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The Benefits of Music Therapy: A Video Guide Part 2

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Rediscover the benefits of music therapy in this powerful video guide. You can read the part 1 of this video guide in The Benefits of Music Therapy: A Video Guide. Music therapy works as music medicine. Music is a medicine and it is now used as therapy for variety of physical health, mental health and emotional health issues. As there is lot of stress and tension in most of the current jobs, household, schools, colleges etc., there is a huge need to calm down.

Hence music therapy can be used during working hours for 2-3 minutes break time after every 1 and half hours. Music therapy is beneficiary during working hours as it works as a medicine to calm down.

Music therapy has the quality that influence body cells too. In this video on "The benefits of music therapy: a video guide part 2" between Naveena and Ekta, you will discover new dimensions of how music therapy works and the benefits that you can leverage by listening to therapeutic music.

Music therapy tracks discussed

Rejuvenate music therapy - Changing our upset mood, bringing back our energy. Reset your mind from an inconvenience, you immediately rejuvenate yourself and perform your tasks better. Decrease irritation and perform your activities better.

Calm down music therapy - Very few are able to calm down. When faced with a problem, come back to breath and see the problem from a different lens. When have a very difficult problem, need music therapy to help with calming down to not only protect yourself from negative emotions, but also protect your family and those around you by being calm.

Increase vitality music therapy - Need to increase vitality to increase productivity. When we are exhausted, tired, sad or gloomy, then the vitality levels go down. By increased vitality, you can go through your day with more energy and ease. It helps you to give better performance and deliver better results.

Facing fear music therapy - Helps to put your mind at ease and keep your body calm. You become calm, peaceful and mindful. This music therapy helps in opening up your perception and gives an opening for you to access your courage which helps you to face your inner and outer fears.

Activating self esteem music therapy - We are judgemental and critical of ourselves and others. We may face judgement and criticism from outside as well. But to overcome it and not let the judgement and criticism affect you, you must activate your self esteem. Listening to this music therapy helps you to create a shield against such judgement and criticism which gives you space to work on your self esteem.

Enthusiasm music therapy - Enthusiasm is required to achieve your dream, your wishes, your wants. Having enthusiasm like a child helps you to become an achiever. Share your enthusiasm and your joy with others. Have positive thoughts, better productivity, be persistent and achieve your dreams and goals by having enthusiasm. You can listen to enthusiasm music therapy to activate your enthusiasm.

Creative inspiration music therapy - When you are creative, it opens your mind, broadens your horizon and get better innovative solutions. Creative inspiration helps you to come out of your creative block. Inspire yourself and inspire others to be creative and spread creativity.

Safety guidelines for music therapy:

Music therapy is not for entertainment or fun, it is music therapy. Hence, use it for the purpose of self-healing, self-inspiration and self-knowledge. Music therapy is based on Sound and Instrumental Music Therapy which can be used as Meditation Music or Relaxation Music.

  • Never listen to this music therapy in high volume

  • Never listen to this music therapy while travelling or driving

  • Avoid listening to this music therapy in normal speakers as it is designed for headphone with left ear and right ear special effects

Music therapy Usage Guidelines:

  • Use Headphones while listening

  • Keep volume 2-3 points lower

  • Select a relaxing place and sit/lie down

  • Feel your breath and close your eyes

Listening to therapeutic music at least once per day for the above issues will help in not only overcoming the issue, but also help you maintain your health over time.

Subscribe music therapy for all diseases. There are 51 diseases covered including physical health, mental health and emotional health.

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17 de abr.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

I have always faced issues with self esteem

This music therapy has been really helpful for me to reduce self criticism and shield myself from others criticism and thus work on my self esteem


11 de abr.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

Thank you for sharing these excellent benefits. I am very happy with the music therapy as it has helped me bring my blood pressure down


06 de abr.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

I used to be scare of everything earlier. It used to grip me from within. Ever since I have started listening to the music therapy to overcome fear am feeling much better! I am able to face the world in a better way


12 de fev.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

Excellent suggestions. Thank you


03 de fev.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

This music therapy has great healing benefits

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