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Wishing you a happy new year

Updated: May 18

From entire Team Yaha I am wishing you and your family a happy new year. Let us reflect today about what we want on the first day of the new year. I am sure we would all love a new improved version of ourselves which is free from sorrow, weaknesses, and bondage and experience joy, peace, and harmony at all times. Let me tell you a story.

Once a young person went to a sage and asked: Sir, why do I always feel trapped? I try but happiness does not last long. Where is the bondage? What is my problem?

The sage answered: I can see your chains, but you cannot because it has become part of your body, just as your hands and legs.

The young person was shocked and confused. He asked: Pray, show me my chains. I would cut it at once and become free.

The sage answered: my dear, your stubborn habits, your desires and cravings are your chains. Become strong-willed and break the chains that bring sorrow and bondage.

The young person asked again: But how can I do that?

The sage answered: First, make a resolution, then sincerely work to reject all that stops you from progressing. Make one change a day. See how it helps to change 365 bad habits in the whole year.

Remember : At every moment, we must shake off the past like falling dust, so that it may not soil the virgin path which, at every moment, also is opening before us. Let the dawn of the New Year be for us also the dawn of a new and better life.

I and Team Yaha pray for you and your family’s wellbeing. Stay connected with us to receive our wellbeing offerings. Yaha wellbeing offers solutions without medicines for your physical and mental health so that the natural health of your body is protected. Ask your doubts and questions on our depression forum.

New Year's Gift

Here is a gift for you and your family - 2023 Wellbeing Calendar.

Team Yaha was contemplating on what should be the new year's gift. 2023 Calendar should be shared with everyone. However, how can we make this calendar a wellbeing experience for all and that's where the team came up with one liner wellbeing messages for every month.

This 2023 calendar is not a mere gesture but it serves as a wellbeing tool. Every month 1 line message helps in focusing on wellbeing. With that we thought why don't we also add a quick planner template and full year calendar template as a bonus with this calendar. When you will download 2023 calendar you will find 2 templates at the end pages.

2023 calendar
2023 calendar

How to celebrate new year at home?

New year celebration at home should not be a one day or two day venture. Is it enough to say wishing you a happy new year? Well, let me share some powerful activities that you can do with your family to celebrate new year at home for 12 months. Sit down with entire family or friend circle. Ask everyone to grab paper and pen/pencil. Ask them to draw 2 lines - 1 vertical and 1 horizontal (See image).

Then ask them to write down at least 3 things that they will focus on learning/doing for every quarter. Give them at least 20-30 minutes. Once everyone is done, ask everyone to share it. The basic idea is how do you want see your new year. Mostly new year's purpose is lost if we do not do any self reflection. Hence if you really want to celebrate new year, then spend quality time with your family and friends. Apart from this, I also suggest you to play some team building games.

3 takeaways for New year

  1. 2023 Calendar - Download this wellbeing calendar.

  2. Activities to celebrate new year at home - Follow the instructions given above.

  3. Team building activities - Watch the above playlist, learn the games and play with your family, friends and colleagues.

Once again wishing you a happy new year.

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