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Positive Pregnancy

wellbeing store for mental health, depression treatment, music therapy, affirmations and other digital wellbeing products

Searching for digital wellbeing products?

Wellbeing assessment to check your physical health, mental health, emotional health status.

Want to check your wellbeing status?

Wellbeing store to take care of your body, mind & heart

Get everything you need to improve & maintain your physical health, mental health & emotional health

100+ researched and tested digital wellbeing products.

Wellbeing Prayers

A compassionate space to send and receive prayers for anyone. Join for free and start your prayers.

Prayers for wellbeing

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If you are going to blood pressure issue Team Yaha sends wellbeing prayers to you. Do not worry. Everything will be fine.

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Wellbeing prayers for all those who are suffering from heart disease. Take care of your mental and emotional health.

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Sending wellbeing prayers to entire family of 3 year old girl who met with an accident in Ludhiyana. We send condolences to the family with prayers of peace for the soul.

Mental Health DIY Tools

Protect & nourish your mental wellbeing

Balance Emotions 

  • Anger

  • Fear

  • Sadness

  • Calm down

Handle Situations

  • Loneliness

  • Insomnia

  • Depression

  • PPD

Importance of mental health

  • Balanced thoughts and emotions improve productivity

  • You can handle any life situation when your mind is calm and poised

  • More achievement is possible when mind is stable

  • Relaxed mind is protected from unnecessary stress and anxiety 

  • Health, wealth and relationships become better with positive mental health and mental wellbeing

mental health on wellbeing store
Satisfied customers of Yaha Life catering mental health and wellbeing. Using wellbeing store products.

5000+ employees & individuals from various industries benefited by using our wellbeing products

music therapy for mental health

Music therapy for faster recovery

Supplementary and complementary with all types of medications.

​Activate your healing cells using music therapy.

music therapy physical diseases
music therapy mental diseases
music therapy emotional diseases
music therapy bonus writing therapy 51 diseases diary
music therapy bonus mirror therapy 51 diseases flashcards

Shift from wellness to wellbeing

Scientific facts about music therapy


Our Music therapy comes with 432 Hz healing frequency music for all physical diseases, mental diseases and emotional diseases.​

music therapy on wellbeing store
positive affirmations on wellbeing store

Positive Affirmations

Your protection shield from negativity

Special Features

  • 528 Hz

  • Double induction effect



  • Breaks negative thinking patterns from subconscious mind

  • Boosts confidence and self esteem

  • Prevents overthinking and mood swings

  • Protects from anxiety and stress attacks

  • Cleans mind with positive statements

  • Increases feel good factor 

  • Reduces FOMO

Healthy Pregnancy

Experience joy of motherhood

🤰 Elevate your pregnancy journey with our interactive webapp that focuses on your wellbeing! 🌟 Track your progress, stay connected to other moms-to-be, and access expert advice right at your fingertips. 💫 Experience the joy of motherhood in a healthier and happier way now!

Empower yourself for a healthy pregnancy with our webapp.


Get access to resources, support, and guidance tailored just for you.

To Design, Execute & Maintain a Wellbeing Life

Unlimited Knowledge

Design your wellbeing life plan by adding ancient knowledge and contemporary information through self paced courses, reading ebooks and updating yourself with new arrivals.

Scientific Methods

Execute your wellbeing life plan by developing prevention capabilities to be protected from 99% of diseases using music therapy and positive affirmations with double induction effect.

Powerful Tools

Maintain your personal and professional wellbeing by using researched and tested assessment and  wellbeing kits.

Solutions for depression

Overcome depression on your own

depression treatment on wellbeing store

Depression Treatment Webapp

45 days self treatment for depression at your home

Start Now

Postpartum Depression Treatment Webapp

45 days self paced treatment to come out of baby blues and PPD

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Depression Therapy Webapp

Self paced therapy for depression to come out of depression

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Depression Treatment Kits

Easy download on mobile DIY depression treatment tools 

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Online courses for depression treatment

Learn entire depression treatment process in your own time

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Cost effective depression solutions with zero side effects. 

  • Mild depression

  • Moderate depression

  • Severe/clinical/major depressive disorder

  • Bipolar depression

  • Unipolar depression

  • Postpartum Depression

Depression Ebooks

Read everything that you want to know about depression

Read Now

Overcome Depression Forum

Get answers about your depression questions from Dr. Falguni Jani

Ask Now

Depression Blog

Update your knowledge related with depression

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How to improve wellbeing

Follow 6 simple steps to improve your wellbeing

  1. Assess your wellbeing status - Find out how is your physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing. 

  2. Create a 21 days wellbeing activity plan - Once you have assessed your wellbeing, create a short plan for 21 days with activities that bring wellbeing.

  3. Gather all necessary tools for your wellbeing - To execute your wellbeing plan collect all the tools that will help you.

  4. Upgrade your wellbeing know-how - Learn to optimize your 21 days plan successfully by understanding wellbeing principles.

  5. Select your wellbeing partner - For your success assurance it is best to find a partner who will ensure that you are following your 21 days plan.

  6. Start your wellbeing journey - Planning is good but implementation will only bring the result. Hence start your activities to execute your plan. 

All Yaha Life products are researched and developed with various experts across the globe. Hence, before these products were launched, 100K+ patients from various hospitals, 5K+ professionals from multiple companies, 2K+ individuals & families from different communities were involved in testing each product.


The experts involved in making these products also have thorough knowledge and experience in creating these products. When it comes to the usage of wellbeing products, there are no side effects at all. 


All products are user friendly and many products come with multiple languages. These products are designed to make your health and wellbeing as the first priority of your life. Your physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing is taken care of when you use wellbeing products. 

Why wellbeing store products are best choice for you