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Discovering the 5 Powers of Music Therapy

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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Music therapy vs ordinary music

“Music is medicinal” is now a very well-known truth. However, it is still not being widely used as a medicine. It is more widely used as entertainment music or in other words ordinary music.

Music has become a compulsory subject to learn in most schools and many parents have enrolled their children for learning musical instruments or vocal training. Music in a general sense is taken as a hobby or passion or as a source of earning by using it for the purpose of entertainment.

A knife has a dual usage. It can be used for chopping vegetables and can also be used for harming. Same with music, it can be used for healing or can be used for entertainment. The utility of music is the differentiating factor. Let us understand how the utility of music becomes a differentiating factor for music therapy vs ordinary music.

Music therapy

Ordinary music

​Use of particular healing frequencies to create music therapy tracks

​Frequency is not of much relevance

​It is created for particular diseases and is only meant for them.

​Anyone can listen to this music

​The purpose of music therapy is for healing

​The purpose is to provide pure entertainment

​For particular diseases, particular ragas/scales and instruments are used.

​The selection of ragas/scale and instruments is based on the taste of the artist, audiences, story or particular emotional trigger

​Music therapy has to be heard during particular times of the day like a medicine dosage

​Can be heard any time

These are the basic differences between music therapy and ordinary music for you to get an idea about how music therapy is different from ordinary music. Now let us move forward in this blog on discovering the 5 powers of music therapy and let us first understand who requires music therapy or is music therapy for all?

Who needs music therapy?

It is like asking who needs medicine? The one who is suffering from some kind of physical, mental or emotional illness/disease/health condition will require music therapy. Just like how some even take multivitamins or supplements, even music therapy can be taken to nurture, nourish and maintain your wellbeing.

In a way, music therapy is for all. The usage of music therapy however makes a difference in how it can be used for all. When it comes to diseases, you can either take sessions from a music therapist or listen to a music therapy track for that particular disease or illness or any physical, mental or emotional condition.

If anyone is willing to maintain wellbeing throughout the day then instead of listening to any free entertainment music, it is advisable to listen to music therapy.

Essentially, music therapy is for all because the very essence of our being is vibrational. We are vibrational beings and the universe is vibrational too. Sound has vibrations and that is what heals us naturally.



Are there any disadvantages of music therapy?

When it comes to music therapy, I have no dis-advantages to share. The only 2 disadvantages for you would be to come across unauthentic music therapy or if you have hearing impairments. I can solve your first disadvantage by sharing that we have experts with 35+ years of experience in music therapy and sound healing.

Our experts have done research, testing and development of music therapy tracks for over 18 years and it has helped heal and transform the lives of 1,00,000+ patients from India, UK and USA.

When it comes to the second disadvantage or hearing impairments, vibrations can be felt and vibrations also heal. You must have heard of Beethoven who was gradually turning deaf but even after he turned completely deaf, he could still compose pieces for piano and symphonies.

The vibrations of the sound can be felt and understood. Your mind need not understand the music. The body can feel the therapeutic music through vibrations and that will do the magic. Now let us get to the 3 reasons to try music therapy.



3 simple reasons to give music therapy a try

Reason #1 - Natural solution | No medicine | No side effects

Taking medicines or pills for any and every illness/disease or health condition becomes a little overwhelming for the body. At the end of the day, they are artificially induced chemicals.

I am not telling you not to eat medicines or pills or stop medication. I am telling you that when you have multiple issues, it becomes an overdose of external chemicals for the body. Each medicine or pill comes with its own list of side effects. You are free of one problem but another starts simultaneously.

Hence, at least for mental or emotional conditions/issues/disturbances, it is best to start opting for a natural solution. For example, if you have anxiety issues then instead of taking anxiety pills you can listen to music therapy for anxiety. If you are having a common cold, instead of taking medicines, you can rest and listen to music therapy.

Music therapy is not an artificial solution. Therapeutic music maximises the use of natural sounds and rhythms which will help to heal or provide relief from the particular disease. Condition applied that you listen to authentic therapeutic music, then there are no side effects of listening to music therapy. It will only have a positive effect.

Based on how receptive you are to music therapy, you will heal accordingly. The surgeon can perform the surgery and give you medicines but the healing happens at the pace of your own receptivity at the body, mind and emotional level. If you are highly receptive, you will heal faster. If your receptivity is low, then you will take a long period for healing.

Healing cannot happen by an outside source, only tools can be provided. Just like performing surgery and providing medicines is a tool for aiding your healing process, similarly music therapy is a tool to aid your healing process.

Reason #2 - Cost effectiveness

There are some of us for whom all illnesses come at once. It happened to me once that I had fever, common cold, low blood pressure, stress, negative emotions and skin allergy all at once for 2-3 weeks. Has something similar happened to you before or you are currently going through it?

The medical bills for the same were a little expensive because of medicines, ointments, multiple tests, doctor visits, injections, purchasing thermometer etc. I had multiple other issues because of clash of medicines and their individual side effects as well. From within I felt loaded with tablets. It did not feel good.

After I got to know about music therapy, at least for little less intense issues I started using music therapy and for much bigger issues I was taking medicines. Then gradually once I healed of the existing issues, I would listen to music therapy daily for my wellbeing. I fell ill only once a year for a week and it was so mild.

Music therapy did wonders to me. My wellbeing is my priority and hence I started listening to therapeutic music for wellbeing and kept myself safe from diseases. I sure saved a lot of money because I fell ill only once a year and even during that period I did not have to take medications unless it was severe.

From the top view, music therapy is a cost effective and health effective option. We at Yaha Life provide music therapy at a very nominal price where you can access music therapy for 51 diseases.

Reason #3 - Minimal effort

You may be thinking that music therapy must be a lot of effort and instead popping a pill is an easier option. Let me remind you that currently you are more receptive towards pills and medicines hence it seems like an easier option. Once you start being receptive to music therapy, that will also start fitting into the easier option category.

Just like you have doses for each medication, even music therapy has a dose system. Ideally you should listen 3 times a day - morning, afternoon/evening and night.

All you have to do is 3 simple steps:

  • Sit or lie down with closed eyes

  • Plug in your earphones/headphones and press play button

  • Be aware of your breath while listening

That is all the effort that is required. You need to be diligent and sincere with music therapy. You cannot miss doses and you have to do it for the particular number of days suggested. Just like you have a course for taking antibiotics, you need to follow the course for music therapy.

Now that we have covered the 3 important reasons to try music therapy, let us together dive into discovering the 5 powers of music therapy.



Discovering the 5 powers of music therapy

Music therapy has been a form of healing since ancient times. It is not something new or recently discovered or developed. It has worked for thousands of years and is still practised today, then it definitely works. Let us understand the 5 basic powers of music therapy.

Power #1 - Stop negative thoughts

Therapeutic music which includes certain natural sounds and frequencies have the power to reduce your negative thoughts considerably in less than 180 seconds. According to metaphysics, all diseases occur due to negative thoughts.

Observe yourself. When you have negative thoughts and emotions, you are an open invitation for injury/hurt/diseases etc. I have observed that when people are very angry and they are unable to release that high level of anger, they get a fever or they start sweating too much or they have a minor injury or cut.

Have you noticed that when you are constantly thinking negatively and feeling only negative emotions, then something unfavourable happens to you. Either your health goes down due to stress and anxiety at the mental level or at the physical level you might get hurt naturally because like attracts like.

Imagine if you are nurturing and nourishing all these negative thoughts and emotions, what will happen to you? You are leaving an open invitation for diseases. Music therapy will not only reduce negative thoughts and emotions considerably, but by daily listening it will also reduce the bombardment of thoughts. You will naturally come out of overthinking and will also think more of positive thoughts.

This will keep you safe-guarded and protected from diseases/illnesses. I have observed that people who listen to therapeutic music on a daily basis are always very peaceful, joyous, positive and fall sick only once or twice a year as compared to falling sick monthly once. Their mental, emotional and physical health improves and becomes stronger.

Power #2 - Pain relief

We had done our testing for music therapy in one of the hospitals in Puducherry. All the patients had a positive response for pain relief. We have also observed that music has a sort of natural anaesthetic effect which helps when someone is going through pain.

I did a small experiment at home. My pet dog was unwell and was in a lot of pain due to arthritis and would sometimes not be able to walk in severe conditions. However, I started putting pain relief music therapy for her on a daily basis and she would listen 2-3 times a day. We would mostly put it on when she was about to go to sleep.

We did this for a month and noticed that in a severe case of arthritis she did not become bed-ridden. She was able to walk enough to go to the garden for excretion. She did not wet her bed. She would also take a short evening week within the house and inspect the entire house and then go to sleep.

In her case, the doctors were shocked how she is able to walk with so much pain and how she is getting the strength to move around. The secret was that music therapy was helping her. However, as she was already completing 14 years, due to an age factor there was a natural limitation of the body as well so music therapy helped only to an extent.

Music therapy works for humans, for animals and for plants as well because it is a natural method of healing and is not limited to just human beings.

Power #3 - Faster recovery

There were many phases in my life where I felt extremely down due to certain life situations. Due to that I was facing a number of other issues like fatigue, overthinking, frequent crying spells etc for 2-3 weeks. At that time I was still in training stage for music therapy and I asked my mentor if he has some music therapy for this and he shared one track with me.

When another such phase started, on the first day itself I started listening to the music therapy and I felt much better after listening once. I heard it 3 times a day. The next day still the phase was there but the intensity reduced a lot. By the 3rd day, I was completely out of that phase of negativity.

Usually it would take me 2-3 weeks to naturally come out of it and then there would be many after effects. What medicines do I take if I am feeling emotionally low and attacked by constant negative thoughts? Nothing! Music therapy works wonders. I did not face any after effects or side effects as well.

Music therapy will ensure faster recovery whether you are taking medicines or not. If the problem is a recurring problem, then the frequency of recurrence will also reduce gradually. Music therapy not only helps in speedy recovery, but also helps with solving the issue at a deeper level.

Power #4 - Immediate mood change

Music therapy has the power to change your mood within 180 seconds. You can shift any negative mood to a positive mood so quickly. Music can influence your mood very powerfully. It can activate certain moods instantly.

When you listen to a sad song, you start feeling sad. When you listen to an energetic upbeat song you feel energetic and feel like dancing. When you listen to slow instrumental music you feel calm. Music influences your mood and emotions.

Therapeutic music will transform your mood. You will always feel good for a longer period of time with therapeutic music. It will sustain your feel good factor and not only change your negative emotions and mood, but also keep you protected from entering into such emotions and mood again.

Hence listening to music therapy for mood change at least 3-4 times a day will keep you shielded from emotional attacks and reduce mood swings considerably.

Power #5 - Healing properties

As mentioned earlier, we have tested our music therapy in 2 hospitals and under SRACT, a charitable trust, there have been more than 1 lakh patients who have healed using music therapy.

It is a well-known truth now that music therapy has healing properties which can cure you from diseases of physical, mental or emotional nature. It can also prevent diseases and relapses. It can speed up your recovery rate as well and provide relief.

Many patients with diseases or conditions such as cancer, alzheimer, depression, anger, insomnia, autism, dementia etc are using music therapy more frequently than before. Many hospitals have facilities for music therapy because it helps to relieve pain and also helps with improvement.




These are few powerful resources which will help you to learn more and access music therapy:


It is completely your choice whether you want to take medicines or not. However, using music therapy works as supplementary and complementary to medication. So in this case, whether you take medicines or not does not make a difference as such.

Music therapy is very different from ordinary/general/entertainment music. It cannot be used for entertainment purposes, the usage is very specific to disease/illness/condition.

Music therapy is for all. It can be used for healing, for nurturing, nourishing and maintaining wellbeing and for many other purposes as explained in this blog. Therapeutic music also has many powerful utilities and benefits which you can explore here.

You can use music therapy subscription to access music therapy tracks for 51 different diseases. You will also receive 51 affirmations diaries and 51 affirmations flashcards as a bonus. There is not just music therapy but also a bonus of affirmations which will help you at the mind level.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on Discovering the 5 powers of music therapy. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

My wellbeing prayers for you.

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Nov 12, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This music therapy is definitely a great way of pain relief without any medication and side effects! Highly recommend it


Nov 10, 2023
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This is a great first aid no medicine kit for me and my family


Nov 06, 2023
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कल कभी नहीं आता । मुझे इसका एहसास हुआ और मैंने तनाव पर काबू पाने और अच्छा महसूस करने के लिए आज अपनी थेरेपी शुरू की


Oct 04, 2023
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Great article!


Sep 21, 2023
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Thank you for helping my healing process with this music therapy

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