Hope these basic questions helps you in bringing new perspective to corporate gift, employee wellbeing, customer wellbeing and company wellbeing. If you have some more questions feel free to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Yaha Life can help in catering Company's Wellbeing?

Yaha Life has unique products which cater's employee wellbeing. We also have team of experts from various fields including health, marketing, education, and spirituality who can look into your company's wellbeing closely to deliver need based solutions. Customer's wellbeing is part of such solutions. Yaha Life experts team has researched on aspects of wellbeing. With this research work Yaha Life has developed all its products and services that cators wellbeing. Whether your company is in need of any corporate gift or it is in need of training employees for improvement of productivity, accountability, consistency, capacity etc. or your company is looking out for various creative options for building strong customer relationship, Yaha Life products serves best in all these areas. Hence Yaha Life comes up with variety of solutions with customomized branding system and tailoring needs of companies based on its requirements.

What is company's wellbeing?

When employee wellbeing and customer wellbeing is taken care company wellbeing is automatic. Any company working on wellbeing of employees will find quality improvement in employees. In the same way when a company is working on customer wellbeing, company observes a profound change in terms increase image, reputation and customer satisfaction. Therefore company wellbeing is by-product of employee wellbeing and customer wellbeing. The idea of corporate gift is key for catering both employee wellbeing and customer wellbeing. Gift of wellbeing will defenatily bring company's wellbeing.

Tips to improve company's wellbeing

To improve company's wellbeing, company has to work on two areas: 1. Employee Wellbeing - Create few engagement systems, processes and tools where employee are engaged in their personal wellbeing and family wellbeing. Corporate gift can be one of the options such as performance award or appreciation gift. 2. Customer's Wellbeing - Create some engagement systems, processes and tools where customers are engaged in their personal wellbeing and family wellbeing. Engaging customers with corporate gift option can become a strong resource in remarketing and reaching known customers. Remember When employee wellbeing and customer's wellbeing is taken care, company's wellbeing is automatic. Some more tips: 1. Ask every employee if they know what is the vision of their company. Do they remember the vision statement? 2. See if they can relate, connect and understand the company's vision. 3. Check with them about their personal wellbeing area which covers physical, mental and spiritual health. 4. Find out if any customer has given a genuine feedback for your products/services. 5. Invite internal team and discuss on this feedback and implement it. 6. After implementation review it with other customers. 7. Share a personal gratitude note to the customer who has given genuine feedback.

Difference between wellbeing and wellness

We call Yaha Life as a wellbeing company, it means that all our products and services cater to overall wellbeing of an individual, family, society and humanity as a whole. Wellness is specifically related with physical aspects of health, while wellbeing cater's to physical, mental and spiritual health. Yaha Life's products and services are researched and designed to cater physical, mental as well as spiritual health. To learn more about the difference feel free read various aspects of wellbeing on our blog - The Wellbeing Initiative https://wellbeinginitiative.quora.com/From-Wellness-To-Wellbeing