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The Benefits of Music Therapy: A Video Guide

Updated: Jan 23

Discover the transformative power of music therapy with this informative video guide. Explore its benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health.

In this video Naveena and Ekta are discussing various aspects of music therapy. Watch this video to learn more about music therapy.

In this video on "The Benefits of Music Therapy: A Video Guide", various aspects of sound healing are discussed and shared.

Sound therapy is being practiced across the globe in various modes and forms:

  • Music is heard by many who are seeking relaxation, peace, calmness etc.

  • Music/sound is used as a healing medium through tuning fork in China.

  • The effect of singing bowls in helping with mental health issues.

  • Binaural beats are also used for healing benefits.

  • Therapeutic music tracks being used for healing various physical, mental and emotional issues/diseases.

Music therapy tracks discussed:

  1. Cleaning negative thoughts music therapy: Neuroscience says we are bombarded by 60000 thoughts per day. For those who have a majority of negative thoughts, need to clean negativity to create space for better and positive thoughts.

  2. Change mood music therapy: When we have mood swings we are negatively affected at body, mind and emotional level. We need to have a stable mood.

  3. Heal your heart music therapy: Gratitude and appreciation heals your heart. Open your heart and heal your emotional wounds.

  4. Persistence music therapy: Nature is persistent. We need to nurture our persistence so that it flowers within us.

  5. Release stress music therapy: When we are stressed we cannot function in our full capacity. Any situation may cause stress.

Listening to therapeutic music at least once per day for the above issues will help in not only overcoming the issue, but also help you maintain your health over time.

Subscribe music therapy for all diseases. There are 51 diseases covered including physical health, mental health and emotional health.

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15 mag
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The music therapy has been extremely helpful for me to overcome simple issues like fever to more difficult issues like trauma. Thank you

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03 mar
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The music therapy is excellent to relieve stress effortlessly

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27 gen
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Music therapy is very good for pain relief

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23 gen
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Very well explained

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13 gen
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I never knew that music can heal my body. Thanks a lot for this video.

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