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How to come out of depression?

Updated: May 19

6 steps to come out of depression

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Introduction - How to come out of depression

My friend, you want to come out of depression. You may have tried many different ways. Yes, I do understand your situation and hence i came up with this blog on how to come out of depression.

I can only say that do not worry at all. When you will get into a bit relaxed zone you will surely gather strength to come out of depression. In this blog I am going to share 6 steps to come out of depression.

Understand these steps and then follow it sincerely. Let us now get to our steps.

Step 1 - Confirm

Many patients come to me and say that, "I am depressed". I completely understand this state of mind. However, I would suggest you to first confirm whether you have depression or not.

There are many cases where it may seem that you have depression but once you conduct the depression test, you understand that you do not have it. You may visit a psychologist near your location and confirm your depression status.

You may also find some psychologist online and find out the status of your depression. Another way to confirm is to also check out via online depression test. Before you jump into any antidepressant I advise you to do your check up first.


Depression test


Step 2 - Confidence

Once you confirm your depression status, it is time for you to uplift your confidence. Without confidence it will be difficult to not only overcome depression, but also lead a wellbeing life.

Confidence is the key for a successful living. If you remember Mahabharat one of the brothers of Pandav named Arjun entered into depression and that too on the battle field when the war was about to begin.

Arjun had great confidence. He had fought many wars. However, in this particular war he was depressed. Though he had confidence, he felt helpless. He was sad. Shri Krishna his mentor, guide and counsellor helped him to regain his confidence. They had a long dialogue and that is what we all know now as Bhagavad Gita.

If you read chapter 1 of Bhagavad Gita you will know entire status of Arjun. All symptoms of depression were there in him. This chapter is called Vishad Yog. One of the meanings of Vishad is depression. However, when you add the element of Yog to it, then depression is transformed.

At times it is observed that saints and spiritual seekers enter into depression. Now you may question depression the spiritual sign of enlightenment? Yes there is a possibility.

Therefore, regain your confidence at least to a level where you tell yourself that no matter what "I will come out of depression. I have confidence in me that I can overcome depression." When you declare this type of decision in your mind, it becomes a strong affirmation which will help you to come out of depression.


Self paced courses on depression


Step 3 - Coach

Mind has a tendency to defocus and get distracted. Hence a coach is required for the mind to constantly guide. You can become your own coach when it comes to depression. To come out of depression starting coaching yourself about the what, why and how of depression treatment.

The way you are reading this article getting information to come out of depression, this is a right step towards self coaching. It is always good to keep oneself updated. Because there has been no proper coaching on mental health one ends up into depression.

If you start working on taking care of your mental health and emotional health you will observe that even in difficult life situations you will have enough strength to handle that situation.

Coach yourself to come out of depression by learning what is depression, what are the causes of depression and how to come out of depression. Understand what is required for depression treatment. Find out are there any other ways to overcome depression.

You may also check on therapy for depression as it is one of the most effective ways to come out of depression.



Step 4 - Process

In my 25 years of experience I have come across 1000s of people. I have observed that majority of the people want some or the other ready made solution. Hence, they take short cuts in life.

Whether it is about health, wealth or relationships, when you take short cuts you are bound to enter into difficult situation. You will face major problems in life when you adopt short cut.

Hence, process comes handy. Process oriented thinking helps not only in finding right solution, but also a timely solution. Every day new information comes to you but it depends on how you process that information in your brain and what you derive out of it.

Once information is processed and if you come with an execution plan then you will see the results in more effective ways. Therefore, when you have decided to come out of depression, use process thinking approach.

Ask yourself this question. What will be the process that will help me to come out of depression? Take a pen and paper. Start writing or mind mapping your process to overcome depression.



Step 5 - Resources

It is important that you collect all the necessary resources that you will need to come out of depression. Antidepressants are there but relying only on it will not help. 1000s of people are on medication and yet they are not out of depression.

One thing you must be clear that depression is all about mental health. It has a great impact on your physical health too. Hence, to take care of your mental health, you must do various things and not just rely only one medications.

Here is a list of resources that will help you to come out of depression:

Finally just do not stop at online resources, use offline resources that are available and handy to you such as:

  • Local libraries - Generally there are libraries available in most of the cities and towns hence find out which library is near by your home. Find out if they have mental health section or any books related with depression and start your journey to come out of depression.

  • People - Sometimes we do not know that in our family, friend circle and neighbourhood there might be people who know this subject very well and can be a great resource. So check out who are those people. Set an appointment with them whether formal or informal.



Step 6 - Read

Reading might sound like a boring activity. But if you read this article up to here, it means that you wont feel bored by reading if you are clear in your intention about what to read.

Generally speaking, to come out of depression read various books, stories, articles, ebooks that gives you insights, ideas and tools that can be helpful. Reading inspiring things also is a great start to overcome depression.

Habit of positive reading also takes care of your mental health and emotional health. Cultivating such habit will become your powerful protection shield for your mind. Different studies have been conducted across globe on the effects of positive reading on mental health.

Therefore, before going to bed just read 2 to 3 pages from inspirational books. This also will have impact on your subconscious mind.


Read these ebooks related with depression in Hindi and English


I am sure you will come out of depression once you start following the above 6 steps. All necessary information and links are shared in this article that will help you.

Once you follow the above steps and overcome depression I want you to share your experience in the comments section below. You can also comment on how you felt after reading this article.

I pray for your wellbeing.

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