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Top 10 Violin Guitar & Techno Ringtones | Download for iPhone & Android Mobile

Your google search for ringtones downloading ends here. Get top 10 ringtones created with Violin Guitar & Techno. Download ringtones now on your iPhone or Android mobile. These set of 10 Violin Guitar & Techno ringtones can also be used as an alarm, notification for messages or email on your mobile. 



Top 10 Violin Guitar & Techno Ringtones | Download for iPhone & Android Mobile

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Mobile ringtone with a variety of choices are now available on our wellbeing store. Select your favourite instrumental ringtone and start downloading ringtones. Whether you are a business person or an employee or a house wife or a professional or a student, the ringtone music is designed with special care so that it suits your respected status. 


We call these Violin Guitar & Techno ringtones as wellbeing ringtones also. In the current era your wellbeing is the first priority so every time your mobile rings the wellbeing ringtone gives a subtle vibration of wellbeing. 


Ringtone downloading options:


How to download ringtones?

Here are the simple and easy steps to download these ringtones. 1. select the ringtone. 2. Follow the steps to purchase. 3. Ringtone will be downloaded on your mobile after purchase. 


iphone how to download ringtone?

If you want to download these ringtones on your iphone then 1. Select which ringtones you want to download. 2. Follow the purchase steps. 3. After purchase ringtones will be download in your download folder.


How to set a ringtone?

To set a ringtone first go to your download folder where you have downloaded these ringtones. Unzip the ringtones file. Now to go the sound and volume settings in your mobile. Go to set ringtones for incoming calls. Select download folder. Go to the ringtones folder. Select the ringtone that you want to set. 


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File Type:



File Size:

4 MB


Ringtone Downloading Guidelines:

Once you download the Zip File, unzip it. You will find:

  • 10 Audio MP3 files


After Purchase Guidelines:

  • Your Zip file will be sent to your email ID.

  • In case you do not see any email, please check your spam box.



1) What to do if the product is not received?

  • Please check your Spam Box. 

  • In case you have, please check if you have entered with a valid email id. 

  • In case by mistake you have entered the wrong email id please email us at with your full name, phone number and the email id you have entered while purchasing. Within 72 hours (Monday-Friday 10Am-6Pm IST) our team will assist you. 


3) What to do if the MP3 File is not opening on mobile?

  • Please update your mobile

  • Update your music player. In case you are still unable to open an MP3 file we suggest you download VLC Player which can open any type of Audio-Video File.


Buy now! Start your Ringtone downloading and add your favourite ringtone on your iphone or android mobile. 

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