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2023 calendar printable
  • 2023 Calendar

    Download your free 2023 calendar from the wellbeing store. This is your 2023 wellbeing calendar with a monthly wellbeing message. Here is your free printable 2023 calendar pdf in a3 size. Team Yaha wishes a wellbeing new year to you and your family. 2023 brings abundance of health, wealth, love, peace and bliss in your life.


    New Year Message by Dr. Falguni Jani

    What is new year resolution?

    Let the new year resolution be the wellbeing of your personal and professional life. This new year resolution is all about wellbeing. Make wellbeing as your first priority in the year 2023. To fulfill your new year resolution, you can note down 12 months wellbeing messages shared in your free wellbeing calendar. Download your free 2023 calender from the wellbeing store today. 

    What is new year?

    New year varies from culture to culture. However, December 31st is considered as the end of the year and January 1st is considered as a new year in general life and in various religions too. However, in India different communities and religions have different new year. Tamil new year, Hindi new year etc. have different new year dates. 


    What to do on new year's eve?

    4 activities you can do on new years eve:

    1. Self reflection - you can sit with your family and friends and do self reflection for the entire year.
    2. Forgiveness - you can ask forgiveness from all those whom you have hurt consciously or unconsciously, you can forgive all those who have hurt you consciously and unconsciously and you can forgive yourself if you have hurt yourself consciously or unconsciously.
    3. Gratitude - you offer gratitude to everyone who is part of your life. Be grateful for everything that you have today.
    4. Blessings - you can bless everyone for their personal and professional wellbeing. Spend atleast an hour for each activity. Involve everyone and encourage everyone to participate in these activities.

    What to do on new year's day?

    3 activities you can do on new years day:

    1. Learning - make list all the things that you want to learn in the new year.
    2. Unlearning - make list of all the habits that you want to unlearn in the new year.
    3. Relearning - make list of all the skills that you want to upgrade and relearn for the new year. You can write minimum 3 activities for each area and create an execution plan for it. You can divide these activities month wise till the end of the year. 


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