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Unable to bear loss of husband
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Yaha Wellbeing
Sep 27, 2021
Namaskar Reemaji! We send our peace prayers for your husband's soul. We completely understand your pain. A new life alive, active and growing in your womb. This is part of your husband. Though he has left the body but he is as much as alive in this child. Feel his presence in your child. The love shared by your husband is there in your womb. Nourish and nurture this love. If possible download digital self help kit. Here are the steps you can follow: Be strong - You are a strong person and you have to make your child also strong. Be grateful to your husband for serving humanity and also giving you the best gift in form of this child. So focus your child's positive growth. If you will be happy, your child will be happy. Let the child come to this world with the feel of love. Pour your love to this child and in this way your husband's soul also will feel the same love. Create a routine - When you will download depression self help kit you will find 30 days planner. Print the planner and study it planner carefully. Now create your daily routine from the outline given in the planner and follow the routine. Reading - Read the ebook Overcome depression without medicine atleast 3 times so you understand the basic knowledge and then implement the guidelines given in the book. Use all the tool - Once you will understand the guidelines use all the tools such as Music therapy with affirmations, affirmation diary, affirmation flashcards and change your mood. Music therapy will also help the child as the music is recorded at 528 hz frequency which brings peace, joy and love. We are with you remember that. You will overcome this soon and create a bright future for your child and yourself.

Yaha Wellbeing

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