Digital Wellbeing Training Program

 Digital Aid to resolve physical, mental and emotional health issues at your pace

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand aspects of wellbeing which can be incorporated during working hours

  • Learn to guide oneself and team to use digital aid Doyogame during low productivity phase

  • Use Doyogame digital aid to maintain personal wellbeing with preventive routine

  • First aid digitally during any physical ergonomic health issues on job with curative routine

  • Leveraging Doyogame digital aid to align oneself in working hours to handle various mental or emotional health issues with handling situations system

Program Content 

  • What is wellbeing? 

  • Understanding Body-Mind Anatomy

  • Creating your wellbeing routine

  • What is Doyogame?

  • How to use Doyogame Digital Aid 

    • Main Dashboard

    • Routines 

    • Reports 

  • Preventive Routine 

    • Body-Mind-Soul Practices 

  • Curative Routine (Ergonomic issues)

    • Leg pain

    • Neck pain 

    • Back pain

    • Eyes & Head pain

    • Hands pain

    • Body pain

    • Spine pain

    • Shoulder pain 

  • Handling Situations (Mental and Emotional issues) 

    • Fear

    • Anxiety

    • Fight

    • Distraction

    • Depress

    • Stress

    • Anger

    • Tension

Program Duration

180 Minutes

Program Deliverables

Training Videos

180 Minutes Duration

You can watch this videos at your own pace

Digital Aid

Doyogame - 3 Months Subscription

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

Digital Aid Demo

Program Launch

Digital Wellbeing Training Program will be launched on 9th April 2020 at 10 AM IST. 

Program will be available to registered participants 24x7 for 3 months. 

Program can be accessed as per participants time convenience. 

Program Fees

Early Bird Discount

Register on or before 15th March 2020 at INR 999 per participant