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Ekta Bafna digital product head at Yaha Life. Music therapy expert practising music for 15+ years.

Ekta Bafna

Digital Product Head | Yaha Life

Music Therapy Expert

15+ Years Experience in Music

A miraculous connection with music started a life transformation journey by the age 4. Since then music became a medium of expression and healing which gave an inclination towards delving deeper into music therapy.

Learning, exploring and playing various musical instruments such as harmonium, keyboard, piano, brass flute etc. for 15 years. Got a deeper level of understanding by 2018 about music as a therapy. A drive to help people lead a mentally and emotionally healthy life using music as a tool ignited.

Graced with a life changing experience during internship with Yaha. Fortunate to be selected to create music as a medicine. Apprenticed in making music therapy with 35+ years experienced music therapy expert.

Graduated in Psychology, Music and English as triple major subjects. On a wellbeing journey with Yaha Life since 2018. Started as an intern and currently as a Digital Product Head working full time.

Highly focused on creating researched based digital products for various mental health and emotional health issues such as depression, insomnia, loneliness etc.

Formal Education

  • Keyboard Musical Instrument Player - Trinity London College of Music (Grade 8 in Keyboard Rock and Pop) (2017)

  • Triple Major Bachelor - Christ (Deemed to be) University, Bangalore (BA triple major in Western Classical Music, Psychology and English) (2021)


  • Guinness World Record for being a participant of the world’s largest keyboard ensemble of 450+ participants playing three pieces together in perfect synchronization and harmony in 2015.



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