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Insomnia Self Help Digital Kit
  • Insomnia Self Help Digital Kit

    Insomnia self help kit is a tool that you can use to work on yourself and get back to the natural rhythm of your sleep. 


    Insomnia self help kit has 3 components:

    • Music Therapy with Affirmations - 50 minutes of 6 affirmations with double induction effect and 528 Hz frequency music therapy.

    • Affirmations Diary - 6 affirmations ready to print for you to write down the affirmations for yourself. When you practice writing affirmations, it influences the subconscious mind and this helps in redirecting thoughts.

    • Affirmations Flashcards - 6 affirmations with 5 variations of colours. Flashcards help as a powerful tool to change our thought patterns. Reading flashcards on a daily basis activates self motivation and elevates self esteem.


    If you or your family member or friend is going through insomnia, help them with by giving them this insomnia self help kit. 



    The following affirmations are there in this insomnia affirmations music therapy 528 frequency:

    • I sleep in peace I wake up with a smile.

    • I sleep in peace I wake up with energy.

    • I sleep in peace I wake up with enthusiasm.

    • I sleep in peace I wake up with joy.

    • I sleep in peace I wake up with a happy mood.

    • I sleep in peace I wake up with confidence. 


    Listen to this insomnia affirmations using headphones for better result. Keep volume 2-3 points lower while listening to this affirmations audio. 


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    Download Guidelines

    Once you download Zip File, unzip it. You will find 3 files:

    • Insomnia Affirmations Diary - PDF (Printable)

    • Insomnia Affirmations Flashcards - PDF (Printable)

    • Insomnia Affirmations - MP3 (Audio)



    1) What to do if the product is not received?

    • Please check your Spam Box. 

    • In case you have, please check if you have entered with a valid email id. 

    • In case by mistake you have entered the wrong email id please email us at with your full name, phone number and the email id you have entered while purchasing. Within 72 hours (Monday-Friday 10Am-6Pm IST) our team will assist you. 


    2) What to do if PDF File is not opening on mobile?

    • Please update your mobile

    • Make sure you have an updated PDF reader. In case you do not have any PDF reader download from Google Play. You can choose Adobe Reader or WPS Office or any other PDF reader of your choice. 


    3) What to do if MP3 File is not opening on mobile?

    • Please update your mobile

    • Update your music player. In case you are still unable to open an MP3 file we suggest you download VLC Player which can open any type of Audio-Video File.


    We pray for your speedy recovery. Heal yourself and lead a healthy happy life!

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