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7 tips to overcome depression after failing an exam

Updated: Jul 14

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I am writing this blog on 7 tips to overcome depression after failing an exam as I observed that many students are going through depression. In the past 25 years I have met so many students going through failure. But I have also witnessed that most of these students who came to me for help they cured their depression. Today most of them are in a good position in various industries. Few of them are also running their successful businesses.

In this blog I am going to give you all the necessary tips that will help you to cope up with depression after exam failure. Apart from that I am also going to give you a magic formula to overcome depression on your own.

Let us start understanding your situation of "exam failed depressed" in more depth to resolve it.

Why do you hit with depression after failing in exam?

Any competitive exam brings a certain amount of anxiety and nervousness in students. Most students are already suffering from exam fever, and if they fail in one or more subjects, the situation becomes worse.

You may fail sometimes even if you have prepared well for an exam. For some reason or the other the results turn out to be unfavourable which causes a setback and results in sadness and worry about the future. This setback and prolonged sadness oftentimes leads to depression.

If the situation is not dealt with sincerely and immediately, this may even affect your performance in future and cause depression. The fact is students overthink about their bad result and forget that the game can be reversed.

You should analyse the situation and prepare themselves well so that it does not happen again. So much anxiety related to exams, with added stress of studying and passing leads to negative thoughts and overthinking about the exam and bad results.

All these are the elements of the depression loop. Having excess anxiety, stress, negative thoughts and overthinking is the way to enter the loop of depression.

Use depression treatment webapp to overcome depression without medicine by breaking the depression loop.

7 tips to overcome depression after failing an exam

Here, we show you healthy ways to deal with exam stress and overcome depression after failing an exam. The guidance given here can help students who failed in exams to get over the trauma and be more determined to pass their exams on their next attempt.

It is important to bear in mind that even if you have failed a subject or an exam, one or two or three times or more times, you must keep trying.

Here are the different ways to overcome depression after failing an exam.

Tip #1 - Find out the reasons behind failure

Do not spend time caught up in the depression loop and spend time grieving the failure. It is time to be little logical and look at your failure with an analytical view so as to determine the factors behind it.

Ask yourself the following questions and enter into authentic self reflection process:

  • Why have I failed?

  • What might have produced a better result?

  • What can I learn from this so that it doesn’t happen in future?

  • If you are giving any career oriented exams then ask - Is this a right type of career I am looking forward?

The answers to all these questions will help you to improve your result for the next time. Self reflection gives your mind more clarity.

Tip #2 - Choose a different approach

If you want a solution for depression, then it is important to try another method. If you continue the same method of studying, you will be giving fuel to your depression. To overcome depression, change your timings of study, set a new place to study and come up with a better way to remember your text.

Work on the mistakes you made in the previous exam other than the subject knowledge. However, to overcome depression do not enter into overthinking by entertaining negative thoughts and criticise yourself for your mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

Tip #3 - Remain positive for your next attempt

One of the reasons why you enter into depression is because of an excessive bundle of negative thoughts which may be about your past future. So instead of brooding over the past and inviting negative thoughts, try to get busy in activities in your free time.

Brooding over the past and entertaining negative thoughts are neither the solution for depression nor the way to overcome depression. Do not just keep thinking about the failure instead think above it.

Positive thinking will help you overcome negative thoughts. The only way to quickly engrave positive thoughts in your subconscious mind is by listening to music therapy with affirmations, reading and writing affirmations.

You can access positive affirmations from self help depression treatment webapp which also includes various other tools to overcome depression without medicines.

“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Tip #4 - Share your Thoughts and Emotions

To overcome depression after failing an exam, discuss your issues and thoughts about your exam. Perhaps it will five you a new perspective and help you understand better so that you can begin your exam preparation again.

Depression comes due to negative thoughts and overthinking. But these two will not help you in your next attempt for the exam. Instead, it will increase your anxiety and stress which will make you fall deeper into depression.

If you have mild depression, it will increase to moderate depression. If you have moderate depression, it will increase to severe depression. Therefore, if you are still worried about the bad exam result, stop right now! Get up and help yourself.

Tip #5 - Start preparing for the next exam

Accepting failure is not the solution for depression. It is important to take slow baby steps and not procrastinate (avoiding to touch your books/syllabus/topics) When you fail an exam, you are not able to understand at what concept you lacked clarity that you lost your marks in a paper.

Being anxious, fearful or insecure is not the solution for depression. Instead, start your preparation topic by topic and do your depression treatment so that the condition does not become bad.

Tip #6 - Believe in yourself

Depression is merely a condition. It is not an illness. Failure does not define you and is definitely not the end of life. You can learn a lot about yourself in this phase of life. It will also help you in future to take care of your limitations and weaknesses.

The feeling of scoring low, makes us feel stressed and anxious. Instead of being depressed or worried about the exam, prepare well. Good and thorough preparation will make you confident to appear for the exam.

Tip #7 - Use self help tools for faster recovery

To overcome depression after failure in an exam, we have very powerful and effective activities, tools and therapies to make you strong, confident and happy. Subscribe 45 days self help depression treatment webapp and help yourself to overcome depression after failing an exam.

This webapp will help you to come out of depression without medicines, without spending a lot of money on counsellors and medicines, and without any side effects.

Be happy, and be healthy. Take a step towards your health and live a joyous and peaceful life.

Failure is temporary

My friend so far I have given you all the necessary 7 tips to overcome your depression due to exam failure. Now as an integral psychotherapist I want to give you some more insights that will work as magic.

I know how you feel. For past 25+ years I have met 1000s of students who have failed in exam and were depressed. Most of them use to come for counselling to me. Some students failed in 10th board or 12th board. Many have failed in graduation first year, second year or third year. Also I have met students who were giving IIT, UPSC and IAS types of exams and have failed.

But my friend, failing in exam does not mean that you have failed in life. Our mind is very tricky and it gives all kind of negative thoughts when you fail. The term failure is negatively associated in mind.

It says failure means - loss of everything including respect, image and worthiness. But my friend start seeing failure from a different angle. See you know how to walk. Sometimes you fall down due to whatever reason. Do you remain down forever?

No! This never happens. You stand up and walk again. It's a temporary fall due to some or the other reason. So treat failure as a temporary fall. In that case imagine how many times you must have fallen before you started your walking?

An average human falls for more than 1,00,000 times before starting to walk properly. So it means you have failed lacs of times in your life and still you are walking. Therefore, why to take this failure as the ultimate failure?

I trust in you and I am sure you will stand up again. Now here is the magic formula which I wanted to share with you. Read it very carefully. Be more attentive now.

The magic formula to overcome depression

Before I give you this formula you must understand that when you fail in exam the mind enters into typically a negative zone. It activates all kind of negative emotions when you are in this negative mind zone. These negative emotions decreases your body vitality and bring lethargy.

If you continue to entertain negative thoughts and emotions for more than 20 days then you are hit with mild depression. Symptoms of mild depression are active now. This is where you can begin your magic. See most students do not treat mild depression at all.

They think it will go automatically. But my friend mild depression turns into moderate depression if you ignore it. You have to consciously begin your healing process and come out from mild depression. How to do it?

Here is your magic formula:

  • Depression test - What you need to do is as soon as you start feeling sad and depressed first take your free online depression test.

  • Firm decision - Your next thing is to make a firm decision that you will overcome this failed exam depressed status.

  • Aligning emotions - To break this depression you have to work on your emotions. The best way is to use music therapy. Its scientifically proven and tested so use this tool.

  • Protecting mind - You have to create a shield in your mind against all negative thoughts. The most powerful way to do this is to use the positive affirmations tool.

  • Reduce all symptoms of depression - Mind has put you into depression and it has activated all its symptoms. You have to reduce it by the most magical way which is evidence based and authentic - guided meditation tool.

So my friend this is your magic formula. Now you have to use this formula at least for 45 days. Create a routine to come out of your depression. Gather all the above tools which I have mentioned above.

I do not suggest you to rely on youtube or any free resources when it comes to music therapy and positive affirmations. See the problem with these free music and positive affirmations is the compromise on quality, frequency and expertise.

Music therapy cannot be created by anyone. It requires high level of patience to create such music which will work as a medicine. It takes years of training to cultivate such patience and authority.

Therefore even if you find free music on youtube do not use it. Find authentic music therapy and positive affirmations with music.

Same approach has to be taken for guided meditation. The one who has practiced meditation for years is authentically eligible to give guided meditation to others. Most guided meditation do not work because it is missing such authenticity.

It is like you cannot become a gamer in one day. You practice for hours to play certain a game. You master certain moves and then you become eligible to be called as a pro-gamer.

So do not waste your time on internet to search such tools. For students I have made it very simple. See after 25 years of my practice me and my team have developed a webapp with all these tools which I have mentioned in magic formula.

Therefore you don't have waste your time into doing all these unnecessary research on finding who is authentic and who is not. For the next 45 days use this webapp. Access all the tools.

This webapp is now available in 3 languages - English, Hindi and Gujarati. So all positive affirmations and guided meditation are there in all 3 languages. Apart from that there are 60+ video resources. Everything you need to overcome depression is available in this self help webapp.

I know your next worry is money. But do not worry at all. For students there is a sponsorship form that you have to fill and get 50% off. Once you fill this form within 1 hour we will send you a coupon code so you can access the webapp at 50% discounted price.

As a student you can at least spend Rs. 22 for a day to overcome depression for next 45 days. This price is less than the money that you are spending in a month on junk food and entertainment. In today's time we do not even get one meal for a day at Rs. 22.

Therefore, this price that you will pay for webapp is highly economical and cost effective. Still, if your economical background do not permit you to spend Rs. 22 per day for next 45 days for your self treatment for depression then I suggest you to ask your relatives or friends who can help you.

Once you recover fully you can always return this amount to them. But do not stop yourself to start self treatment for depression just because right now you do not have money.

I am with you in this journey. When you access this depression treatment webapp you will also get a link to join overcome depression forum where I give all the answers within 72 hours.

So you are not alone in this journey at all. Rest assured depression is curable. You will overcome depression for sure.

I pray for your wellbeing.

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