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5 Ways Music Therapy Can Help You Heal

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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My healing journey with music therapy

In many of my previous blogs, I have shared about my journey with music and how I found music therapy to be my true calling. There have been multiple experiences where I have been healed with music therapy. I am sharing my most recent healing journey with music therapy.

Most of us have experienced grief in many forms. When I too was going through grief, at first I felt emptiness, complete loss of motivation, helpless and unable to accept the passing away of my pet dog. Minny had been with me for 14 years and I always treated her as my child and equivalent to all my family members.

I still remember finding her on the street when she was 2 months old and I got her admitted in the hospital as she had met with an accident. Then after she healed, I decided to keep her with me and she in turn became my adopted child, my family.

It is never easy to see your near and dear one struggling especially when they cannot verbally express what they are going through. She was in my arms when she took her last breath after a whole night of struggle. I was mentally prepared for this but emotionally it caused a wreck within me. I was heart-broken and devastated.

I was constantly feeling angry, sad, upset and empty from within. I was crying for hours and was unable to accept this truth. I am sure many of you may have experienced this at some point in your life. It feels like your little ball of sunshine has gone away from you.

I started listening to Emotional Hurt music therapy track 3 times a day. After 3 days I felt much better and I was also able to emotionally accept the truth and let go of her. After those 3 days of listening to Emotional Hurt music therapy, I was able to release all my grief and my heart felt very light.

Her memory was not bringing tears to me. It was bringing a smile to my face. I was no more feeling angry, upset, sad or empty from within. I was at ease mentally and emotionally. I was feeling gratitude for her and for everything that she had done for me.

Always remember, feeling grateful means that your healing journey has begun. Feeling gratitude constantly and having a light heart is an indicator that you have healed. Forgetting about it does not mean that you have healed. Suppressing or repressing also does not mean that you have healed. Healing comes only by gratitude.

Music therapy has helped me through this phase of grief by beginning my healing journey and helping me completely heal. Enough of my anecdote! Now let us move further into this blog on 5 ways music therapy can heal you and understand the importance of music therapy in healing.

The importance of music therapy in healing

As I shared in my anecdote, the real healing happens when you shift from negative emotions to gratitude. It is not easy to be grateful while going through difficult phases in life. Usually I have seen people cursing others who caused this situation or they curse themselves or god or society or government, etc.

When you are too surrounded by your negativity, you fail to see that grass is greener on the other side of the fence. You are only focussed on negativity and hence, you are always thinking and feeling negative. Metaphysically, this is what causes diseases.

You are constantly stressed, anxious and feeling low when you are thinking negative and feeling negative emotions. You become a victim of anxiety, stress, self-doubt, self-blame, self-criticism, etc. Aren’t these an add-on to your already existing disease or situation or condition that you are going through? This method will for sure not heal you, it will stop your healing process and add more to your list of things to be healed.

Music therapy has many powers. One of its powers is that it can help you prevent further diseases or conditions. Another power is that it can completely shift you from negative thoughts/emotions to positive thoughts/emotions. When you are in a feel-good state, your healing will happen at 10x speed.

When you are in a feel-good state, you shift towards gratitude. When you are grateful, you create a protection shield from diseases and it helps you let go of emotional issues instantly. It can help you heal from most physical and mental illnesses and conditions as well.

Music therapy also does not induce feel-good chemicals in your body from outside or rather artificially. It makes your body release those feel-good chemicals on its own which is an infinite times better option for healing. It is a very natural and risk-free method.

5 ways music therapy can help you heal

Music therapy has many benefits about which you can learn from my blog on 27 benefits of music therapy. Here I will elaborate on the 5 main ways by which music therapy can help you heal.

#1 - Relaxes your body

The first thing that music therapy does is relax your body. When the body and/or mind is affected by some disease/illness/condition, then the body and/or mind will be under immense stress, fatigue/tiredness, loss of energy and weakness usually. With these additions, it takes more time for the body/mind to heal.

If the body/mind will be relaxed, then healing happens much faster and if you are taking medication, then that medication will be more effective for your healing. Hence, relaxation is the first priority which can easily happen with music therapy.

You may try progressive muscle relaxation, however that will relax you at the superficial level. With music therapy, you can be rest assured that the relaxation happens at a much deeper level which is more long lasting and effective. You can combine both music therapy and progressive muscle relaxation and the results will be more powerful.

In such a case, ideally you will need to listen to music therapy 3-4 times a day.

#2 - Natural pain killer

In many cases you may be feeling pain at physical, mental or emotional level. Music therapy works similar to a pain killer. It will reduce the pain considerably. The best part about it is that it is a natural way of reducing pain.

It does not block your pain receptors. It will simply soothe your body/mind/emotions and bring you at ease. When you are at ease and are soothed, your pain will naturally reduce and in many cases go away.

Basically the idea and label of pain comes from the mind. Pain can many times just be an illusion. There was research conducted on the rubber hand illusion where researchers from Italy tested the pain factor through the illusion created by the human mind.

Hence, pain is many times just a perception, an illusion or a belief and that can be changed. It all depends on how you direct your mind. Many times pain is natural, in such cases also music therapy can help. Based on the intensity of calmness you bring to your mind, your pain will reduce or completely go away. You must listen to music therapy 3-4 times a day for this purpose.

#3 - Reduces negative thoughts

Music therapy when created using certain frequencies and ragas are really helpful in silencing the mind. This is a known fact that if you indulge in overthinking, you get exhausted very quickly because your energies are utilised in thinking.

When you are exhausted during the time that you are going through physical, mental or emotional disease, that time you won’t have energy left for healing as you are using it up for overthinking. And negative thoughts take up more energy. Have you ever observed that you feel less energetic after thinking negatively but you feel more energetic and pumped up after thinking positively?

Music therapy is a powerful tool which will reduce your negative thoughts and to an extent can even cut you from negative thinking. You require energy to heal, so close your eyes and listen to music therapy tracks to clear all your negative thoughts.

#4 - Elicit positive emotions

Music therapy has the power to generate positive emotions. It releases chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine in the brain. These chemicals will bring you in a feel-good factor. When you feel good, you will naturally have positive emotions.

When these chemicals are naturally released, it is healthy for your healing process. You might already be taking pills/medicines for your health issue, so at least you can listen to music therapy to naturally elicit positive emotions. There are absolutely no side effects or risks of using music therapy to release endorphins and dopamine.

Even if you are not taking medications, you will still experience healing by music therapy. When you release feel-good hormones, you will naturally heal faster and feel better.

#5 - Catharsis a.k.a. Release negative emotions

Ever heard of the term catharsis? Well in expressive arts therapy, the term catharsis is used to mean to release your emotions through a form of art. This is a very well proven fact that you can attain catharsis through painting, dance, drama, music or any other form of art.

Medicines for sure cannot help you with releasing negative emotions. This is an inner work that you need to do and art forms will definitely help you a lot in this process. Without catharsis, healing will not happen. You will be temporarily relieved, but not healed.

Music therapy is scientifically with particular ragas. Each raga has its own expression and so there are different music therapy tracks for each disease. We at Yaha Life are providing music therapy for diseases as well. For each physical disease there are different tracks, for each mental disease, there are different tracks and for each emotional disease as well there are different tracks. Till now we have covered 51 common diseases.

Releasing emotions is another way to ensure that relapse does not happen or even if it happens, its recurring frequency will reduce significantly and for that you must listen to the music therapy track 3-4 times a day for maximum benefit.

Cost effective resource for music therapy

Here are some cost effect resources which can help you heal using music therapy.

  • Music therapy for all subscription plan - Get access to music therapy for 51 diseases. From these 51, there are 23 physical diseases ranging from fever to cancer, 15 mental diseases ranging from anxiety to depression and 13 emotional diseases ranging from anger to trauma covered in the subscription plan. There are also 51 affirmations writing therapy diaries and 51 mirror therapy affirmations flashcards provided for each disease as a bonus. There is 1 month, 3 months and 6 months subscription plan options.

  • Wellbeing therapy subscription plan - In this subscription plan you will receive 9 music therapy tracks ranging from stress to insomnia and 6 positive affirmations tracks ranging from sleep affirmations to family wellbeing affirmations. There is music therapy used for the affirmations tracks as well. There is 1 week, 3 months and 12 months subscription plan option.

  • Music therapy individual tracks - There are 13 individual music therapy tracks which can be downloaded and kept with you for your lifetime. You can select which track you want to download. There are ranges from calm down music therapy to heal your heart music therapy.

  • Music therapy blogs - Music therapy is still emerging to be accepted by all. However it has been used since ancient times. Get authentic facts, clear your myths and gain information and knowledge about music therapy from these blogs.


In this blog on 5 ways music therapy can heal you we have covered the importance of music therapy in healing and how music therapy can be very helpful in healing. We have gone over the therapeutic aspects of music and its power to heal you.

I have also shared some cost effective resources for music therapy which are already available on our website for you to use. Music therapy has ZERO side effects and is a non-invasive healing approach, i.e., medicines are not used for healing as the healing properties of music are used.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

My wellbeing prayers for you.

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Jan 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I am happy to gain such useful knowledge about the healing power of music. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to heal myself with music.


Dec 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Music therapy has helped me relieve myself of physical, mental ans emotional pain. I am feeling much better and am in a feel good state. I thank you for this beautiful therapy


Dec 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

संगीत थेरेपी ने वास्तव में मुझे और मेरे परिवार को कई समस्याओं से उबरने में मदद की है


Dec 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wonderful information and a very healthy and natural way to overcome all mental health issues. Now, I feel confident and will stop medicines gradually.


Nov 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This music therapy has helped me lower my heart rate and blood pressure. Highly recommend it to all

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