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How to overcome depression?

Learn everything you need to know about depression and its treatment

Empower yourself to overcome depression with our interactive 45-day web app. Take control of your happiness and reclaim your life!
🌟 Overcome the shadows of depression with our revolutionary 45-day self-help web app! 🌈 Join countless others who have found hope and healing through our transformative program. 💪 Don't let darkness hold you back any longer – start your journey toward happiness today! 👉 #DepressionTreatment #SelfHelpApp

Online depression test

How to check depression?

  • Don't let depression go unnoticed. Assess your mental state with our free online test and find the support you need for a brighter tomorrow!

  • This test is developed under the guidance of Dr. Falguni Jani, India's top integral psychotherapist. 

  • Referred with ICD Code 10 for depression guidelines this test is conducted by 37K people across the globe.

  • Now you can find out if you're experiencing symptoms of depression with our quick and easy online test - at no cost!

Breaking Depression Myth

It is not a disease - it is a condition

Depression is not a locked door, it is just an obstacle. With the right tools and mindset, you can unlock your potential for happiness and overcome it.

🌈💪 This groundbreaking webapp is here to offer hope and healing in just 45 days! Say goodbye to depression and hello to a brighter future 🙌✨ #OvercomingDepression #SelfHelpTreatment
🌟 Discover the ultimate self-help tool for battling depression and reclaiming your happiness! 🤩 Say goodbye to dark days with our 45-day web app treatment, designed to guide you towards light and hope. 💪 Let's defeat the shadows together! 😊 #DepressionTreatment #SelfHelpJourney

Self treatment for depression

Overcome depression at your own pace

Our 45-days self-help depression treatment webapp provides you with the tools and resources to tackle depression in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to work towards recovery at a pace that suits you.

Depression is curable

Reduce 21 symptoms of depression

To overcome depression you need 3 things:

  • Willingness to cure depression

  • Will-power to continue your healing journey

  • Working on action plan to reduce symptoms of depression

💪🎯Break free from the chains of depression with our revolutionary webapp! 🌈✨ In just 45 days, you can reclaim your happiness and discover a brighter tomorrow. Let's overcome together! 💙🚀 #MentalHealthMatters #FindYourJoy

Powerful solution of depression


Use any version of English, हिंदी and ગુજરાતી daily to come out of depression and live happily.


With our user-friendly guided steps you can easily navigate through our webapp.


Easier to Access

Access the webapp from anywhere with your mobile phone.


Extra Bonuses Inside

Once you subscribe to the webapp you will get access to free bonuses.


Hand Holding Support

You get powerful support for any of your queries from our experts.

Overcome depression with 45 self-help treatments. Learn the tools and techniques to help you better cope with your depression and improve your overall wellbeing.

3 Treatment areas

Body, Mind and Emotion


2 Music Tracks

High quality healing music tracks for morning and night to handle anxiety and stress

4 Audio Tracks

High quality sound double induction affirmations tracks & guided meditation track to reduce depression

60+ Video Resources

Activities that you can do to come out of depression

17 FAQs videos

Depression FAQ answered by Dr. Falguni Jani 


3 Printable Diaries- Downloads that you will need during 45 days depression treatment

Tired of feeling down? Our 45 day self-help depression treatment webapp provides the tools and strategies you need to take control of your mental health. Try it today.
Depression can be tough to beat, but with this 45 day self-help webapp, you can take control of your mental health. Start your treatment journey today.
Take control of your depression with our 45-day self-help treatment webapp. Learn how to manage your depression symptoms and gain the tools you need to start feeling better today.

Treatment of depression without medicine is now easier than ever with our 45 days depression treatment.


Feel relieved knowing you can get help without any hassle. Start your treatment that fits to your lifestyle.

Ready to live a happy & depression free life?

Special discount price Rs. 1950/-*

depression treatment webapp
🌈✨ Ready to break free from the dark cloud? Discover a ray of hope with our 45-day self-help depression treatment web app! 📱💪 Together, let's conquer depression and embrace a brighter tomorrow. #SelfHelpSunday #YouAreNotAlone


If they can do it, you too can do!

This 45 days depression treatment without medicine using affirmations healing music is a game-changer! It's amazing how quickly I have noticed changes in my mindset and outlook on life.


The affirmations and healing music are so powerful, and I appreciate that I can use this anytime, anywhere. It's such a great tool to have in my arsenal when feeling low. Highly recommend!


Ms. Sadhana - Delhi

Depression Resources

Depression treatment without medicine

🌈 Discover the path to healing and happiness with Dr. Falguni Jani's powerful depression ebooks! 📘✨ Embrace a journey of self-discovery as India's top integral psychotherapist shares expert insights and techniques for overcoming depression. 💪💙 Start your transformation today!
🌈 Tap into the power of self-healing with Dr. Falguni Jani's groundbreaking depression treatment kits! 🙌🏼 Discover the path to overcoming depression and reclaim your joy today. Download now! 💖✨ #DepressionTreatment #SelfHelpTherapy #MentalHealthMatters
🌟 Find hope and healing with the guidance of Dr. Falguni Jani, India's leading integral psychotherapist. 🗝️ Subscribe now to learn powerful techniques on overcoming depression and embark on a journey towards emotional well-being! 💪✨ #SelfHelpTherapy #DepressionWarrior #DrFalguniJani
🌟 Are you ready to conquer depression and embrace a happier, healthier life? 🧠💪 Join Dr. Falguni Jani's self-paced online courses on depression treatment! With her expertise as India's top integral psychotherapist, you'll learn powerful tools and strategies to overcome the darkness and find your inner strength. Don't wait any longer – let's embark on this transformative journey together! ✨❤️🙌 #DepressionTreatment #SelfPacedCourses

Is this depression treatment for me?

Whether you have mild depression, moderate depression, severe depression, clinical depression, major depression, or bipolar depression, this 45 days depression treatment without medicine is for you.


It works as the perfect solution for anyone looking to treat their depression in a natural and healthy way. 


This treatment includes daily activities that help to improve your mental health, such as:

  • listening to healing music

  • simple and easy workouts 

  • creative games

  • writing affirmation diary

  • positive self-talk

It also provides self paced videos with our experienced integral psychotherapist. The benefits of this treatment include:

  • improved mood

  • better self-esteem 

  • increased productivity

  • decreased anxiety and stress

  • more fulfilling relationships  

  • increased self-awareness


Overall, this treatment offers a holistic approach to addressing depression without the use of medicines or other forms of chemical intervention.


With its proven results and long lasting effects, it is one of the most effective treatments available today for those suffering from depression.

🌈✨ Don't let depression define you! 🌟 Take 45 days for yourself and embark on a transformative journey to overcome it. 🙌 Subscribe now to Dr. Falguni Jani's webapp, powered by integral psychotherapy! 💪💻 #MentalWellness #SelfCareJourney- Let the healing begin!

Meet Your Depression Doctor

Hello Friend,
I am Doctor Falguni Jani, an integral psychotherapist. I can assure you that depression is curable.

In the past 25+ years of my practice, I have helped 10K+ people with positive results. This 45 days depression treatment is equivalent to 25 counselling sessions of 90 mins each.

I trust you and hence you also trust yourself. You are not alone. I am with you in this journey. 

Follow all the instructions given in the treatment guide and start your 45 days depression treatment now.

dr falguni jani self help depression treatment webapp guide

Dr. Falguni Jani

Integral Psychotherapist

25+ years practice

Depression Treatment FAQs

How to overcome depression using depression treatment webapp?

  1. Self Help - Start depression treatment on your own with easy and simple guided steps

  2. Self Paced - You can do it anywhere, anytime and on any device 

  3. Handle negative thoughts and emotions - Double induction affirmations track helps in reduction of negative thoughts and emotions that attack during depression.

  4. Change your mood - You can easily change your mood with the evidence based healing frequency music

  5. Recover your self confidence and self esteem - This will become much easier with our treatment guide

Who can use 45 days self help depression treatment webapp?

This treatment is for those who are going through mild depression, moderate depression, major depression, severe depression, clinical depression or bipolar depression. Even if you are on medication and consultation, this depression treatment is complementary to it.

What are the risks of 45 days depression treatment webapp?

There are no risks at all.


What are the side effects of 45 days depression treatment webapp?

No side effects at all.


Who made this depression treatment webapp?

This depression treatment is researched, developed and tested under the guidance of Dr. Falguni Jani by Team Yaha.


What is the guarantee?

Depression is a condition and not an illness. So rest assured that depression is curable. If you are willing to overcome depression and take the right steps to come out of depression, then it is 100% guaranteed that you will do it. 


When is the best time to start treatment?

The best time is now. Get rid of depression and live a happy life.

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