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How to Incorporate Music Therapy into Your Life

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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Is music therapy suitable for you?

The first question that comes to mind when incorporating music therapy in day to day life is, “Is music therapy suitable for me to incorporate on a daily basis?” How will you know if music therapy is suitable for you or not? If you do a google search, there are no clear answers for this question.

However, let me tell you that you are a musical being. Your entire being is musical. In fact, music is nothing but vibrations. Everything in the universe is vibrational. Light vibrates, sound vibrates, energy vibrates and even matter vibrates. Hence, it can be said that the universe is musical. Everything has a rhythm. If you see around you, nature is musical. Your own language that you speak is musical in nature.

In other words, music therapy is a scientific way of organising such vibrations for healing purposes. Certain tones, frequencies, sounds etc. are carefully thought and used. Thus music therapy is suitable for all.

Listening to music therapy does not have any side effects at all. In fact it is helpful in improving your health. When you enter into a state of dis-ease, music brings back your alignment which keeps you in ease. This alignment helps you to overcome the dis-ease at a much faster rate. Relapse will take a longer time than usual.

With continued usage of music therapy you will find that you are most of the time in a high feel-good factor and are protected from entering into any dis-ease. Music therapy is like your first aid digital kit which protects you from physical, mental and emotional diseases.

Hence your age, disease type, whether you are a music lover or not, etc. does not matter when it comes to the question of music therapy being suitable for you because music therapy is for all. Read this blog on how to incorporate music therapy into your life to understand further in depth and gain 9 interesting ways to incorporate music therapy in your daily routine.



How is Music therapy your daily therapy?

Let us do a quick reality check. Do the following with me. You can type “yes” in the comment section if you were able to do or confirm all the following:

  1. Place your hand over your heart. Is it beating?

  2. Feel your breath. Is it flowing in and out?

  3. Are you able to blink your eyes?

  4. If you can, try jumping or jogging on the spot for a minute and relax. Do you feel the blood flow in your body?

If your answer to the above 4 is “yes”, then congratulations! Music is a part of your daily life. Music directly impacts our life.

Are you going through any of the following:

  1. Any physical dis-ease (example - leg pain, tiredness, fever, cancer, etc)

  2. Any mind condition (example - negative thoughts, overthinking, anxiety, stress, etc.)

  3. Any emotional dis-ease (example - hurt, fear, trauma, etc)

If yes, then you require music therapy on a daily basis.

You may choose to take a pill or medicine based on your doctor’s prescription for physical dis-ease. However, there are no medicines to cure fear, overthinking, negative thought attacks etc. At least for mental and emotional dis-ease you have to remove them from the root they have come from. We do not have medicines for curing the mind or the emotions.

For curing the mental and emotional dis-ease, music therapy is the best and the most effective method. Music has a direct impact on your body, mind and emotions. Even if you are taking medicines or pills to cure physical diseases, you can listen to music therapy along with it. Music therapy is complementary and supplementary to medications.

When your doctor prescribes medicines, don’t they give a dosage to be followed for a particular number of days? They also mention which part of the day you must take the medicine. Similarly it works for music therapy. It is your daily therapy.

A daily dose of music therapy is to be taken at certain times in the day. It is to be continued for a particular time period and we cannot miss a single day just like you cannot miss your medicines even for a single day.

Hence music therapy becomes your daily therapy when you choose it for curing any physical, mental or emotional dis-ease.



Using music therapy for maintaining overall wellbeing

As you know, there are medicines for particular diseases or illnesses that are prescribed by the doctor. But the doctor also prescribes multivitamins and supplements for maintaining your overall physical health. Similarly, music therapy works as a wellbeing vitamin to maintain your overall wellbeing.

When you listen to therapeutic music created using specific frequencies for specific diseases, then it has a greater impact on your body, mind and emotions. The special frequency in which the music is created, will completely relax your body and activate the natural healing process of the body.

At the emotional layer, music is known to generate emotions and also change emotions. When you listen to sad music, you start feeling sad. When you listen to upbeat music you feel enthusiastic. Music affects the way you are feeling. During festivals, marriages, social gathering for celebration, etc. nobody plays melancholic or sad music. This is the effect of entertainment music. With music therapy, it takes a healing approach towards your emotions.

At the mind layer, music therapy will make your mind quiet down. The mind is constantly overworked and not rested enough as it is bombarded with thoughts and there is barely any moment of silence. Have you noticed that when you are feeling afraid, you constantly have thoughts which are related to fear? Similarly, when you are down with some disease, there are constantly certain thought patterns which are related to that particular disease.

These thought patterns will not allow you to overcome that disease. It will make the disease worse if such thoughts and emotions continue for a prolonged time. Hence, music therapy will calm your mind and silence it for some time. This has a massive impact on your healing process.

With dis-ease, your body-mind-emotions move out of natural alignment. Hence music therapy is required for bringing back all the 3 layers in alignment to start the healing process. In fact, even medicines work better with music therapy. So if you choose to take medicines to cure, then listen to music therapy as well. It will speed up your healing process.



9 simple ways to incorporate music therapy in daily life

I understand that it becomes difficult to find time 3 times a day to listen to music therapy tracks which are long or to attend music therapy sessions. However, inculcate basic aspects of music therapy if you are not able to attend music therapy sessions or listen to music therapy tracks specifically designed for diseases.

I am going to share how you can utilise music therapy for your body, mind and emotions in 9 simple ways to incorporate it into your daily life.

Music therapy for your body

The first layer to work on is the body. If you do not have music therapy tracks or cannot attend music therapy sessions, then you can try the following to give an element of music therapy for bringing the body into alignment.

  1. Go for a walk in nature - Daily you must go to a nearby park which is filled with trees and where you can hear birds chirping. Choose early mornings to do this as there will be less noise coming from construction sites or vehicles. If there is a water body like a lake or river or sea or ocean nearby, then take a walk and listen to the stream of water or the waves crashing against the shore. This will provide a therapeutic effect.

  2. Engage yourself with instruments - If you know to play any instruments then daily spend 20-30 mins playing your instrument. If you do not know how to play an instrument, you can purchase a singing bowl and play it for 10 mins. Or you can also play rhythmic beats with your hands on a wooden surface. Engaging in some form of musical activity will be very beneficial for you.

  3. Singing - Some of us are bathroom singers, some of us sing out of hobby and some of us are professional singers. No matter how good or bad you sing, it does not matter. You need to release your pain through words, through sounds, through singing. Just hum, or sing gibberish or sing some songs. Singing daily for 10 minutes while doing your chores will help you feel great relief physically and emotionally.

Music therapy for your mind

At mind level also you need to do something to bring your mind to alignment. Once you start the process of bringing the body in alignment, automatically your mind will lessen its rigidity and start coming into alignment. You can do the following to help your mind with music therapy.

  1. Listening and writing affirmations - You need to write affirmations for whatever physical, mental or emotional problem/disease/illness you are going through. While writing affirmations, plug in your headphones or earphones and listen to music therapy for the particular dis-ease. Do this for 5 mins daily and you will start noticing a great shift within you.

  2. Listening and mirror therapy - Immediately after you complete writing therapy, you can be in front of the mirror and look into your eyes through the mirror. Repeat each affirmation looking into your eyes. Listen to music therapy in low volume while doing this and you will see that the powerful effect of mirror therapy combined with music therapy will increase your healing speed by 10x.

  3. Combine activities with music therapy - Switch on your music therapy track and listen to it in the background while you are studying or reading or working or doing some creative activity. As a safety measure, avoid listening to music therapy while travelling or on a heavy stomach.

Music therapy for your emotions

The third layer is emotions. When you are working on the body and mind layers to bring them into alignment, you also need to work on the emotions simultaneously to bring it into alignment. Do the following to bring your emotions in alignment.

  1. Morning Routine - Start your morning with music therapy. As soon as you wake up, listen to music therapy. This will ensure that your day goes ahead with more positive emotions and thoughts.

  2. Night Routine - Before you sleep or even while sleeping, ensure that you listen to music therapy. Usually it is difficult to sleep with anxiety and stress due to dis-ease. But with scientifically created music therapy, anxiety and stress release happens in just 180 seconds. This will give you a sound sleep and keep you relaxed through the night. You start and end your day with music therapy.

  3. Emotion Protection - At any point during the day if you are feeling any negative emotion, just switch on your music therapy track and listen to it while continuing to do whatever you were doing. Music therapy will instantly help you release your negative emotions and relax you completely.



How and when to do music therapy?

How to do music therapy is very simple. We have created Music therapy for all which has 51 music therapy tracks for 51 various physical, mental and emotional diseases. When you open the music therapy webapp you have to select which disease or problem you are going through.

If you are having any physical disease like gas, arthritis, fever, etc., then select physical diseases. If you are going through mental diseases like addiction, overthinking, anxiety, etc., then select mental diseases. If you are going through emotional diseases like anger, boredom, relationship issue, etc., then select emotional diseases.

Select your disease and follow the instructions to listen to music therapy. Along with music therapy we have also given 2 additional bonuses of Writing Therapy Diary where you can write the affirmations and Mirror Therapy Flashcards which you can use for doing mirror therapy. These 2 bonuses will help you to overcome your disease much faster.

For best results you must ideally use headphones or earphones and listen to music therapy at least 3 times a day and additionally whenever you are having any major disturbance because of the disease, then listen to the music therapy.

You can refer to this table to understand when to do music therapy.

Having Issue since

Use music therapy

Repeat music therapy

Since 6 months

90 days

1 time daily

Since 1-4 years

6 months

2 times daily

Since 5-9 years

12 months

3 times daily

Since 10+ years

18-24 months

4 times daily

Benefits of using music therapy daily

The tracks in Music therapy for all are created after years of research by experts having 35+ years of experience in this field. The creation process of these tracks is packed with scientific knowledge of sound healing and music therapy.

Certain frequencies like 432 Hz and 528 Hz have been used. All the tracks are raga based and elements based music. Such therapeutic music takes time to create and is very different from other music therapy available freely on youtube. You must know how music therapy is created, what effort has gone behind it, who created it and how such music therapy will impact you.

When you listen to special 432 Hz healing raga based music therapy, then you gain the following benefits by listening on a daily basis:

  • Improvement in motor skills

  • Increase in levels of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin

  • Enhanced physical healing

  • Boosted immune system

  • Decrease in anxiety, stress, overthinking and negative thoughts

  • Enhanced memory and cognitive functioning

  • Better focus and concentration

  • Able to release negative emotions easily

  • Shift towards positive emotions

  • Maintaining feel-good factor naturally

  • Better emotional stability

  • Relaxation happens faster and naturally

I have shared some of the benefits of listening to music therapy regularly. To know in detail about the benefits of using music therapy daily, you can read this blog on 27 benefits of music therapy before you ignore it. I have written all the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits of using music therapy on a daily basis.




Music therapy is really for all. Anyone can use it from anywhere. You need not carry any CD or go somewhere outside to gain the tremendous benefits of music therapy. You may go to a music therapist or you can also listen to music therapy tracks. You may use music therapy with your medications or without your medications as well.

In every home, institution, office, hospital etc. there are first-aid kits for physical health. There are no first-aid kits in homes, institutions, offices, hospitals etc. for mental health and emotional health. However, music therapy is your first-aid digital kit to handle various physical, mental and emotional diseases too.

Music therapy is 100% beneficial for you and does not have any side effects at all and is also supplementary and complementary to medication if you choose to take medication. Hence, there is nothing to worry about with music therapy.

Feel free to share your learning, questions, queries or experiences below in the comment section after reading this blog on How to incorporate music therapy into your life.

My wellbeing prayers for you.

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3 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The idea is that you’re not allowed to have a day where you do absolutely nothing – that’s a zero day. For your own benefit, your aim is to do at least 1 thing a day. Listening to the music therapy has been extremely beneficial for me


Dec 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I am 35 years old with 2 young children, I was having severe backpain and headache

This music therapy helped me with easy tools which I could follow daily, efficiently. Things I recovered from both backpain and headache.

5 stars to this music therapy🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Nov 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have been using the music thrrapy for the last 6months, 2ce a day and it has helped me come out of trauma and lead a normal life again. I am deeply grateful 🙏


Nov 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

जैसे ही मैं तनावग्रस्त या चिंतित महसूस करता हूं, मैं बस हेडफोन लगाता हूं और संगीत थेरेपी सुनता हूं। यह बिल्कुल अद्भुत है


Sep 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Highly effective therapy for my blood pressure and body pain. I listen to it daily