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Autism books for parents | Bonding sense based activities
  • Autism books for parents | Bonding sense based activities

    Bonding sense based activities ebook is designed for parents to support their children with autism. The prime purpose of this autism ebook for parents to accept – love – respect – trust their children as they are. 


    This autism activity ebook comes with 2 free bonuses:

    • Autism Therapy - Free access to complete autism therapy for 1 month

    • Flashcards - Download flashcards with free autism therapy plan 


    This autism activity ebook is not therapy nor is it medicine neither is it curing. Heal your own fear into compassion and further share this compassion and deep love with your child.


    Can you spend 20 minutes of quality time unconditionally with your child as a co-learner? Can you be open enough to not only teach your child but also learn from them?


    If yes, then it will not matter whether you do any of these activities or something else given in this autism activity book. What we share here are simply tools to help you connect and bond soul to soul with your child.


    We wish that our small effort will support you in your journey.


    Autism books for parents | Bonding sense based activities



    • Introduction
    • Optimising the benefit
    • TOUCH
      • Finger painting

      • Sorting

      • Relaxing dough balls

      • Making bubble soap water

      • Making sensory bottles

    • SEE
      • Sensory bottles

      • Feeling chart (with template)

      • Sound meter (with template)

      • Calming down chart (with template)

    • HEAR
      • 5 elements music

    • SMELL
      • Smell the flowers

      • Citrus smell

      • Lavender

      • Coffee/Coffee beans

    • ORAL
      • Blow bubbles

      • Blow Balloons

      • Chewy and crunchy food

      • Musical instrument - Harmonica

      • Feeling Chart Template

      • Sound Meter Template

      • Calming Down Chart Template

    • Acknowledgement
    • Disclaimer
    • About Yaha Life


    Is autism curable?

    This is a highly relative question to what one perceives about autism. If autism is labeled under a disease then the question may make sense. However, when one perceive autism as natural and nature's gift then this question becomes highly irrelevant. Do you still have this question then here we suggest you to read this book autism books for parents - bonding sense based activities. This will open up many new aspects about autism and how one should perceive it. When one starts seeing autism with a new perception then whole new world opens up. The question is are you ready to change your perception? You may do google search on what is autism however you will not arrive at any answer. Once you will start your journey to see autism with new eye that time this question is autism curable will become irrelevant for you. Till your will hold limited perception about autism this question will always bother you. Hence download this autism book for parent and experience yourself. 


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    We pray for your wellbeing!

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