. Stay in the present moment and do your best. Stop thinking about the future.

  9. Believe in yourself.

You are not alone in this journey. Go to our depression forum and ask questions or share your experiences. We will help you to overcome depression due to study pressure. The solution for depression without medicines is available. Download our depression treatment self help digital kit now and help yourself to become independent, strong, happy and joyful in your academic journey.

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