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Dr. Falguni Jani integral psychotherapist practicing for 25 years. She is advisor of Yaha Life. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work with specialization in Psychiatric Social work.

Dr Falguni Jani

Meet Dr. Falguni Jani, an integral psychotherapist with 25 years of experience and a seasoned advisor at Yaha Life. Holding a Master’s degree in Social Work, specializing in Psychiatric Social Work, she furthered her academic journey with M.Phil and a PhD in Sociology.

Inspired by Integral Yoga Psychology of Sri Aurobindo and insights from the Mother's writings, Dr. Jani is a trusted name in the field. Since 2016, she resides in Pondicherry and actively contributes to SACAR as a facilitator for online courses in Integral Health, Integral Psychology, and counseling.

Explore Dr. Jani's expertise through Yaha Life's Research & Development initiatives:

  1. Online Depression Test: Assess your mental well-being with our comprehensive test.

  2. 45 Days Self Help Depression Treatment Plan: Take charge of your mental health with our structured self-help plan.

  3. Postpartum Depression Treatment Plan: Tailored support for overcoming postpartum depression.

  4. Depression Treatment Kits: Access specialized kits supporting your journey to overcome depression.

Gain insights on Mental Health from Dr. Jani:

  1. Mental Health Series: Stay informed with our series on various mental health aspects.

Discover knowledge through Dr. Jani's Books & Courses:

  1. Depression Ebooks: Dive into insightful ebooks covering diverse depression facets.

  2. Depression Courses: Enroll in courses providing in-depth knowledge and practical tools.

Join our Depression Support community:

  1. Overcome Depression Forum: Connect with Dr. Jani and others. Get insights & share experiences in our supportive forum.

  2. Depression Questions: Seek answers to your depression-related queries.

  3. Depression Helpline: Reach out for immediate assistance and guidance.

Tune in to our Depression Podcast - Wellbeing Podcast for discussions and expert insights. Explore our library of Depression Articles curated to help you overcome depression.

Let Dr. Falguni Jani and the Yaha Life team guide you toward improved mental well-being. Start your journey to overcoming depression today.

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